Friday, May 29, 2009

Mile time trial

Well the weather is great! Hot!! Breezy! Sunny!! Couldn't be better. I found the track in Ozark and had it all to myself. I did a two mile warm-up with some pickups. I was thinking of my strategy for running the mile time trial. All out! Sad fact: I'm so much slower than I used to be!
The first lap was in 1:39.06, I felt pretty good but definitely out of my element. This was all out, lap two was tragically slower, I even thought about quitting! A 1:47.24, or 3:26.30 half. I really bit the dust on this third lap. I mean to tell you I'd not run this hard for years! Pace really slowed and I really wanted to quit! A 1:53.69. I was trying to recover a little and maintain. I so wanted to break 7 minutes. A 1:52.40 fourth lap, and friends I was sucking air like I'd just come up from the bottom of the ocean; finishing with a 7:12.35 all out mile.
What's this tell me? I'm slow! Interesting, the Garmin said I did the mile in 6:59, but the stopwatch doesn't lie! I also think this is a very accurate assessment of my current ability.
This tells me, I don't quit. The mile is a tough race, too. I am now mulling over an additional element of marathon training. If you improve your mile time how will that translate into longer distances? What if I trained specific to improve the mile time during the course of marathon training? Here's an example of what I'm thinking.
Week one track workout-like today- 2 mile warm-up all out mile-2 mile cool down. each week increase the all out segment by 400 meters but make sure the first mile is 90-95%.
Think about it....what would happen?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Planning and dreaming

Today was a 6 miler of hills. Of course there is little choice in the matter of hills out here, and I don't mind that at all. As I took off for the run today I realized I am quite sore from the race Monday. It had been a while since I ran that fast so some muscle groups had grown flabby.
It seems I've a renewed sense of steam. I am planning my next training schedule, and dreaming of smashing the four hour barrier in the marathon. I still believe I can do it and it is within my ability.
I am planning on racing again June the 20th in Battlefield, Mo. My old neighborhood! It will be a 5K event. I will aim to break 24 minutes in that race. Then the following week I begin an 18 week plan to the Bass Pro marathon. Don't forget my offer of rooming at our house if you want to come to the Ozarks. We have an extra bedroom and bathroom, all yours, plus transportation!

So I'm developing my own training program this time. I'll take from the 24 years of running/racing experience, reading other plans, books, web-sites, etc, and mold my own plan.

Here's an overview- Monday long run day, Tuesdays off, Wednesday general aerobic run, Thursday track day, Friday recovery, Saturday medium distance run, Sunday off. My mileage goals are patterned after the 55 mile plan in "Advanced Marathoning."
Track day will vary from LT runs, VO2max runs, I will incorporate more MP runs at longer distances, too. Also, one other thing. Recently I read an article that purports using your all out mile time in basing pace speeds for other work-outs. So, next on my list: I will do an all out mile time trial this week. They encourage you to do this time trial rested, and well warmed-up, and do it three different occasions. I'll be rested by Friday. I'm gonna go for it!
All opinions and suggestions, and tweaking as to these ideas will be welcomed! Peace!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Run for Fun!

So, I got out of the hills and found some "flat" land! I have been needing some speed work so I thought a 5K race would be a good idea.
The Relay for Life 5K is a good cause and a good location...flat. Kind of....
A 15 minute warm-up with some pick-ups, I realized I had not run this pace for a while! My plan was to do a tempo run at 10K pace.
Horn went off and so did the field of about a hundred. Up an incline I held back. Those that started too fast faded quickly and in the first mile I passed many people.
Right at one mile mark..8:01.. Gerald Glass (RidgeRunner hall of Famer) passed me, I passed Bob Dewar, another HOFer, I was drawing good lines and cutting sharp turns, enabling me to pass some more people. Guy with his number on his back...young man overdressed.
Up a steep hill, I was thinking.."piece of cake" I run hills everyday!! No two mile marker?
Got to a flat and I held steady, I could of gone up a notch but I was wanting a tempo run.
Bob Dewar passed me back, we both went by a young runner, he was gutting it out!
I did decide no one was going to pass me in the last stretch...23:39.97 at three miles so put in two miles at 7:50's.
Finished with my head up and a lot left in the bank, I ran another 10 minutes, visited with some friends, Bob Dewar said I pushed him, I told him I was glad to help. Now I have to beat him!!
So, a total of 5.2 miles today. I will still keep mileage around 20 a week for a while. I hope to run another 5K June 20th. Congrats to all who ran yesterday. Carlee and Bill tore it up!! Way to go!

Just saw results posted on OMRR website. Got third in age group!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

On the Downhill

I guess I needed a five week recovery period. Today I felt like I was running again! Just like the old days when I was fast! (in my book).
I had good form and felt very strong the entire 5.6 miles. One hill had a 36% grade. I am really getting some good training running downhill. I am learning how to have a "controlled let go" if you know what I mean. These hills are steep out here, and I'm starting to love it!
The dogs along this particular route are definitely getting used to me, I still have the one batch that are stubbornly refusing to be nice but I shall overcome!
I am planning on running a race this Monday in Nixa, Mo. It's for a good cause, Relay for Life, and I doubt I will be able to run all out, but I'll take a flat tempo run out of it....5K.
Have a great rest of the weekend! Good racing to all, Bill, Carlee, and anyone else I may of missed.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hills, thrills, no spills

Into the National Forest
Bull Creek

Bull Creek valley-beautiful!

This is a great example of the roads out here

This is where 2K hill starts down

The view is amazing-I'll try to get better pics

Where I start- it's uphill!!!

I decided to go without the walking stick today. I was pretty confident that all the dogs along the "Cash Spring" turn around run have been tamed. T'was so! A real nice run today. Great temps! 79 degrees, good breeze, man, it couldn't be better! Reminds me of an "Ozark Mtn. Daredevils" tune. The thing about this run today is that my Garmin says that the grade on the big hills on Cash Spring are 30 and 32%! They are something!
Finally notched a decent mile split, too. I think I'm rebounding and getting back some of the zeal. 5 miles total in 54 min. but a 9:24 mile four. These are all on hilly routes. I can see now how speed can be attained. When I ran down on of these 30% hills I was going at a 6:15 pace, according to the Garmin. It was a blast today!
Thanks for your support and encouragement through this transition period. I still have to contend with dogs but I think over time we'll get it worked out. Peace! Best of luck to Carlee who's racing Sunday!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting a pattern

I really like the Garmin. It is quite a tool and I've yet to figure it out completely. What I really like is the ability to know current pace speed. That is really helpful in training.
I am beginning to get some patterns developed, as in particular running routes. I am a little encouraged by my run today. Four miles with three of them in under ten minutes per mile. The roads are so extremely hilly it is either going to make me stronger of kill me!
The camber of the roads is excessive, too, so I find myself running in the middle of the road as much as possible. I hope to run a race this weekend if things allow. I am needing some speed work, and/or flat terrain to run on, I am making the best of this situation. It is not conducive to running out here in that there are some mean dogs and no loop runs, but where there are roads we can run! I want to post some pictures soon so you guys can see the beautiful spots I get to run through. Hope things are well in your neck of the woods!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Larry the Lab

I'm pullin' myself up a little from the running depression I've been in, I realize that I am greatly blessed to be alive and able to run! So what if there are a few unruly dogs!? I can handle this!!
I am getting a plan of attack in how I will organize my daily runs, which way I will run, what dogs I have to deal with on that day, etc.
Today I pushed a little further to the North. I went down a road called "Cedar Ridge" Of course the first house had a dog!! Here he comes barking up a storm! I decided to talk nice to him! Guess what? He calmed down and started following me?! He was a white Lab so I named him Larry and we enjoyed a brief run together! How do you like that!
It's still quite a stresser to wonder what will come barrelling out of the next yard but as time goes by, with continued perseverance, I ought to be able to run out here.
I am only going to log 20 miles a week. I am doing strengthing exercises, and a stretch Eric Johnson showed me for the lower ab pain I've been dealing with. Today was actually the best I've felt in a long time out on the road. 3.25 miles. Of Hills!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

hangin' tough

I will not be defeated! I ran a short, short route today. I am going to rebuild and bust four hours in the marathon, or die trying! No dog issues today!!!!)
I will log at least 20 miles a week until training kicks in for Bass Pro. I will also try to incorporate some races to build speed and stamina before training starts. All trees are in the ground! I spent three hours doing yard work today, too. Maybe my body can start recovering now. I am a little tired of the perpetual soreness?

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I am having great difficulty staying motivated. With the dog problems it puts a real stress on the psyche. There are no other runners out here. I think there is a line, like the Mason Dixon line, below this line no runners! I live below that line. So I'm bummed out. I decided not to run today, I didn't have the fight in me.
I can't quit because I intend to break four hours in the marathon. I need to devise a plan that eliminates the additional fight with the dogs every day. I'm not a cursing man but this sucks!!!
I figure right now I'll manage to maintain my fitness with at least twenty miles a week. My Bass Pro training isn't slated to start yet, that's going to begin in July.
Here are a couple of thoughts, I will try mace. I will start racing as often as possible in order to do speed work and distance all in one, remember I live in the hills!
I may drive into Ozark city limits, but there again it is very hilly. It's been very hard to be positive about this but I've no other choice. I've been thinking about getting my own dog...if you can't beat 'em...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A little further

So, I've been trying to think like a dog! Who would of thunk it!!! I get moved from the best running area in the world into the dog infested backwoods! Now don't get me wrong...I am beginning to like it out here. When there aren't dogs trying to get a bite it is the most marvelous running you could imagine. I am going to post some pics in the coming days of the beauty of the Ozarks.Today I investigated a little further down Redbridge road. I kept going until I heard the deep bark of a big dog. I totaled 7.53 miles at 5.3mph. I have figured out one reason I am so tired and slow. All of my run routes are extremely hilly. There is NO flat! In some ways this is good.I'm needing speed work! I am considering a race this coming Saturday. If the Sweetheart says okay then I'll go, otherwise I will keep running up and down these dog infested roads and I do mean infested. If there's one dog at a house there's five! Today I passed a very run down place. Cars strewn about with the hoods up, trailers, metal parts, tires, and stacks of wood, the house seemed to be a combination of trailer and camper, three good ole' boys were cookin' something? They saw me and boy howdy did they stare! I heard the twanging of the deliverance theme in my head. Needless to say I was cordial as I speed up!Have a good one!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hail, heat, and dog owner!

I think I may be getting back on track. My usual week is Tuesday and Sunday off from running, and I am on track this week! A five miler today. My times are so slow I don't want to post them, I can barely move it seems as I am in a state of perpetual soreness!
However, I will keep on running! We had a strong storm this morning that brought marble sized hail. I do not like hail storms! They can be so damaging, especially to saplings!!
Well, the long awaited trek into dog attack country came, here came the big wolf like black dog with his hair up! The Saint Bernard followed barking loudly, the most aggressive dog was no where to be seen? I was looking for him. I commanded the black dog "No!" as he came out into the street, twice! Suddenly the owner appeared out of the garage as I was already past and I heard her calling the animals. I sure hope they do something. These dogs aren't getting it...!
Well I got another 70 trees in yesterday and I have probably 75 to go!! I will have put in at or near 305 trees on my new property. I envision a beautiful piece of land, covered with trees and foliage that give cover and food to the critters and birds. Speaking of which, you ought to see the Baltimore Orioles we have here, they are amazing! I could post some pics if you'd like to see.
Hope the running is going well in your neck of the woods, and dog attacks are as rare as moon landings!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trees, trees and more trees

These pics are of some of the trees I've been planting. I have 137 in the ground so far with 168 to go. They are seedlings so it's kind of hard to get a view of the extent of the planting.
I find it humorous how some of my neighbors have reacted to my planting these trees. Most comments have been negative. Interesting how people tend to think....negative first then perhaps the positive side gets a chance. Of course all of theses trees will not survive, but there is a very good chance many will! Just like in running you have to start somewhere! I remember the first run I took when I began running back in the late 70's. I went out the back door of Moms house and ran as hard as I could for about a block. I thought I'd throw up! From that point on I began to grow in my knowledge and experience. Just like planting these trees I have a lot of knowledge and experience with forestry so I can't wait until these babies are taking root!
I'll show 'em! I have been thinking about the dog that I hit yesterday. I really feel bad about it, I wonder how he'll respond to me today as I go by? I'd like to make friends with him.

Monday, May 11, 2009

We talkin' trails then dog attack

I crossed the Bull creek today, had to stop and take my shoes off, the water is over the slab by about a foot, then dry my feet, re shoe, and run...the trail was not bad, I've decided I need to research a good shoe for trails and road.
Scared up another turkey, saw an old cemetery, saw a conservation agent, ran to a fork in the road and turned back.
As I was nearing home here came the house with the dogs, sure enough here came the one full bore right at me, I really felt like he was going to take a hunk out of me, I swung the stick and caught him on the side of the head, he yelped and retreated. I really feel bad about this, I love dogs!
I'm certain the owners have to know this has happened. I do not want to get off on the wrong foot with a neighbor but I really believed this animal was going to bite!
My stick actually broke at the bottom so I got him good.
8.13 miles today. Felt good. Trail running is slow, though. Peace (I wish)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

On the road again

Back on the road today. I covered 6.48 miles at an easy pace. My body seems to be extremely sore and not recovering as swiftly as I would hope. I guess it's just the age factor.
I will keep running and stretching. I really want to start some speed work soon. My goal is to break the 1:55 barrier in the half.
I got 25 more trees in the ground! I'm getting there! Great time with the family tonight, too!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have not been able to get back into a rhythm it seems. I am willing to take some time off from running?? This week it has been an every other day event. I really am needing to get these trees in the ground before they are no good. You have a two week deadline with seedlings, etc and I've one week down. Today, in the 80+ degree sunshine I put 54 in the ground!!!
I hope to run tomorrow, perhaps a longer one...yet I still have 201 trees to plant. Talked to a neighbor today. Really nice young man, four kids, is a nurse in the burn unit. His wife is a nurse, too, but she is currently a stay at home Mom. Good for her!!
Later! Peace!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Finally after many days we have some sunshine. I did the Bull Creek turnaround, or what I call the 2K hill. The dogs are still giving me grief but I'm becoming less concerned that they will bite. I'm still miffed that the owners allow such behavior but it takes all kinds to make the world go round.

5.35 miles. The out was in 9:35's and the back was like 11's. I felt good and hope to begin increasing mileage soon.

Spent two hours on the mower today, too! Still have 250 tree to plant!!!! Peace!

Monday, May 4, 2009

CashSpring Turnaround

Well I keep on trying to get these new runs in. They are all out and backs so there is a little sense of drudgery lately.
The dogs were extra feisty today. One of the big ones was very aggressive, I was wondering what the owner is thinking as their dog is harassing an innocent runner? He was actually in the road lunging towards me with fangs bared!
The house he is from is a beautiful home, I will get a picture posted. It must be valued at 1/2 a mil. Yet they let their dogs behave this way?
I had a nice conversation with one of my new neighbors, very sweet people. I've got 30 of my 305 trees planted! I only have about ten days left to get them all planted so I'll work some more after I post this. 5.35 miles in 10:19 pace avg. I'm surprisingly slow but I'll just take it as it comes.
Our band did okay at the Rhonda Vincent deal. She was awesome! We need work. The problem is time....we need to practice and it is difficult making the time to do it. Truthfully, I'd rather run!! Peace!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Redbridge Road

So, every run save one will be an out and back run. Yesterday I ventured out onto Highway W. Now mind you we are out in the boonies! This highway is two lane, 55 mph. It is banked like Talledega on the curves so this will require some getting used to...
My main concern is, of course, the dogs...and there were plenty! Not one came out onto the road after me, but a golden Lab-like one came helter skelter towards me but stopped like he was shot right at the road.
Otherwise they just looked at me...they are hillbilly dogs...looking at me just like the cows did...thinking.."what's up with the human? Why is he running?"
This new route is rolling hills, very beautiful! Views of the Ozarks Mtns. I loved it! 6.35 miles (note the exactness now of dist. due to the Garmin effect!)
So I have Bull creek turnaround, Redbridge turnaround. My next adventure will be back to W but the other direction to Cash spring road.
Today I go to the "Ponderosa" Bluegrass festival. We play just before Rhonda Vincent and the Rage. This is a big deal for our group. I may try to get some video.
I got my 305 trees in the mail yesterday! I've planted 15 of them!? It's hard work but the effort is worth it, I've always loved trees, birds, etc. So I'm planting pines, and wildlife cover type plants.
I know many of you are getting ready to race. Wish I was but I'm still kind of recovering from my recent marathon. Best of luck to you and Godspeed!! Peace!!


     So, we've been getting missed by all the pop-up showers and now drought has come. Trees are soaking up all the dew and seedlings a...