Tuesday, January 17, 2012


 So I skipped the treadmill workout yesterday. I was just completely exhausted after Sunday. I worked half a day yesterday and spent the remainder with Sandy running errands....when I got home I had time to get the run in but instead I napped! I have learned over the years to not obsess over a lost run!
  Anyway, I felt much better today and was able to work in the long run into my schedule.
 I decided to not push it hard today but follow the suggestions of many experts when it comes to pacing for the long run ( 10-20% slower than MP). I began by attaining 5.5mph during the first 10 minutes....I was pretty good and warm so I began a fun workout. I increased by .1mph every 10 minutes. That had me finishing @ a 6.7mph pace. 130 minutes 13.17 miles.
 So I continue the gradual climb in miles for my long run. I hope to put in another 230-250 more minutes this week. I will probably do an easy recovery run tomorrow but I will wait and see how I feel.
  A note about registering for races; in this area very few races ever max out. However that is no excuse for me being so noncommittal! I am mentally preparing for the 25K in Feb. Last year that race only had around 80 participants!
  I want to look at it as a MP training run. Hope all is well with you! Peace!

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Marlene said...

25K sounds like it will be a great race distance. The way you are coming along, it will be no problem. Nice long run!


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