Thursday, June 3, 2010

City, Country, or in between?

Today I had my first run in my brand new Asic Gel Nimbus 11s. Not a bad ride so far, just one little run. Got a good deal so I'm taking a chance on trying a new model. Usually I stick with the Kayano.
I've been thinking about different "mind-sets" lately. The country living "mind-set" as to how theses Farmers out here view me...a runner on these farm roads. Once, last year, a group of them watched yelled, "you need a job?" So they think that my hard effort on the road is wasted and my time better spent. I can understand this mind-set. Farming is hard work! Dawn to Dusk, no time or energy to waste.
Then there's the City "mind-set". People work in offices, in many cases sedentary jobs that work the brain and fingers, mouth running, biking, gym membership are all quite acceptable in the eyes of the citizenry.
I'm an in betweener. I grew up with the best of both worlds! I was a child of the 60's and this was during the advent of the suburbs in my area. I knew Farmers and city people. I feel so blessed that I can get into their heads and see their perspective. Today I ran across one of these country folk. He gave me the look, but I gave him kindness!
30 minutes of really good running! Man, everybody ought to try it! Peace!


Stacey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I have always worn the Kayanos as well, but tried the 2150s because of "a deal".

Marlene said...

The different mindsets are definitely intriguing. I'm all about balance!

Meg said...

You post cracked me up! "Ya need a job?!" I can see how someone would say that but geesh, here in Cal., triathlons and running ARE actual jobs! Mind sets are interesting and tolerance and understanding are key...thanks for the shout-out!


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