Saturday, December 31, 2011


  Resolution is an interesting word; Re-solution....coming up with another solution to a problem or situation....I stopped making them years ago, however; I do like to set goals.
  I heard a good definition of burn-out today: When the will becomes fatigued
   I resolve to not allow this to happen! I tend to do this in many areas of my life. I have a strong will and I will push it to the limit until something breaks....
  So I will need to be in a state of heightened self-awarenwess! If I would just follow the little voice of common sense a bunch of my running burn outs would stop!!!
  I resolve to pick a race! I resolve to value every minute of every day!
  Today I did an easy GA run...40 minutes 4.14 treadmiles. Finished with a total of 385 treadmill minutes this week!!!! Happy New year to all!! Be safe and have a year of great discovery and joy! Peace!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Saving Saturday

  Often I wear myself out on Saturdays with a hard run so I decided to save Saturday with a hard effort today. I did my mile repeats today, 3 X 1 mile @ 10K pace (7.4mph) or 8:06 per/mile with a 1/4 rest in between. On the last repeat I increased each 1/4 by .1mph. I really felt good and am encouraged. I just wish the fat would melt off quicker! Man it's a slow process!
  So I have reached 345 minutes so with an easy run tomorrow I should reach a 10% increase over last week. Next week will be a let up week. It's essential to let the old bones recover a little so I'll decrease the miles and time a bit. It's over 60 degrees outside today! I am still resisting the roads because I don't want the tendinitis top flare again. I wait until the weight is off! Peace!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Recovery run...

  So if I plan on maintaining this motivation I seriously need a goal race....prob is there are few during the Winter months around here...I really need to breakthrough and commit to a specific race....I think I'm chicken!
  My feet, legs, quads are all a little tired from the workouts this week so a nice easy recovery run was the decision. 55 minutes at 5.0-5.6 mph with a total of 4.86 treadmiles. I am becoming almost obsessive with my diet! Learning the caloric and nutritional value of everything I eat, and watching the numbers closely.
  Last week I was on the run (errands and such) and had to grab some fast food (golden arches) man that stuff settled on my stomach like lead! Yuk!! Even tho the fries were great going down it just didn't seem like it was right?! I have to eat out a lot and it seems like it's just a load of c**p  everywhere you turn....I guess Subway wasn't so bad...or the Mexican place....anyway I am determined to get to the lowest possible weight I can and not eat junk in the process.
  I am already at 295 minutes on the TM this week with two more workouts slated. A GA run tomorrow and mile reps Saturday. Hope you are well! Peace!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


  Today I felt sluggish....I shouldn't of had that cup of coffee yesterday afternoon! My body is very sensitive to any type of drug or medicine....However; my RHR is still around 54 bpm so I'm not overtraining.
  My plan today was to do 3.75 miles  of speed work. I did this by 8 X .25 miles, 7.9mph increasing each one by .1mph with a .25 rest @ 5-5.5mph. The 3 X .5 miles, 7.8mph increasing each one by .1mph with a .25 rest. Then to top it off I did an 1/8th mile @ 8.8mph. Wow! Hadn't moved the legs that fast in a while! Finished out at 80 minutes and 8.22 treadmiles.
  Funny....during the 1/2's I really felt I could hold on to it for a lot longer...I guess I am improving!? it is so hard to lose frustrating!! Well at least I'm losing...down almost 8 pounds!! I really am motivated to drop this is visible now in my waist and face....hope to drop at least 6 more!  Peace!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recovery day

     I am afraid of something....I have been very diligent in my training on the treadmill and it has been very forgiving....I am afraid when I transition back to the roads that the tendinitis will flare back must continue to work on eroding the fat!! The excess weight must be gone! Today I stayed true to my plan and did a recovery run. 5.0mph to faster! I just relaxed and worked on ease and form. I went for 70 minutes and covered 6.21 treadmiles. That's a total of 160 minutes already!!
  Tomorrow, if I feel good enough, is speed work day. Go Mark!!! I am starting to knock on 178 pounds!!! That will be 8lbs down!! It's been really hard during the holiday season to restrain....I have failed a few times, but the fat is burning off!!! Peace!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

There is a plan?!

  I am not doing all this exercise for nothing! I, for some reason, want to run another marathon! Last week I reached my goal of 350 minutes which translated into 34 treadmill miles. I have been treadmilling 6 days a week...I think I need to continue increasing time but also add another rest day. So today I treadmilled for 90 minutes. The Monday run is going to be the long run/progression run. Technically I am not in the long run territory yet but I will eventually arrive as I slowly increase.
  So at 17 minutes in I was at 6.3mph 1 degree incline. I held this pace until 55 minutes then bumped up .1mph every 11 minutes...finished at 90 minutes/9.31 treadmiles.
  I continue to watch the calories and am highly motivated to get the fat off! I am very close to 178!!! Peace!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to all!!

  I wish you all a Merry Christmas and the best year yet! Today I managed to complete my goal of 350 total treadmill minutes this week resulting in 34.05 treadmiles.
  I did 2 X 1 mile repeats toady at 7.4mph (8:06pace @ 1 degree incline) and I am really surprised how good I felt?! My cardio is definately improving! I am pumped! Over all my body is staying in good shape....the treadmill is soooooo forgiving!! I do still hope to run a race next Saturday......we will see?
  My weigh in went good but I am going to say I am still at 179 because it's really in between 178 and 179....still too much junk food around me!!!!! "Tis the season! Peace!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Like an Elf before Christmas?!?!

  Busy, busy, busy!! Hospital, wedding, study, writing, running.....time! Time flies...and I'm the pilot!!!
  I managed to get in a solid GA run..."general aerobic". As defined in "Advanced Marathoning".
   I set the pace on 6.1 mph after a good warm-up and cruised into a 50 minute 4.72 treadmile run.
  I remain determined to run smart and lose fat. I kind of feel fat today? Down 7 pounds it seems hard to break off another pound? Kind of a plateau right now?
  Oh well....I expect all the cookies, and peanut clusters can't help! :) So all I have left is 35 minutes of Treadmill time to reach my goal this week!
  I really felt good today. The pace was what I would call "slightly strained conversational". You can converse but you have to grab breath...
  I will do some pace work tomorrow....undecided as yet but I am a believer in the SAID principle. Specific adaptions to imposed demands....So if I want to run fast I must train fast! Have a great day!!! Peace!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


  I have read nearly every book on running in my years. I have quite a library! You'd think I'd figure it out! So I am trying to put it all together into a training plan that I can use on the treadmill and transition to the roads.
  My PRIMARY goal...I must hold to to lose pounds!!! I am down a solid 7 and have at least 7 to all reality I truly believe I ought to be in the 160's but 172 is my goal as of right now.
  So I need to maintain focus and not run into injury again. Today it was hard to do but I forced myself to run a "recovery" run. The pace is important. I held between 5.2 mph and 5.6 mph....running the majority of the 55 minutes at 5.6mph.
  This was an easy conversational pace and I really didn't feel any residual effect from the speed session yesterday.
  My goal this week is 350 treadmill minutes total. I am up to 265, leaving 85 minutes for two runs. Tomorrow will be a "general aerobic" run. I will probably run this at the top end which will be 6.2 or 6.3mph.
  Then Saturday will be a couple of 10K pace miles or faster...I think, kind of a tempo run.
   Well, I sure hope you all have a wonderful Christmas time. I look forward to seeing my youngest son, and am sad because the oldest and his family can't come home this year...but we have skype!!! I am conflicted about Christmas this year....I enjoy and rejoice in the reason for the celebration but not having the family together is a downer..... Peace!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Keep burnin'!

  I am getting serious! Today during the second to last interval I asked myself "Why am I doing this!" Have you ever thought that while you were suffering?  I guess because I want to attain or achieve a particular goal, therefore I must suffer! Actually to achieve any level of success there is always a cost. So my desire is to burn fat! I also want to improve my fitness level. So today I did some treadmill speed work. I developed a little ladder workout. After a good warm-up of 1.250 miles I did a 1/2 at 7.9mph, 1/4 rest, .625 @ 7.8, 1/4 rest, .75 @ 7.7, 1/4 rest, .625 @ 7.6, 1/4 rest, .5 @ 8mph, 1/4 rest, 1/4 @ 8.3, 1 mile cool down. Finished with 70 minutes total and 6.82 treadmiles.
  It was on the last 1/2 mile interval I was beginning to suffer. I concentrated on holding good form and staying relaxed. I was right on the brink of oxygen debt. I really think my fitness level is improving! Plus being 7 pounds lighter helps!!
  I figure I have burned off 24,500 calories in the last 7 weeks! It's happening! I am slimming down! Oh man it's hard to do with all the cookies, chocolates, pies, etc, that are available during this season! I have a vision though....I see me running the roads again. Injury free, busting the tape of a marathon in 3:59!
  All I have to do is keep burnin'! Peace!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Surviving the Stinker

 Man my hamstrings are sore! Yesterdays run really stuck it to me....goes to show how far from being in shape I today I seemed to be tired as I began my workout. The intention was to run a recovery run and try to maintain at least 5.6 mph...I actually had to slow down a couple of times and walk @ 4mph....just toasted. Finally at about 38 minutes I began to feel a little better and set in at 5.6 mph  and cruised home to a 60 minute recovery run and 5.12 treadmiles.
   My goal is 350 treadmill minutes this week. I'm at 140 so far with a hard run and a recovery run. Tomorrows run all depends on these hammies! Peace!

Monday, December 19, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like training!

   I am at the point in my journey on the treadmill that I can begin to seriously consider training. I seem to be in the pattern of dropping a pound a week and I expect that to continue.
  I started today with a plan to vary the workouts and still log around 350 minutes of treadmill time. So 80 minutes today and 8.27 treadmiles.  The run was designed for distance and an increase in pace....felt good! Peace!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mile time trial

  Well I felt fair today.....I finished out the week with 33 treadmiles and a weigh in at 179 pounds. I have at least 7 more pounds to go and man they are hard to get off! The fat pounds are like leeches! They stick on you and suck the life out of you!
  I wanted to do a mile time trial today so I did a good warm up and decided to try to hold 8.6 mph at 1 degree incline...that went well for a quarter mile then I knew I had to decrease or die! I began to decrease .1mph as necessary to hold on....I finished the mile in 7:21. I was hoping for a faster mile but it is what it is...must face reality. I decided to add in 2 quarter mile pick ups at 8.6 mph with a quarter rest in between. I think I just need some practice running at this pace.
  As I cooled down I though back to the day I set my 10K PR....a think that that average pace was faster than I can even run an all out mile now is slightly depressing. Facts are facts....I have slowed down significantly, however; If I can keep losing the weight I can get some of the speed back. In those days I was in the 160's too!
  They say for every pound you lose you can run 2 seconds per mile faster...
So it goes...Peace!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Recovery day

  So I feel okay, but man running was hard today! I wound up with what would be termed a recovery run. The slowest pace one could run! 48 minutes 4.13 treadmiles. I am in caloric deficit! I am hungry! This only eating three times a day is tough! Yet the plan is working as I am at a solid 179 pounds right now. That being halfway to my initial goal of 172.
  I have a tendency to take things to the extreme....I am highly motivated right now...hope I can hold on! I plan on a short session tomorrow...perhaps a one mile time trial....I wonder if I could hold a 7 min mile pace for a mile? It will depend on how I am feeling, if it's like today forget it! Oh well I have some exciting dinner plans tonight! Chinese!! Egg roll, crab rangoon, Sweet and sour Chicken...Oh yeah!! I am gonna take in some calories! Peace!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A fool and his treadmill are soon parted!

  I hope I am not being an idiot! I have run on the treadmill 5 days in a row and each run has been what I would have called hard.
   Today I ran 67 minutes and did 6.52 miles. I did 2 minute intervals starting at 4mph going up 1mph each 2 minutes to 8mph.
  It turns out this was kind of like an interval training run. Around 50 minutes I began to really feel it! I hung on and reached 67 minutes.
   I don't want to burn out or get injured but the body is feeling good! The treadmill is so much more forgiving than the ground! My plan for weight loss first then road work is on track! I broke into the 170's!!! 179 today!!
  I am thinking about a trial race December 31st. There is a 5k in Springfield. I wonder what it would be like to run it seeing as I haven't run on the road for nearly 8 weeks! What do you think?
   I am slimming and today I noticed that I could comfortably handle 7mph! Hope all is well with you!! Peace!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Treadmill speedwork

Well....I'm training how I feel, I felt like I could handle a speed session today. I've been studying and researching how to burn fat at the fastest possible rate....I am an obsessive type you know :)...and interval training is one of the sure fire ways to burn fat and improve VO2 max.
  I have been putting lots of time in and at decent paces and I am most definitely seeing the results. Today I weighed in at 179!!! I haven't been under 180 in several years. I am actually half way to my goal of reaching 172 lbs.
   So with feeling good and motivation I went with a clear plan of 5X1/2 mile with 1/4 rest intervals. The pace speed was 7.5, 7.6, 7.7, 7.8, and 8mph. I am telling you these paces seemed a lot faster that what I remember them to be on the track?!
  I did a mile warm-up and cool-down finishing the work out in 56 minutes with 5.55 treadmiles.
 I have become very aware of my caloric intake and am more aware of what I'm eating and it's nutritional value. Hope all is well with you! Peace

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Three hard ones

   I have strung three hard workouts in a row....probably not wise but I am going by feel so I felt like I could do it today. Funny how the tendinitis is not bothering me....I guess the plan is working with the exception of the runners knee flare-up. Nothing serious but probably to be expected because of the steady increase of miles and the higher intensity than normal. I am burning up the calories! I am almost half way to my goal!! I am so so close to breaking into the 170's!!
   66 minutes today at base pace, 6.46 treadmill miles...I am not sure of the work-out tomorrow but I am sure I need to cut down a little....peace!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

33's! I mean waist size!

  I am wearing my only pair of 33" waist jeans! They fit quite comfortably! It is very encouraging to put them on again! I am weighing in at 180 even so that's a 6 pound loss to date. I expect to keep dropping for a while.
  Today I ran 65 treadminutes and 6.65 treadmiles. I felt pretty good, maybe a little tired from yesterdays run, but good none-the-less. What's amazing is no Achilles burning or pain at all! A little right runners knee but nothing serious just growing pains.
  So it goes.....peace!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Treadmill PR...

   This is getting fun! I averaged 9:15's for my 64 minute treadmill run today which was 6.91 treadmill miles. That counts the warm-up and gradual increase to 6mph by the 10 minute mark. I then began increasing by .1 mph every 2 minutes up to 7.5 mph which is 8 min per mile pace. I held that for 8 minutes then went back to 6 mph and started over again with the ladder. A good run, felt good after three days off. I so over ate on the trip! I put so many calories back in the system that I had burned off....but it was fun doing it!!!
  I finished the week with 25+ treadmill miles so I am still on track even with the trip thrown in....I plan on continuing the gradual increasing next week and probably will break into the 30 treadmile range.
  I am considering an outdoor run but I still need to stick with my program....strictly weight loss!!!! Peace

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day #3 week #7

  Well, so far my thinking has been right on target. I began my training plan at the end of start with 30 minutes of ez running on the treadmill and adding a minute every run. I have run everyday but Sundays, I haven't added a minute every day, though. I do a speed session on Saturdays and one cut down run day during the week.
  My objective is to lose 14 pounds. Today I have lost 5 to date and have a weigh in Saturday where I anticipate another pound off.
   It's very difficult to lose pounds when you aren't really overweight!? Yet I still have some to go....what's great about this is my Achilles tendons have not been buggin' me...I have logged 3hrs and 6 mins already this week and I am feeling great!
  The treadmill is much much easier on the body! No doubt! I know I will eventually have to transition to the roads but the 14 lb decrease ought to make the difference.
  Today an easy conversational pace, 63 minutes 6.36.treadmill miles.
 I will be out of the loop for a few days as I get to spend time with my Sons, Daughter-in-law and Grandson! Peace!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Treadmill PR

  62 minutes on the mill is snowing and very cold outside today so it was perfect for an indoor run! I covered 6.59 treadmill miles in that time giving me my best pace speed average so far during this training program.
  I always start out with a walking warm-up @ 4mph for about 2 minutes, then I go to 5 mph for a minute or two, then I begin increasing as I I was at 6.2 mph at 14 minutes and I finished out at 6.9 mph. I am amazed at how my body is responding, especially at my age, so this should be encouraging to you youngsters! No heel pain! No Achilles tendinitis!! I am losing weight and getting stronger. Of course it is very difficult to abstain from food! We Americans take in way more calories than we need! I was telling Sandy how if we all managed out calories we would save so much food and money we could easily feed everyone in the world!
  Did you know that 32% of American kids are obese!!! Wow! Who am I to talk! I do love a buffet, but I haven't been to one in weeks!!!
  We hope you are well! Peace!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Week #7 begins

        I am on vacation!!!!!!! I am happy!! I need a break!!! Please don't miss understand, I absolutely love what I do, yet some of the situations I deal with are very wearisome....I wish I could discuss some of them but it wouldn't be prudent!:)
  Anyway, I jumped on the treadmill for 61 minutes today at 1 degree incline, attaining 5.86 treadmill miles. A nice conversational pace run, simply designed to burn calories!
  I feel good! Heel and tendons are all cooperating, weight is gradually coming's hard to lose weight! Must keep on so I can run again! Peace!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday speed...

   Finally made it to the mill....a busy day! Played a Bluegrass benefit concert today. A friend of mine is battling cancer and we are trying to help offset expenses, etc. A good crowd, and I hope generous hearts.
  So I had 4x1/2 mile at 7.5 mph  increasing by .1 mph each interval. Did it, and felt good! I need to keep my focus. I am wanting to start training but I must remember I am in a strictly weight lose program right now.
  The less weight the less stress on the tendons! Btw they feel great! My weigh in this morning showed 181 lbs. That's 5 pounds off! It is a slow process but I am seeing results!
 Hope you had a great day! Peace!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

It is today!!

  One of the great principles of successful living is the principle of "today". A very simple yet often difficult principle to realize.
  How many people live in yesterday? I could of if I would of and I should of....or how many live in tomorrow....maybe...if...I hope....
  Here's a cool idea; put your worry into tomorrow and you'll never worry! Why? Because it's always today!
  I am a believer that today is what makes tomorrow. If you work hard you'll reap the benefits, and so on....we runners are fully aware of this principle.
  So "carpe diem!" Seize today! Do the best you can possibly do and know you did your best! Make today the day that changed everything! Be kind!
  I jumped on the mill and knocked out 60 minutes TODAY! I hit 6mph by the 10 minute mark then played around with speeds up to 6.7 was fun! My legs are feeling it though. I am excited about weigh in tomorrow...I just need to be careful in calorie consumption TODAY!
  We are going to a great Mexican restaurant for dinner, then swinging by the best ice cream joint in town! Yikes! Temptation!!! I think I will reward myself TODAY!
  Oh, I logged 114.5 treadmill miles last month! With only 4 off days! The tendons are great! So far the plan is working! I want to pile up today's for my vision of tomorrow! A fast 5K and a sub 4 hour marathon!!
   Hey, I'd like to see more followers on this me out! Peace!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am hungry!

Wow! Cutting calories is really hard! I live hungry! Last night Sandy and I met up at the Rib-Crib, a restaurant, and I had a Chicken salad! Talk about change! Usually I'm the Ribs and fries guy! The salad filled me up! I felt blotted and like I'd eaten too much...I think my stomach is shrinking!?
  I really, really want to go to a buffet! Since Sandy is working so much O.T. we are having to meet for dinner considering our nearly every night activities....tonight is no different...I want a buffet! I feel like I'm training for a marathon...I'm starving:)
  Today I just did an EZ calorie burner. 40 minutes on the mill. Tomorrow I hope to knock off 60 minutes on the mill and burn more calories! Peace!


     So, we've been getting missed by all the pop-up showers and now drought has come. Trees are soaking up all the dew and seedlings a...