Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hail, heat, and dog owner!

I think I may be getting back on track. My usual week is Tuesday and Sunday off from running, and I am on track this week! A five miler today. My times are so slow I don't want to post them, I can barely move it seems as I am in a state of perpetual soreness!
However, I will keep on running! We had a strong storm this morning that brought marble sized hail. I do not like hail storms! They can be so damaging, especially to saplings!!
Well, the long awaited trek into dog attack country came, here came the big wolf like black dog with his hair up! The Saint Bernard followed barking loudly, the most aggressive dog was no where to be seen? I was looking for him. I commanded the black dog "No!" as he came out into the street, twice! Suddenly the owner appeared out of the garage as I was already past and I heard her calling the animals. I sure hope they do something. These dogs aren't getting it...!
Well I got another 70 trees in yesterday and I have probably 75 to go!! I will have put in at or near 305 trees on my new property. I envision a beautiful piece of land, covered with trees and foliage that give cover and food to the critters and birds. Speaking of which, you ought to see the Baltimore Orioles we have here, they are amazing! I could post some pics if you'd like to see.
Hope the running is going well in your neck of the woods, and dog attacks are as rare as moon landings!


jel said...

i would like to see some shots of the birds if ya take any,

havn't had to run from and thing in a while,so I'm good ! :)

Marlene said...

You property is going to look amazing when all those saplings start to grow!

aron said...

geez i hope those dog owners do something!


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