Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Principle oft overlooked

    Recovery!! I feel really good today after the time trial...the body showed very little repercussion from yesterday.....but obviously the inner body says different! Normally I  take Tuesday off after my long run but I opted for a recovery run today....my energy level wound up being very low and I am thankful I only had two miles planned! I did increase incline to 1.5%...but that shouldn't be much of a factor in energy expenditure...you'd think it would be negligible. I made it...barely and finished with 22 minutes and 2.04 miles....basically I got warmed up then was done! Tomorrow I have mile repeats slated...I'd better eat good and get hydrated....Peace!

Monday, January 30, 2012

5K time trial

   So I have been planning on this time trial since Friday. Psyching up for it, planning a scientific strategy in order to break 24 minutes in a 5K time trial. I always train on 1 degree incline so that is a given. The plan was to start at 7.5mph or 8 minute mile pace and settle in and relax. Then each 1/2 mile I would increase by .1mph until 3 miles and finish out at 8.1mph. That would break 24 minutes by the math. I actually did the 3.1 miles in 23:58!! Sure it was a flat, easy course, but I really feel encouraged by this effort. I really never got to a bad place during this run...it was smooth and in control the whole way. The last 1/10th I was sucking air a little but not bad. So this helps give me an idea where I am in my training......so the rest of the week is a recovery week...I will cut down on time and D and prepare for next week as I keep training. Peace!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Speed session

   Had to trim down the planned workout due to the need to save energy.......
I did a 4 x 1/4 mile, 2 x 3/8 mile all @ 3K pace (8.1mph 7:24's 1 degree incline)
 Totals were 45 minutes 4.69 treadmiles. Finished week with 378 minutes and 38.00 treadmiles. Everything feels good....the feet, ankles and achilles do tighten up a little if I rest or sit down but no biggy. I am still thinking about racing soon....it'll be an interesting experience to go from TM to roads! I have almost attained my goal of losing 14 pounds, too! Hope you have a great weekend!! Go Tigers!! Down with Duke! A Niece of mine likes Duke so I pick on her! Peace!!

Friday, January 27, 2012


   Funny how the body responds to training. Down close to twelve pounds, with legs more muscular than I remember, with a desire to achieve a goal...I am seeing improvement! Today was a simple recovery run....no pushing but simply recovering and keeping a nice form. This was such an easy run! I felt like I could go forever! 60 minutes 5.61 miles.
  I am having a real good week so far concerning my running. Up to 323 minutes total already! I am going to run some 1/4 mile repeats tomorrow at 3k pace (7:20's). Don't know how many yet....I am really excited about next week! A recovery week! On Monday, usually long run day, I am going to run a 5K time trial on the treadmill. I will try to break 24 minutes. Hope you have a great weekend! I had a very busy week! Probably put in 60hrs of work with Sunday still ahead! Not complaining...nope....glad I have the influence and purpose I am blessed with! Peace!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Like a Machine!

   So much training on a machine I have been developing a new running mantra.."I am a machine!" Just like the treadmill......steady, consistent, driven, in control, powerful....too much treadmill training now I am believing I'm a machine! Even today I felt like a machine! 4 X 1 mile @7.5mph 1 degree incline(10K pace) 2 minute rest. I felt great the whole way! Nice 10 minute warm up then into the run....no struggling....easy and fluid...no glitches....just like a machine! I am gettin' skinny! I'd like to bust off some more pounds, maybe my goal of 172 will be changed to 165....anyway 60 minutes today and 6.32 treadmiles.....keep burnin' the calories Z! Peace!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hi intensity GA run

   GA is general aerobic, these runs are not recovery runs nor hard runs...my pace on the 'mill for these runs should vary from 5.9mph to 6.5mph.. ..today after a brief warm-up I decided on the upper level pace of 6.4 to 6.5mph. Finished with a 70 minute workout and 7.35 treadmiles. I really felt like a machine today. Yesterday I took off completely because I WAS tired and man was I hungry! I guess I've really been burning the calories. Today I am weighing closer to 173!! Yet as I look at myself I still see fat!  I'm gonna keep pushin' and see how low I can go....12 down and ? to go.....peace!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pushin' it!

  I continue to push the old body! Today my goal was 14 miles on the treadmill, 1 degree incline, the pace was undetermined....at least 10 to 20% slower than MP(9:09's)...but that didn't happen....nope...had to push it!
  By 12 minutes in I was at 6.2mph...held that to 20 minutes in, ramped up .1mph to 6.3 and held that to 50 minutes in, ramped up to 6.4mph, held that to 90 minutes in, ramped up to 6.5mph, held that to 14.03 miles in 2:13:15. That's averaging 9:30's so not bad for a training run! I haven't run that fast for that long in years! However; the treadmill is much easier than the roads....I am staying focused on weight loss!!!
  I wonder what the transition to the roads will be like? Has anyone ever done what I'm doing? Well, down around 174! That's 12 pounds down!!!! Peace!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Creaky and tweaky

    My old bones seem to stiffen up quite easily anymore....however I can at least loosen up after a while....so after yesterdays very encouraging workout I hit the ole' mill again and decided to run within conversation pace the whole way. Wound up with 45 minutes and 4.49  miles. I finished at a 6.5mph pace and it seemed easy?!
  So my week has ended, 350 minutes total on the mill this week...knocking around 174-175 pounds....Monday is long run day. I need to be aware of this and be prepared! Hydration and rest...I'd like 14 miles. Hope you are well! Peace!

Friday, January 20, 2012


 So my 11 lb loss is not obvious to anyone except Sandy, because she sees me...but today as I ran on the treadmill it is obvious! I decided on a hard effort today. Mile repeats. I was going to do 4 X 1 mile at 8min per mile/7.5mph. After the first two I decided to do  1 X 2 mile @ 7.5mph....or 8min mile pace, I didn't suck air! I was right above the lactate threshold the whole time! Very encouraging and a strong indicator that my body is responding to the training. So I finished out with a total of 60 minutes and 6.5 treadmiles. I am having a good week training wise...have a great weekend! Peace!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Making the Flip

  As you get older it gets a little more difficult to make the transition from sedentary to active....sometimes it's easy and other times it takes time! Today I struggled until the 33 minute mark. Finally made the flip and felt pretty good. Cruised on a nice little GA run...75 minutes 7.54 miles. I am sticking with my goal of reaching 172 before I begin to incorporate outdoor running. I am currently wavering between 174-175lbs. I truly believe my best weight is not 172 but probably more like 165. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and hope to continue the decline in weight....we will see where it stops! Peace!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Recovery run day! Man my hammies are sore! I realized I hadn't run over 12 miles in a long long time and yesterday's run really worked me! I decided on a simple little ez run today. Just enough to loosen up the bones and break a nice sweat. 40 minutes 3.6 miles.
  Today as I had to make several hospital visits I decided to run from the parking lot to the entrance to test the wheels. I noticed one thing...my pace was fast! I will be aiming to begin including outdoor runs asap. I am still counting and cutting calories and I am down 11 pounds to 175. I seriously believe I could stand to lose 10 more! Man it is so hard to lose weight! But little by little, with discipline and determination, and time, I will arrive to my racing weight! Peace!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


 So I skipped the treadmill workout yesterday. I was just completely exhausted after Sunday. I worked half a day yesterday and spent the remainder with Sandy running errands....when I got home I had time to get the run in but instead I napped! I have learned over the years to not obsess over a lost run!
  Anyway, I felt much better today and was able to work in the long run into my schedule.
 I decided to not push it hard today but follow the suggestions of many experts when it comes to pacing for the long run ( 10-20% slower than MP). I began by attaining 5.5mph during the first 10 minutes....I was pretty good and warm so I began a fun workout. I increased by .1mph every 10 minutes. That had me finishing @ a 6.7mph pace. 130 minutes 13.17 miles.
 So I continue the gradual climb in miles for my long run. I hope to put in another 230-250 more minutes this week. I will probably do an easy recovery run tomorrow but I will wait and see how I feel.
  A note about registering for races; in this area very few races ever max out. However that is no excuse for me being so noncommittal! I am mentally preparing for the 25K in Feb. Last year that race only had around 80 participants!
  I want to look at it as a MP training run. Hope all is well with you! Peace!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


  I pigged out big time last night! I had a real big baked potato with butter and sour cream, cole slaw, and four big strips of fried catfish with tartar sauce, then ice cream to boot! However; I woke up starving!! Had some oatmeal with my Chia seed mixed in....still starving....went to store....about died from starvation! Sitting here typing...stomach growling! Down 11 pounds!! Fight...fight...fight!
  Sandy is making dinner early....lasagna! I will eat!
  I took it easy today, 40 minutes, 4.19 miles with 1 mile @ 5K pace (7.8mph). I felt real smooth and strong during the 5K pace mile and I know I could of gone further but want to save energy....
  I finished my week out with 331 minutes on the treadmill, logging 34 treadmill miles, and dropping another pound!
  I talked to Sandy about my race schedule this year. I am looking at three races. A 25K in Feb, a HM in March, and a Marathon in April.
  I am going to begin transitioning to the roads next week, if weather permits,  with one short run.....test the waters...hope you have a great day! Peace!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Rest easy

  So another day on the ole' treadmill. I keep working towards my goal of going down 14 pounds. I am knocking on the 175 door as of today, down 11, however I am going out tonight with friends to a local cafe that has a Friday night "all you can stuff in" catfish night. Oh baby...fried food heaven!! I will say my body is crying out for calories! So if I eat a lot no biggy because my body needs the calories!
  I have had a good week so far....today 60 minutes 5.4 miles...a good easy run. I could have held the pace forever! So tomorrow I hope to run some quality miles.
 Tomorrow I will do a speed session of prob only 4 X 1/4 miles at or a little faster than 5K.  Hope you have a great weekend! Peace!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


  So today is a good day to treadmill! It has snowed and the wind is horrific! Winter has reminded us of its presence!!
  I am down a solid 10 pounds and I really believe I could drop another 10 which would take me to a svelte 165....however; I'll not obsess over this one way or the other...it is basically a lifestyle I am choosing. One of healthy eating choices and not taking in more calories than I need!
  Recently Sandy and I had to eat out so we opted for a nice local restaurant and we both had salads....I noted a sign that said "all you can eat Tuesdays!"
  Isn't that so indicative of our thinking in this country? Consume more than you need! Eat until you can't eat anymore! Man I used to love buffets!!!
  So today I did 3 X 1 mile @ 10K pace, finished with 5.4 miles in 50:10. I'm continuing to crank out the quality miles and finding that the weight change is noticeable! I'm pumped! I sure hope I will be able to transition back to the roads soon....until then treadmillin' baby! Peace!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mental Toughness?!

   I wonder if the ability to run on a treadmill in a garage, with no media, and only a phone in case of an emergency call, for long periods of time is a way to train mental toughness? It can be difficult to stay interested! However; I am currently driven!
   Yesterday I took the day off not because I wanted to really, but I actually only had one hour of free time throughout the entire day from 5:30am to 9:30pm! It was a packed out day of ministry!! I always tell people be thankful you are busy! It beats the alternative!
  Today is a bit different. I have some time available so I put in a 70 minute GA (general aerobic) run. Finishing out at 7.01 miles. That's a total of 180 minutes so far this week and 19.01 treadmiles! I'm closing in on the 10 pound total of weight drop. That is a huge amount of weight! And in all reality I beat'cha I could lose another 10!
   I wish I had some pics to post before and after...it's difficult to tell anyway, most people thought I was skinny to begin with and even though I've dropped 10lbs no one has noticed except Sandy because she sees me........

Monday, January 9, 2012


   Today I decided to go to 12 miles. Once I get to this distance I can start increasing every other week to a "real" long run (anything over 17 miles).
  By 7 minutes I was to 6.3mph. I increased every 7 minutes by .1mph to 28 minutes, by then I was at MP (marathon pace, 1 degree incline, 6.6mph).
  I held this for 49 minutes to 77 minutes, then I upped to 6.7 for 14 minutes taking me to 91 minutes, back down to 6.6 for 14 minutes taking me to 105 minutes, then finished at 6.7mph.  I did the 12 miles in 1:50:50. This figures to a 9:14 per/mile pace. Of course this is on a treadmill and is much easier than the roads. I must continually remind myself of my objective-gaining a new weight level! I want to shed pounds and I am doing it! I am a solid 9 pounds down and counting, especially after burning nearly 2000 calories today!
  Sandy picked a shirt out for me to wear yesterday to church; she said to "show off my new skinniness". I like that word skinniness! Today I really felt like my old runner self. Clicking along at a steady pace, knocking off the miles, experiencing the zone. I do long for the roads but I must hold to my plan.....shed fat...shed fat...skinny...skinny...
  Then just maybe I will run the roads again! Peace!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

MP and rest

  Over doing is my nature. If I could just learn moderation!!! I am forcing myself to cut back! Today the tweaked back and leg is feeling much better. I am stretching and rolling and strengthening in order to prevent injury. I've logged 10 consecutive weeks of 20 or more miles (treadmill) and 4 of thirty or more. I am down 9lbs! That makes a difference!
  177 is a nice figure and Sandy even said today she's noticed the loss around my waist. My goal is 172 but I'd take my high school weight! 157!! Ha!
  My record of 20 or more miles in consecutive weeks is 60. I did that back in 1986-87.
 So I'm not trying to break that streak! However; I really want to get back on the roads! I will stick with my plan though....when I get to 172 pounds I will strategize my return to the roads.  
   Today I walked 1.5 miles outside with Sandy then ran 30 minutes with 23 minutes at 6.6 mph or MP. Covered 3.22 treadmiles and finished the week with 300 minutes.
  Hope you have a great week! Peace

Friday, January 6, 2012

Super Sensitive

  Maybe I'm a baby? I am super sensitive to every little tweak in my body. I probably have not done well in cutting down this week. Longest run yet 10.61 on Monday, 3 X 1K @ 8mph Wednesday....tweaked ham and back....rest runs Thursday and today @ 6.3mph. I did lots of stretching and also walked outside 1.5 miles yesterday and the tweak seems to be working out. I probably need to reel it in a tad. I am making great progress on my weight loss! I am pretty steady at 177 right now. That's a 9lb loss!
  I continue to count calories.....although I will splurge tonight!! Goin' out!
 30 minutes today and 3.04 treadmiles. Peace!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cut down week

   So....trying to cut down so I don't burn-out! It's hard when you want to run! But it is important to "catch your breath".
   So today was a short GA run (general aerobic). 40 minutes at 6-6.6 mph...4.09 total D.
  I expect to log about 30 miles or so....no pressure! I'm taking it easy! I actually ran some hard D yesterday, oh didn't have time to post; 40 minutes yesterday, 4.22 miles, 3 X 1K @ 8mph. I really look forward to some mile repeats Saturday!! I am getting stronger and faster! Peace!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


  Tuesday is currently for recovery runs. They consist of a pace between 5-5.6mph. It was an easy pace and I felt pretty good during the run.
  I still plan on cutting down even though I've already logged 160 minutes. I need about 160 more or so this week.....I am having to force myself to back off, even today I felt I could of gone faster but it's important to rest the body. I reminded myself that I am 56 not 30 today as I was logging the time.
   60 minutes and 5.25 treadmiles...Peace!

Monday, January 2, 2012

LP run

   I am planning on cutting down time on treadmill (TOT) this week. However; I will still continue to increase Monday's runs until I get to a long run (17 or more miles).
  I am making these runs faster than the traditional LDS runs. Today I did 100 minutes and 10.61 treadmiles.
   I warmed up for 30 minutes and had 2.75 miles...then began an increase of pace every minute by .1mph to 7mph (or my HM desired pace). I held this pace for 31 minutes, then went to 6mph and increased by .1mph every two minutes back to 7mph, then decreased by .1mph every minute until I was done. I felt really good and haven't run this well in a long long time. I'm a lot thinner and stronger than I've been in ages. I know it's not the road, though. My hearts desire is to get back out there and enjoy! It'll happen!
  I've been looking at the race calendar. April 28th there is a local marathon, March 31st there is a HM nearby, and in Feb there is a 25K.....so I've no excuses! I just need to decide and be firm in my decision. Hope it's well with you! Peace!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


 My life is incredibly packed and busy.....adding something is hard, traveling is often for relief and restoration so running races proves to be a low priority, not that I want it to be so, but that is the reality. So the solution is to nail down some races and have the courage to run them. For three months I've been treadmilling like a rabid dog! I've lost 8 pounds. I intend to lose more. I've seen cardio fitness improve. Now I need to begin to add outdoor runs and transition slowly. My mileage (treadmiles) is in the mid thirty a week range for three weeks. I will probably hold here for a little while and begin to increase the long/progression run while decreasing training days to 5 from the current 6. Although I feel I could run every day! Not wise at this ripe old age!
  So for the sake of accountability I will make my decisions about races and put them out in the blog....I have a dream of running a 3:59:00 marathon. I know I can do it....I hope you have a great 2012!! Peace


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