Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Perfect Summer.....

Nothing could be finer that Summer!! Heat! Sun! Southern breezes! Love it! We've actually experienced a cold front and our high temp is only mid eighties:(....
I continue at what I call "base camp" 150 minutes of running per week. I also continue to allow the achillies tendon to heal. It is not 100% yet. I don't really have "pain" when I run but occasional bouts with the burning sensation on the sides of my ankle. I am considering an increase in time pretty soon, I am getting anxious to run long distances! 30 minutes ain't cuttin' it!!! But I must be patient!!!!
31 minutes!! Felt good! Peace!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is it true?

Someone once told me that for every pound you lose you can run 2 seconds per mile faster! I wonder if that's true? Makes sense, huh? The lighter the faster, right ? I sure would like to get to where I am not carrying any extra weight! O if I could just cut out the junk! But I love sugar!!!
So I am thinking about trying to discipline myself when it comes to eating junk....good-bye Rolos! Good-bye-ice cream! Good-bye Coke! Good-bye cookies, cake, pies, I'm going to cry!? It's not good-bye yet but I'm thinking about it......I've always enjoyed limitless caloric intake because I run....what if I changed to limited caloric intake?
30 minutes of running today! Still feeling good and knocked off one really good mile....Peace!

Monday, June 28, 2010

What defines greatness?

I know that I often might sound "preachy" but I love the truths about leadership and I love to share what I've discovered. The truths of life are so varied, everyone has a belief or a truth, and often they are a result of childhood experience, upbringing, or accident!
One of the greatest truths is the result of true humility. The exact opposite of pride or arrogance. Example; how many of you like to be around the know-it-all, or the braggart? How many of you appreciate someone who actually listens to you when you speak?
True greatness in living will be discovered when you find the power of humility! Think about it!
Today I am so pumped!! My achillies is doing so well! I was able to knock off some real quality miles today!! I have to still be very careful and not increase yet! I have a sense that I could fall right back into injury if I push things. 31:24 minutes today, I was running some sub nines consistently!! I am on vacation!!!!!! I'm off to the golf course....a true test in humility!! Peace!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Honk if you love_______

Funny how some folks react to runners. Two days in a row people who know me have honked their horn at me....not just a tap but a healthy honk! Don't they know how that impacts a runner? I Jumped outta my skin! What...wha...wah...what? Oh, just saying hi! Maybe they could tap it or I could get over it!
40 minutes again today! I've already got my 150 minutes in this week so I will take Saturday and Sunday off. Maybe my Achilles can heal even more!
I sure am thankful to be back on the road. Hope you have a great weekend! Peace

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fly attack!!

40 minutes today!! I popped off one good mile, too. The heel only spoke briefly and mildly...I do need to be cautious. I really want to go long distances! I so miss my 16-22 milers! I am likely to push's in my nature. I will resign myself to no marathon this year. However; why couldn't I run a 5K?
I think I will plan on running one in the early fall. I think I will train specifically for a 5k! Something I've done one time. 1993, I trained specifically to break 20 minutes. I did it!!!
I think I will train to break 24 minutes....see how much I've slowed!! Only prob? This will require speed work.
So far 110 minutes in this week. Only need 40 more! Today I experienced the worst black fly attack ever! I mean they swarmed me as I was running....must've been 8-10 of the little buggers!
On another note; Good luck in Seattle, Marlene!! Peace!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ugh! Too much food!

I went to the feed barn last night! The waiters bringing by huge pots of "slop". Needless to say I slept with heartburn! I thought I would run it off so I ventured out early! Yes, I chickened out, they say the heat index will climb over 100 degrees so I got out by 8am. Decided to do 40 minutes because of my missing a running day yesterday.
I know golf was good exercise, probably walked 5-6 miles, but it isn't the same! I always refer to one of the most important principles in life: "The S.A.I.D." principle. I learned this in college around '74 in my PED 100 class. We were required to run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes to get an A. The coach talked about this principle. I had never really "run". Like trained to run an event. I began to use this principle. Guess what? I got the A! If you want to be a good golfer, golf! Swimmer, swim, runner, run; a fast runner? Run fast! Specify the goal and train towards it!
Same in life! The best in a field? What are the requirements? Begin to impose the demands!
Lazy people never get there, but those with vision will, I promise you!
40 minutes of running and not one bit of heel pain!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

1955 was a very good year!

So, I like to have fun...I was born June 22, 1955. I'm 55 today. A once in a lifetime event, huh? 55 born in '55. I decided to take the day off! Kinda like a personal day. Even though it's killer heat outside I went to the golf course and played 27 holes!! I couldn't make the 55, Bill! I carried the bag so that made for an excellent workout!! I will forgo the run today but I will get my 150 minutes in this week!
Tonight Sandy, Krystal (my precious, wonderful, daughter-in-law) and me will go out to eat. We are going to a place called "Lamberts; the home of the throwed rolls". A real tourist trap but you get to eat free on your BD. Yikes! I'm not only getting old I'm getting cheap!
The food is really good! They will throw these hot, fresh, greasy rolls at you and they are delicious!! Fried okra, macaroni and tomatoes, all sorts of goodies!!
One note; this morning at the local cafe' the waitress couldn't believe I was 55! Believe it or not but the years of running have kept me looking young! (maybe genetics, too) I pass for early forties easy when I have my hat on!!:) Another of the many benefits of running! Peace!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Runner envy!

Yep, a dude slowed down today in his air conditioned vehicle, rolled down the window and commented on how he was envious of me...that I could run in this heat (96 degrees!). I managed to increase his envy by stating that I would be 55 tomorrow. He drove off shaking his head saying again..."I envy you!" Wow! No way! Someone envies me?! He doesn't have a clue!

Yet physical fitness is worked for! Life Leadership principle: The easy way often robs us of the best way. Truth- the vast majority of Americans are physically unfit! Why? The easy over hard principal that exists. I saw a little chipmunk carrying a walnut the other day! What a funny sight! He carried that thing all the way across our property! Why? Because his survival is up to him! I think many people exist dependant upon someone else to provide for their survival...note how people like to blame others for failure...we are each one responsible for our own existence...I choose the best over the'll find me carrying the walnut!

30 sweet minutes of running...I could increase but I will resist for at least two more weeks.....peace!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Seeing results

Having an injury has been tough. I've been used to consistent durability and runability, but the Achilles tendon issue sprang up a year ago. I ran through it for five months until it began to hurt where I could not even walk without pain. Stupid...yes! Stubborn, too. So I rested. Now, five solid weeks of 150 minutes of running per week. The tendon is not 100% but I can see that it is healing. I experience pain free running!
I know that a marathon is probably not in the cards. I am committed to taking it slow. If need be I'll stay at base camp for as long as needed.
48 minutes today! Peace!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Success is in the Approach!

Today was one of those days! One that left a vivid memory of mankind and how we are as a people. I officiated a funeral. It's a tough role and also an opportunity to be a blessing. It was a military funeral. Very dear to me as my Dad was a WWII Vet.
So I greet a Veteran all dressed in his uniform just before the funeral begins. I thank him for his biggy right?
Services are good and as I'm leaving the interment service this same Vet comes after me saying.."I want to talk to you!" He says, "Don't forget the families!" The way he said it was in a negative attacking approach as if he was saying..."you forget the families of the military...shame on you!"
I said, "What?" He said, " you ought to thank my wife!" I thought "is this guy crazy!"
He continued his speech and I said, "I try to remember all people." and I walked off. Wow! I'm telling you I was mad! What if I'd not even thanked him? He had no idea of what our church does for the military! What if he'd approached me in a different way? A positive approach like, " the families of the military are often forgotten, could you please remember them for me?" Funny thing..the theme of my talk was to love and respect other people! I guess either I failed to be clear or he didn't hear!
So, I got over it but man it frosted my pumpkin! Life lesson: Good communication is all in the approach! Be kind!
I went out for a nice 30 min run in the heat. I have some good news....The heel did not burn at all!!!! I am definitely healing!! I have 5 weeks now of base camp. I am thinking about a slight increase in time soon. Peace!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Super Sultry

Man it is hot!! Yes, I love Summer...and it is really hot and humid! Today took me forever to cool down from my run. I am able to successfully stay at base camp (30 min-5x per week) and I am beginning to see my strength and endurance come back. I have been clipping off some nice pace speeds, too. Very encouraging but I am still far from ready to train. Since I am so active...always doing something that requires energy expenditure, my Achilles is healing very slowly and still flares up. Yesterday I golfed 33 holes (it got dark) on top of running. BTW- I shoot my all time best round! 77 on a par 70 course. I was nailing the tee shot, had a couple over 300 yards! Yes...must brag about something!
Hope all is well with you! Peace!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Better busy than lazy!

Such is the life of a Pastor....6:45am prayer meeting with a bunch of fine men...7:45-9am- breakfast with some fine men....9:10-10:45am work in office......10:55am go apologize to a person I had offended (it happens)....11:40-go make a visit to a new attending family on phone preparing for funeral this Friday...1:25-1:55..out the door and run! Fastest time in months! 2:10-post!!!!!
30 minutes yesterday, 30 today....there is HOPE!! Peace!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pet Peeve

My pet peeve is this mentality-"do as I say not as I do"- example- My folks were heavy cigarette smokers. Two pack a day Chesterfields! That's smokin'!
Yet if we got caught smoking it was a shame! Huh? Needless to say I smoked from the age 12 until about 30.
Today we have T-storms in the area and I need 30 minutes running! Thunder rumbling in the southwest, must be movin' my way. I always say, " never run in T-storms!" So what do I do? guessed my 30 in, in the rain, with thunder and at minute 29 a flash right idiot! Next two days no running, but lots of activity! Hope you have a great weekend! Peace!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What "they" say

They say time heals all wounds. Doesn't seem to be so....I've been hurt before, relationally, and healing has come, but when it hits close to home there is no healing until there is reconciling.
One thing they do say..."don't think it can't happen to you" that is true!! So I continue taking life day by day. Knowing that the day will come when healing begins...hope so.
30 minutes of running again. I am up to 2 hours this week and need one more run! So far I am hanging in at base camp and the foot is hanging in, too! Peace!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This rotten sinus headache is hanging on! I very rarely, if ever get sick, but this week I've been battling a sinus problem. I don't like to take meds because they knock me for a loop, low tolerance for drugs, etc! So I went out into the midday heat to sweat it out! 40 minutes of running, I'm on track to get my 150 minutes in this week by Friday. So far so good this week in regards to the heel.
Going Bluegrassin' this weekend. I enjoy these festivals. The sounds of Banjos, Fiddles, Guitars, Mandolins, Bass, wafting through the hills is a delight to my soul. Hope you are doing well, peace!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back up-

Yesterday was a killer! I guess I expend so much energy on Sunday that Monday is sometimes a wash. I did take Sandy down to Branson for some shopping. I had to go out to the car and take a nap!!! That's when you know you are old! Then we went to Macaroni's again. I had the Pepperoni pizza...I wouldn't recommend...kinda tasteless. The Waiter could tell I'm a golfer...but I'm more of a runner. I dress like a golfer, the shorts, shirts, hat, etc, but I look like a runner, svelte and gaunt!? I just laughed at my own writing!
I tried to make up a little for the loss of a running day yesterday...52 minutes of running today...a couple of decent miles in there, too. I have to play a Bluegrass Festival this weekend so I need 98 more running minutes before Friday afternoon. Peace!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

An Eagle followed by a triple!

Had a great round yesterday! Broke into the 70's again! I had an Eagle on the back nine par five! Only my third one ever...then on the next hole I have a monster tee shot! Feeling real confident I proceed to shank the next shot!! UGLY!! I finished that hole with a triple bogey! UGH!
Such is life! Same with can have a great season, everything is clicking, only to have some sort of shank (sideways event) come along and put you back in your place.
I am dealing with a loss, well, lots of losses right now, but the loss of a racing season specific to my running reality. But! I feel like I'm making the turn. Three weeks of a solid base camp under my belt. I will continue at 30 minutes a run for five times a week. This doesn't amount to much in miles but it is much in my eyes! I am running nearly pain free. I feel a little burn at times but it's better than it's been in nearly a year!
So 30 minutes of Strong running today! I saw again...the Garmin said.....I was going @ 7:50's every so often!? Maybe I could get at least a 5K in before long? Peace!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Gone golfin'

I usually only post on days that I run. However, this morning I woke up and my foot feels better than it has in months!! Odd? I've run 4 times this week, yet I have been doing deep massage treatments, and icing. No run today! I'm going golfing!! Just to the muni though. I usually can tear this course up, there's no water, very little trouble, and few OB's. I know that usually my foot will start bothering me, though. I must remember, I'm a big baby! Maybe I'll get a cart? One thing I know I'm going to try to win! Have a great day my friends! Peace!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

City, Country, or in between?

Today I had my first run in my brand new Asic Gel Nimbus 11s. Not a bad ride so far, just one little run. Got a good deal so I'm taking a chance on trying a new model. Usually I stick with the Kayano.
I've been thinking about different "mind-sets" lately. The country living "mind-set" as to how theses Farmers out here view me...a runner on these farm roads. Once, last year, a group of them watched yelled, "you need a job?" So they think that my hard effort on the road is wasted and my time better spent. I can understand this mind-set. Farming is hard work! Dawn to Dusk, no time or energy to waste.
Then there's the City "mind-set". People work in offices, in many cases sedentary jobs that work the brain and fingers, mouth running, biking, gym membership are all quite acceptable in the eyes of the citizenry.
I'm an in betweener. I grew up with the best of both worlds! I was a child of the 60's and this was during the advent of the suburbs in my area. I knew Farmers and city people. I feel so blessed that I can get into their heads and see their perspective. Today I ran across one of these country folk. He gave me the look, but I gave him kindness!
30 minutes of really good running! Man, everybody ought to try it! Peace!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Food Overdose!!

So by 6:30 am I was at The Village Inn, eating breakfast with one of the Church Elders, a great man, I had the Ultimate Skillet....I couldn't finish it all!! I was brought up to "clean your plate or no desert!" so I felt a little that was a lot of food on that plate! Then for lunch I met one of my best friends at the local Mexican I ate too mucho!!!
So I finally make it home after working in my office for a while and I want to go the 89 degrees....I felt so tired! Sluggish....I had OD'd on food! I guess I will pass on eating a meal tonight!
Anyway, it was kind of a rough effort today but I made the 30 minutes...not my best effort but funny thing...? I feel better now! BTW the heel is feeling pretty good but I will NOT increase yet although I'm dying to begin some type of training! Peace!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A friend called me today and informed me he'd hurt his back, therefore he would be unable to take me, as his guest, to the most awesome golf course in the area!! A private I've wanted to golf for years...needless to say I'm balling and whining like a baby!! Oh well, back to the muni for me!!
I got my 30 minutes of running in today, right smack in the middle of the it!! I decided to throw in a little extra stress today by running faster, I enjoyed the moments of sucking air!! I think that running these short durations will have a side benefit. My general pace has been my MP which I consider around 9mpm. I have found myself running some sub nine pace and even breaking, briefly, into the sub eight world. So, all is not lost! I still must discipline myself to not run more than I am. I want to get well! Peace!


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