Monday, August 22, 2016

An August to remember

    By all appearances we will be having an early Fall. The temps have been quite mild and rain has been regular and plentiful. The nut trees are full of produce and already dropping. The Squirrels are frantic in gathering and storing for the Winter.
   The signs all point to an early Winter, too. I sure enjoyed my 12 miler today. The temps are in the low 70's and humidity is moderate. I even waited until 11am to hit the roads today! Unheard of in August!
   This 12 miler was a good run as  I continue to do a 4 min run one min walk ratio. I averaged 11:51's and that is on an extremely hilly course. I am pleased. My last mile was actually the fastest, and I had to force myself to take the walk segments. I have found that these walk segments are very beneficial for us older runners. However, I do plan on weaning myself from the walk segments in shorter runs. Hope all is well with you! Peace!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Can you say whew!

    Yes I do love to run, and I am ever so thankful that I am able to run. This week has been a bear....even with the cool weather. I have one more hard week then I cut down. I would really like to cut down now! I am slightly fatigued. However, you cannot stop a driven runner! So 33 miles total this week and now on to 36 next week with a 12 miler on Monday! Peace!

Friday, August 19, 2016


     So I am feeling gassed! Worn out.....I sure hope I recover tonight so I can finish a strong week.
  5.3 miler today. Sweat and humidity returned. Hills and dells.....Peace!

Thursday, August 18, 2016


    Yes, gugh! That's how I felt on todays run. I trudged on through and completed my gugh run of 5.4 miles. I guess there will be days like this....
    Maybe I will feel like a million bucks tomorrow? Peace!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer conditioning

    Today I see the payoff from hot weather running. It is so cool, overcast....fall-like, and my body naturally wants to push the pace because it is conditioned to work very hard and efficiently due to the hot weather running I've done.
   I love the payoff of diligence and sweat, but it isn't time to peak! No, need more Summer!
  So I did a nice, restrained, 7 miler today. Goal this week is 33 miles and I am on track! peace!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Missouri weather

     You never know about the weather here in the "Sho-me" state. It has cooled off drastically! How does 68 degrees sound! In the dead of Summer we are experiencing plentiful rain and cool temps. I will take what I can get!!
   So on my 11 mile run today, with all the wonderful hills, I simply ran slow and easy. Oddly my left shoulder started hurting, significantly, and that kind of put a damper on the run. I seem to be fine now. My time wasn't great but all I wanted was an LSD run with no pressure. It was fun! Peace!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Complete rest

    Wow! Did you see the Olympic women's marathon? Such amazing running!
  Even at my stage of life (old) I still love to have "visions of grandeur!
  I finished my week yesterday with a 5.1 miler. Giving me 30.1 miles for the week.
   I will increase by 10% next week with long run of 11 miles slated for tomorrow! I have a vision of winning my age group in my September 10th HM. Hope you are well! Peace!