Wednesday, January 18, 2017


    So I am beginning the endurance/building phase. I've run 3 miles each day this week. I am completely booked Friday and Saturday so no miles then...
    Felt really good today. I plan on building pretty fast after this week...hope you are well! Peace!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Recovery period over

    I put in a whopping 10 miles this week! But I'm rebuilding. So 2 miles today, off tomorrow, and the training for the next race begins Monday. Hope you are well! Peace!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Day off

     So we are bracing for an "Ice Storm." These are no fun! It was 10 years ago we had a whopper of a storm move through and many of us were without power for several days, even weeks.
   We are expecting temps to be were this event has minimal effect...
 Yesterday I did another 2 miler. So three days in a row of super short effort. I noticed the rebuild is going well. Rebuilding my mental effort, too.
   Hope all is well with you! Peace!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


   So I do have periods where I am very obsessive about running....during training phases especially. I used to be terribly addicted to running but also I have had "winter" seasons in my running. That is when I run no miles nor have any desire or inclination to run.
   Burn out is very easy to experience and very difficult to overcome. The body and mind are in rebellion when the mention of a run comes up....However; if we navigate the course of life carefully and with wisdom I believe we can endure each phase of running-obsessive/rebellion and experience the ultimate blessings of this activity.
   Even now I desire to get back to my mileage base. But. I need to rebuild. The mental as well as the physical. So I have a goal. I have a rebuild plan. And I felt really good today even though 2 miles felt like 8!
   One thing that is motivating me is that after 32 years and two months of running I am 168.4 miles from 25,000 lifetime miles. I will soon join the around the world club...if there is one-he he-
   Hope you are well! Peace!

Monday, January 9, 2017


           I left everything on the race course so now it's the process of a rebuild. You can rebuild quickly and safely. I am planning on another race in 75 days. I will finish this week with easy and short recovery runs like today; 2 miles ez. Hope you are well! Peace!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Official results: 2:06:23.21
                          6th place out of 12 in age group
                          73rd overall out of 214

  Next race tentative: March 25th HM


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Now onward!

     104 days of training culminated with a very successful race. I did an unofficial 2:05.39. 9:30's. I really am very pleased with this performance.
   The race was great. In regards to the organizers-great job! The volunteers were great. This race is 4 loops for the HM and 8 laps for the full. It really is fun! I enjoyed it.
   This made for one aid station that I walked each time taking Gatorade and water. The last loop I took a gu.
   Crowded start...felt too good and knew I would blow it so I restrained my desire to swerve through the masses and settled down for a 9:49 first mile. Thing began to spread out and I shifted up a little based on how I felt-9:20.9 mile. Mile three I reeled back in thinking I was going too fast-9:24.7. I went through the finish loop in and I'm still with a group holding on easily-9:05.6 mile. Believe me I was thinking I would burn out logging miles like this but I felt ok. Mile 5-9:33. I began to feel my quads filling up so I slowed intentionally. Mile 6-9:22.6. I was coming up to loop #2 and the crowds were motivating. The course was no longer crowded but quite stretched out...people everywhere. Mile 7-9:18.5. This was so encouraging! At this point I was able to begin reeling people in (also I was being passed by the elite runners) Mile 8-9:26.2. I went into my plan race pace for 5 min then ease back one min. Mile 9-9:27.5. It was here I really began working, suffering, racing. I passed bunches of "fun run" walkers....Mile 10-9:43.6. Some guy on the sidelines hollered my name and encouraged me...I didn't know him? Mile 11-9:41.1. You can see I'm slowing but I am working as hard as I can. Mile 12-9:42.7. I tried to catch the nearest person to help finish strong...Mile 13-9:45.9. Last (according to Garmin) .22-1:58.              2:05.39.
    Observations reflections- I ran a nearly perfect race for me. Can I break 2 hours ever again?  Lose a few more Lbs., add more speed work, besides that I think this time is about as good as it can get.
  Well I will recover and choose another race. Hope you are well! Happy New Year!!