Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rabbit tracks and fat burn

Well! A long time no blog! However, I haven't stopped keeping up with you! Finally, finally, I got out the door for a run! You know, I am a runner! Yes it's been a time to take off but my heart began to cry for the road! Today, with about a half inch of snow I began again.
It is so beautiful out here in the woods when the snow is on the ground. I noticed all the rabbit tracks! The Cardinals stand out so wonderfully with the white background. The run was short, sweet, and my heart lung capacity was good. The thin layer of fat I've accrued over the six week hiatus began to itch! You ever had that?! I am resigned to the fact that I will exist in perpetual soreness! Even with six weeks my body is not fully recovered! No prob! The short jogs I've incorporated over the recent weeks have kept me able and refueled desire. I'll post some plans later! Here's wishing each one of you the best for 2010! This will be the best year yet! Happy New Year! Totals 2.01 miles-Peace!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merriest Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have a really blessed time this year! Hopefully you'll enjoy time with family. As a semi-empty nester I look forward to my sons and sweet daughter-in-law coming home for Christmas. We have fun and enjoy each others company!!

On another note-I have noticed motivation creeping back.....I need around 5 miles to break 1500 for the year. This has to be reached...right? So today, after my meeting with some folks from India, yes India, this will be cool, these are natives from India that are Christian missionaries in that country.

Anyway, I hope to get out and log some real distance instead of short jogs to the mailbox, etc. I think the body is as healed as it will ever get....aches and pains are the new normal when you get to my age!

Again...Merriest Christmas!!! Peace!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Joggin' around the Christmas tree!

Well what a putz I am! My apologies for being absent, no excuse except I'm a putz! This is a busy season for us! I had another close friend pass away, had to officiate his funeral. Got a wedding this weekend down in Arkansas! It's going to be at a cool place called the Thorncrown Chapel.
On the running front; I've been testing the ankle by jogging to the mail box, from parking lot to store, even around the house...up the stairs, etc. It's feeling fine! I have even noticed my desire to run is creeping back! Yes!! Must not get fat...must not get to be skinny...the benefits of running are many! Must keep fitness level...don't lose, must not lose it....
Hope to post a run report soon..have a great Christmastime! Peace!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Still here!!

Hello friends, sorry for the silence on the blogging front. I have been continuing to read your posts, though!
Good news, my ankle feels real good and I expect to begin running within the week. I'm going to aim for Little Rock's marathon in March. I am just allowing my body to rest and recover. I am not one of those amazing folks that can keep running without recovery.
Over the years I've noticed that I tend to lose desire to run after I've run a marathon. The let down only lasts for a while. The call of the roads, and the "runners rewards" will motivate me again.
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas!! Peace (on earth)


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