Monday, September 25, 2017

Water Bugs

    So, the conservation agents are out in full force today! Three trucks...what's up I wonder? They are catching water bugs! This will give indications of stream health. If people would stop driving their 4 wheelers through the stream it might help!?
    Well I was tired this morning, thinking I'd see what my body felt like doing.  At about 2 miles I decided to head on home and settle for a three miler....too tired....suddenly I hit a dissociative state and wound up running my 10 miler!! I am glad!! Hope you are well!! Peace!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Reptile pile!

     It may be Fall but the snakes are very active! Saw a very large Copperhead....smashed by a car! Saw a pigmy Rattler and a green snake. Man it's crazy out there! Sadly lots of meanness, too. A form of meanness is inattentiveness. When we become so preoccupied with our social life (cell phone) we can't watch the road!! AARRGGG!
    7 miles today. Finished with a 30 mile week! Hope all is well with you!! Peace!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Last day....

   So Summer is officially over tomorrow....bummer. I did manage a mid afternoon run in the 90 degree temps....wonderful!!! Oh Summer how I will miss you! 6 miler today. Hope you are well! Peace!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


   I'm supposed to take the day off after 10 or more milers but I could not resist the call of Summer! As you know and see, Summer is gasping its last breath! Oh how I will miss you Summertime!
   But today I got to run in the 90ish, sunshine, humidity....oh how delightful! 4 miles. Feelin' fine! Hope you are well! Peace!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Endeavor to persevere

    My all time favorite movie is "The outlaw Josie Wales." In the movie one of Josie's compatriots states, "we must endeavor to persevere!"
    As a Runner this must be our theme! Running produces fitness and well being and this condition has to be maintained. Fitness can be lost quickly! True Runners, those eternally infected with the running "gene". Will never quit!
    I had to listen to my body and take yesterday off. So I endeavored to persevere today and ran a 10 miler!!! Hope you are well! Peace!!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

A drop in the bucket!

        So my forefoot has been burning a little...I massaged and stretched last night. These ten milers might be too taxing. I have so enjoyed this program though! I've run 10 miles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a day of complete rest in between. Then on Saturday I do a short run, say 3-5 miles. Today I did three and it seemed so short! I did some speed work with 1 minute at mile pace with one minute rest, 6 total....the foot felt grand!! Hope you are well! Peace!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Smoke in your eyes!

    So today I was stopped by a neighbor as he was driving by, he wanted to tell me a joke. He was smoking a really was a nasty smell...I kept dodging the smoke. The joke was funny!
    Then a big truck went by belching black smoke...nasty!
  10 miles in again!!! I'm goin' crazy folks!! Hope you are well! Peace!

Water Bugs

    So, the conservation agents are out in full force today! Three trucks...what's up I wonder? They are catching water bugs! This will...