Monday, June 26, 2017

Long Run

    So I continue to increase my "long" run. I managed 9.2 miles of easy running. As usual my pace improved each mile. I have not decided on my next race but I think I will attempt to run another 5K. I need to redeem myself after Saturday's fiasco. Hope you are well! Peace!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Duck Waddle 5K Race Report

    Everything went off perfect! Arrival, warm-up, even my expected race pace-8:51's. My Garmin put the course short-3.01 miles. I had a 26:40 as I crossed the finish line.
  I managed myself well...too well. I forgot what a 5K was like, how it is supposed to be run. I held too much back and ultimately I am slightly disappointed in myself. I did not really race. I wasn't willing to risk myself in an all out effort.
  I was reminded of this as I watched the leaders busting their guts and the newbies (numbers on backs) pushing into uncharted territory. I knew I was sandbagging and I rationalized my unwillingness to go to the max.....I could have....
   So...? What next? Perhaps it would be fun to challenge myself to race a 5K again. I was reminded of the days when I did race them as I watched others finish well.
   I finished with way too much left in the tank...never again!
       Hope you are well! Peace!

Friday, June 23, 2017


    The best time of year! Summertime!! I love the long hot days! Sadly I cannot really handle running in the dead of the day but I still  love Summer!
   Yesterday was a very humid day and I enjoyed the time on the roads. 4 miles felt like such a short distance?! My pace was a bit better and I didn't feel so terribly sore?
   Well I guess I will get up early tomorrow and run the local 5K. It has been 7 years since I've raced this distance.
  There are several strategies employed in a 5K. In the 80's and 90's I had a strategy....go out fast and hold on!! I ran enumerable 5K's in the 20-21 minute range. In 1993 I ran my PR of 19:59. I still vaguely remember the suffering of that last mile but I wanted to break 20!
   My plan now....not like I used to do! Yet, I still want to race....amazingly there are a bunch of guys in their 60's around here that race these 5K's so I'll zero in on one I can beat!
  I imagine I'll start a bit slower than race pace and try to accelerate as the run progresses. I plan on a real good warm up, too.
  Hope all is well with you! Peace!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


     So today as I took out for a speed work session I knew I was in for a challenge. Even after resting yesterday I felt tired and draggy, with tired quads to boot!
   So I warmed up (not too difficult considering Summer is here!) and did 1 mile, rest, 1/2 mile, rest 1/4 mile rest.
   Finished with 4 miles total....glad to be done! Hope I feel better tomorrow. I plan on an easy jog of 4 miles tomorrow, then Friday off and race on Saturday. I really don't know what to expect in the race. It's hard to believe but I haven't run a 5K for 7 years!!! So we will see what we will see!
  Hope all is well with you! Peace!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday hangover

    Mondays certainly can be rough. I am usually completely drained from Sunday. I could only get out the door today and put on foot in front of the other with no regard for speed or time. Funny though, each mile got progressively faster. I managed 8.5 miles painfully slow, but I survived and burned a bunch of fat!
   I will take tomorrow off, most likely, do some speed work Wednesday, ez recovery on Thursday, off on Friday, race on Saturday. I expect to total 21 miles or so this week, since I'm reaching my goal race this is a type of taper.
   Hope you are well! Peace!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Suffer the 5K

       So I did some speed work today. 3x7/10ths with 1/4 rest. I managed 5K goal pace but it seemed hard. Oddly I'm dealing with right calf cramps? I am extremely sensitive so I imagine it is nothing massage and stretching won't take care of soon.
   4.2 total miles. Finished week strong. Since I mailed my entry fee in I guess I can't back out now!
 Hope you all are well! peace!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Down a pound!

   Wow! How losing one pound can lift the spirits!! I'm at 178lbs right now and I expect to get even slimmer at this rate! I must stay healthy so I can achieve my dream of hitting 170!
   I know that one pound may not seem like much but it does make a difference! Motivational and physical. My running pace is slowly increasing as I slowly decrease in girth!
   I ran 6.4 miles today at conversational pace and noted my legs and hips are a little fatigued. One more effort this week, speed, and then race week. I will treat next week as a cut down week with an all out effort on the 24th in the 5K.
  I really have no expectations because it's been so long since I ran a 5K! I believe I should be able to run the race predictor time (based off of recent HM) of 27:23. So that's my goal.
  Hope you are well! We are starting to feel the Summer heat here! Peace!

Long Run

    So I continue to increase my "long" run. I managed 9.2 miles of easy running. As usual my pace improved each mile. I have not...