Friday, December 30, 2011

Saving Saturday

  Often I wear myself out on Saturdays with a hard run so I decided to save Saturday with a hard effort today. I did my mile repeats today, 3 X 1 mile @ 10K pace (7.4mph) or 8:06 per/mile with a 1/4 rest in between. On the last repeat I increased each 1/4 by .1mph. I really felt good and am encouraged. I just wish the fat would melt off quicker! Man it's a slow process!
  So I have reached 345 minutes so with an easy run tomorrow I should reach a 10% increase over last week. Next week will be a let up week. It's essential to let the old bones recover a little so I'll decrease the miles and time a bit. It's over 60 degrees outside today! I am still resisting the roads because I don't want the tendinitis top flare again. I wait until the weight is off! Peace!

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