Thursday, November 16, 2017


   So we call this season fall...well it fell! Nearly all the leaves are down and you can see much deeper into the woods. Time stops for no one!!
   I was a bit tired today. 33 minutes in...tomorrow off. Still increasing miles. Hope you are well. Peace!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


     Sunshine is invigorating! It has been wet, cool and dreary around here for days! I have been doing a gradual rebuild. 5 30 minute runs last week and so far 3 33 minute runs this week.
   I am still in hopes of running the local "Turkey Trot". I figure I could knock off a pretty good time. I'm rested, still somewhat thin....and motivated!
    Had an enjoyable run today as the Sun finally popped out! Hope you are well! Peace!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Time trial

    I like time trials. You have to push yourself because you aren't in race mode. Thus it takes a good deal of mental fortitude to stress yourself into race pace.
  I did a 5K time trial today just to see realistically where I stand. I managed a 27:41. That's around an 8:55 mpm. So that's quite acceptable for my goals! I am therefore planning on running the local Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving! Hope you are all well!! Peace!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Beautiful Sunshine

   So, as a Pastor, I often get the creeping crud because I shake so many hands! Then I forget (rarely) to wash! So I have a bit of the crud but not bad enough to forgo running!
  Yes, we Runners will go until we are too sick to walk!! Recently I was complemented (twice) on my physical appearance....being not looking my age! Yep, running has multiple benefits!
   Short and sweet 30 minute run today!
         Hope you are well! Peace!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Winter is coming

      So I am thinking of my upcoming running plans. How long I will rebuild, how many weeks I will be in the strengthening phase....since Winter is coming running changes a bit for me. I'm tired of fighting the north wind so I do quite a bit of treadmill running. Also, races have tapered to a scant few to choose from (overpriced, too). So we will see how I feel. Hope you are well! Peace!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


    No matter your caliber or greatness as a Runner you have to have rebuild time. This is not time totally away from the roads but it is time off of the roads.
    For instance my max TOR (time on road) is usually 350 minutes per week plus or minus 20-30 minutes. My rebuild time is usually one third of that time. I will rebuild for 2-3 weeks or even more depending but I don't want to lose some of the benefits of the max weeks so I shoot for only two weeks before "build up" time.
   I am already thinking about build-up time. This is strength training...running the hill by my house. Fun!! Hope you are well! Peace!

Thursday, October 26, 2017


   Time is a relentless enemy sometimes! Fitness can be lost over time! The avid runner must be alert and aware of striving to maintain a level of fitness yet we all drop off at times. There is certainly a season for everything.
   I have done two runs since the race. I'm feeling no worse for the wear. I did have a sore and tight left calf muscle for a couple of days but it recovered nicely.
  So I will get back to my 25ish mile weeks and see what upcoming race might be appealing.
 Hope you are well! Peace!


   So we call this season fall...well it fell! Nearly all the leaves are down and you can see much deeper into the woods. Time stops for no...