Monday, September 27, 2010


 Always thought of myself as invincible! Prideful, I guess, just never really had self doubt or allowed discouragement to get to me; however I've come to finally realize there are cracks in the armour. Stress can/will eventually take it's toll. For five months now we've been under extreme stress related to personal family issues. The situation doesn't appear to be nearing a resolution and continues to inflict heartache.
  I guess that's what's happened to me over the last 8 days.....a real running on fumes existence. Try as I might I can't shake it......I will keep running and search for the break through.
   30 minutes today in the beautiful fall like weather!! Peace!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


   I am extremely tired? I could barely slog out 35 minutes today. Thankfully this is a recovery week because I'm logging very little D. I'm in a golf tourney tomorrow so that will be restful. Then Saturday would be track day. Hope you are well...peace!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good bye my sweet Summer!!!

 So we must face facts, Summer is gone and Fall is now here (as of 10:50pm). Yes, I love Summer, the long days, warm nights, easy livin', profuse sweating, catfish are jumpin', yada yada yada....
  I took off three days in a row!! There's a rule of thumb that you should rest one day for each mile raced but I rarely adhere to such a rule. This time I did, I needed some rest. I took a nap yesterday instead of running!
  Today it's time to get back to training. I decided on a short hard hills effort. I found myself working hard and feeling good. I did notice my lower quads were sore? I remember during the last mile of the race Saturday I felt fatigue there so I think that's a good sign! Thanks for your kind, encouraging words about my race. I am somewhat discouraged about my times but I've not lost heart. I will continue the course!
  Today, 3.6 miles/34:29/9:34's Peace!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mission Possible 5K race report

 All systems were go this morning, good sleep, fine weather, and wanting to race. I did a shorter warm-up this morning, but it was adequate. This race was very well run and the folks were great! There was plenty of water/juice/nanners...they even had these unreal Cinnamon rolls!! I had one after the race.
  The field was mixed with 5K and HM'ers. I opted to move up to the front seeing majority of runners were running the half. When the whistle blew I took off running 'bout as fast as I could! I was really serious about trying to get in under 24 minutes. I observed this guy who is 61 and runs consistent 21 minute 5K's. He's amazing! I tried to hold on to him! The course was on a asphalted trail, very nice, rolling and scenic. I was passed by a couple of guys running the half fairly early. I was feeling gassed and I looked at my watch and it said .47....I did the math and realized I was going to suffer in this race because I started way to fast! A 7:25 first mile. I tried to find places I could rest, little downs...but I was in debt...The turn must be coming because here came the winner...a 52 year old!!! Then the 61 year old a couple of younger fellas, and one really fast and strong Lady, She ran a sub 20. So there were only 5-6 folks ahead of me?! But reality hit at the turn...the watch said 12:10. Sub 24 was not possible. Not the way I felt, anyway. How's that for negative thinking? I shook it off and decided to keep pressing. I enjoyed seeing all the 5Kers behind me! Mile two was an 8:08 mile, 15:33 two mile split, here I calculated that sub 24 would be possible if I could speed up. Easy to think hard to legs, body, was not handling the lactic acid worth a lick. I felt it pretty good on every little uphill yet I poured it on during the downs. I came on to the parking lot and saw 24:00 on my watch and I hadn't even tripped 3 miles....the third mile was an 8:38! So I died, but I tried! Hearing some encouragement I finished strong with a 25:15 unofficial. Get this....slower than last week? I ran a stinkin' hilly course last week, this was a sweet route with no big hills.....go figure?
  Because of the thin field I took home first in my age group 55-59. I still believe I can break the 24 minute barrier. I won't spend much more time chasing it though. I want to move to longer D. Watching the HMers got to me...I miss long distance.
  So I had time to think on the drive home my plan of action. I have the speed, I need the ability to hold on anaerobically. That requires training. Plus I need to lose weight! At least 8 more pounds! Is it all worth it? Why not? I will train all the way up to the target race, Oct 23rd, and let the chips fall where they may. Hope you are having a great Saturday! I'm helping a band out tonight, they are in need of a Banjo picker! Peace!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rest stop

   When will I learn?! Rest is so vital in training! I have and probably will always tend to overdo!! I have been noticing the sneaky creeping of heal and foot issues. So, today I cut back distance and took it easy. Don't misunderstand, I'm still okay but unless I rest properly I'll wind up hurt again. My Sweetheart said she'd kill me if that happens!! She silently supports my running! We are going down to Branson tomorrow night for a celebration of sorts. We've reached an important milestone in our quest for financial freedom. We will eat, shop, pre-register for my race, hold hands......
  So, just 30 minutes today. Rest tomorrow, and all out race Saturday!!!Peace!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Road warrior

  A good Summer day today with temps back in the 80's coupled with sun and humidity...YES!! It's great for training!!
   So I've decided to race in a 5K this Saturday. It's for a good cause and not supposed to be hilly...."gently rolling" is part of the description. With that decision I need to adjust my training. I am fresh off a debilitating injury so I will cut miles instead of add. Right now I'm at 16.2 for the week, so with a Thursday run and  Saturday race I will probably come up with 24+total for the week. That is acceptable considering the efforts so far this week.
  Today I did my structured Fartleks: 8 x 1min @ 3K pace..1 min rest between, with one mile warm/cool.
  I felt like a road warrior today! Conquer the roads! Take the hills and own the downs! I actually had some impressive times for me.....I believe I can break'd think?
  Here are the pace/splits for my archives: 6:55, 7:04, 7:23, 7:02, 6:56, 7:23, 7:10, 6:59. The last interval I pretended I was kicking it in holding off a challenge. I had fun!!!
  These times signify an improvement!!! This should give younger folks hope!! We can still get better!!!
 Hope your week is going well!!! Peace!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer I love you!!!

  We are seeing Summer waning away....the signs of fall are starting to appear, hunting season starts tomorrow, the Nighthawks have passed through, and racing fever has infected me!!!!
  Today I had a sluggish, plodding run. This is okay because yesterday's run was a hard effort and since I am an average Joe I am sore, stiff and tired...the average Joe part probably is not entirely accurate. I am one of those runners/racers that fills the anomaly...example: the runners that are between the front and the middle pack, those runners that finish 4th or 5th in a competitive field..."the poor sucker"!
  So I just enjoyed the day today with 39 minutes of easy running. My Sweetheart is going out with her sister and Niece this Saturday to shop for the Nieces wedding dress, I have a gig later in the day, but the morning is free.....are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? There is a 5K for a good cause Saturday in Branson! It's Director is one of our best runners, hold some state records, I'm thinking about racing?
  So, what do you think? Should I go for it? Should I just go to the track and do speed work? Which would serve my purpose of breaking 24 best? Becky (the director) says the course is gentle rolling....that's fair...I feel like I'm poised and ready to break 24 and the sooner the better, then I can move to the 10K. Your opinion is wanted! Peace!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Build some more...

 Still in base camp three mode....with a 10% increase in time/distance planned for this week. Today is another perfect day for running, 70ish, nice southern breeze (makes me feel fine) cloudy and drizzly.
  My plan was 37.5 minutes out and then back with a projected total of 75 minutes. I wound up turning this into a tempo run, I decided at the turnaround to push it hard for three miles, one all uphill, the next two net downhill. a 9:35, 8:54, 8:40, man it felt good to be able to push the pace again, especially w/o pain in the heel! I'm a living testimony that there is hope! You can heal and run again. I have gotten race fever! Races can surely aid in building speed! I am going to find a flat one next time!! Today, 7.43 miles/ 1:11:49-9:39's.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bookin' it 5K Race Report

 It was just a wonderful morning! Fresh, moist, cloudy, windless, warm, I was wanting to race! I arrived with plenty of time to get my bib and chip, then warmed up with some easy jogging, visited with a real good runner, Ted, he is 60 yrs old and got second overall today!  The course was a new route but we are still running out of the square so it means hills!
  The race was well organized and the Director is a runner, so that makes a difference. He actually finished ahead of me....
  Of course I scoped out the field....only one guy I was sure of in my age group and he always beats me, by very little I might add, some others looked my age, grey, balding, wrinkled.....:)
  So we get instructions, line up, and we're off....
    My plan was to bust this first mile because it is down hill baby!!! Problem? We had to run a side walk over a bridge and some kids were running 3 wide blocking a group of us...but not a real issue...I felt real good and posted a 7:28 first mile. From here we had a rolling hills next mile, I was passed here by two fellows, later saw they were 1&2 in 30-40 age group.
  The field began to spread out here as we climbed a switch-back that brought us to the main drag in Ozark, I could see Ted up ahead.......I wasn't doing too bad! I was beginning to feel the hill though!
Another down hill and checked the watch....2 miles, 8:19...obviously I'd dropped it! I knew at this time my hope of breaking 24 was over because the last mile would be the's uphill!
  No one passed me, or was really near me....ahead was a strung out field....a kid was hurting bad...he was holding his side, the dreaded stitch, he began to walk the hill, I did pass him but encouraged him, I saw the one guy I knew in my age group, I was closing!? 1/2 mile to go a big rise then the finish...the kid took the big rise and passed me:) The home stretch and I've a quandary....I felt like I had a kick in's this kid gutting it out...he's being encouraged by the crowd...I'm telling him to not stop but finish! I could not pass him or else I'm going to be the jerk that beat a kid (in my mind).
  So I coasted in and finished with a 25:14. No where near a sub 24, but a 41 sec improvement over my last race. Btw...I got second in my age group, the Over-all winner ran a 22 minute race? So it was a tough course after all and I really liked it, I will run it again.
  I made some new friends, the Woman's winner in 30-39 was standing next to me, we chatted, I met her family and her husband and I exchanged contact info! Her name is Jill and she ran a 23:40 something?
   What did I learn? I could of suffered a little more, my speed work is paying off! My hill training also has improved my ability to stay strong on the hills. Now what? Stay on the current program, perhaps looking for a flat course to test myself again. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!! Oh, I also received a medal for second place! I thought that was cool. Peace!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hermine, I thank you!!

The tropical depression, Hermine, dumped 2.8 inches of rain out here at my place. It also kept me from running yesterday as I've only a few roads and they were all flooded!
  I also felt rough yesterday....too much to do...too much caffeine...I crashed super hard! However!; I did manage a 45 minute run today. As I ran I strategized my race plan for tomorrow. In my younger days, (30's-40's) I'd run a 5K hard from beginning to end, basically all out. That's still my plan!!LOL!
  I don't consider this course PR friendly so I figure most the runners will be racing in the big city on the flat/fast course. Plus there are five races in the area this weekend, all 5K's!
  I intend to give it my all and see where I am in fitness. So far this week 22.1 miles. I expect around 4-5 total tomorrow. Have a great weekend! Peace!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What it is.....

   So the Mail lady asked me today how long I'd been running because I couldn't be that toned in just a short time.....a good feeling to be seen as toned. It is also truly a blessing to be able to enjoy running. I have put in nearly 18 miles in three days!! I barely ran that much in Feb!
  I still need to be heel was a little stiff this morning but not where it has been problematic.
 So, 55 more minutes today.....probably 4 Friday...then race!! Peace!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Leadership Axiom #123

 I love little quips or statements that help me lead, in business, life, ministry, etc. Here is a new one I ran across in a recent read, "The loudest boos often come from the cheapest seats!"  How true!!!!
  The loudest critic often has the least invested! This axiom can help you overcome criticism. Sure, criticism can be constructive but most often it is destructive in nature. Remember this axiom...consider the source..then move forward!
  Today we are seeing the advent of the tropical storm that hit Texas. It's outer fringe seems to be covering our area with clouds and showers are on the horizon...thank you Lord!!!
  I have been tired all day, rising around 4am, working on my Wednesday and Sunday night teachings, after lunch I tried to I went ahead and ran the "Fartlek fun" run. Today it is a slight increase, 7 x 1 min @ 5K pace with a one min rest in between each segment. Oddly I ran these faster today?
  For the archives here are the pace/speeds for each interval....I am trying to dial in the 5K pace I need to break 24..... 7:23, 7:37,7:21, 7:08, 6:57, 7:24, 7:05. Obviously I am all over the place....the faster are downs and the slower ups....I did feel pretty good?! So Saturday is slated as a breakthrough race with NO taper.... I should be ready. The course is similar to the terrain out and downs! all are the best, btw!!! Peace!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Longest yet....

  Today, a beautiful day, I put 83 minutes in on the road!!! My longest run yet this year!!! I am still taking this whole rebuilding thing seriously. I do not want the dreaded Achilles tendinitis back!
  So a gradual build has been the process. This week is a build week with a race slated for Saturday. Today I had to hold back and keep a slow base pace. Tomorrow will be Fartlek fun!! Wednesday some easy miles, Thursday a couple MP miles, then Saturday I will race!!! I plan on a gut busting, all out effort. The course is new,but it's not a PR course by any means. Then next week will be a recovery week.
  If I should break 24 this Saturday I will begin training for a 10K will a specific time to achieve. We will see! Peace!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Practicing what you preach

   Yes, I constantly preach that as a runner I must remain flexible in my schedule and maintain balance in my life. So today track day was nixed!! Waaaaaaa:()...
  The Sweetheart and I need to get away so off we go. I did manage an excellent work-out, though!
 4 x 1/2 mile with .25 mile rest @ 3K pace/effort. The first was net down, the next two, net uphill, the last one down...a real road effort! Well, we run our races on roads...right? So I sucked it up, didn't pout, and made the most of it....
  I finished out with 4.75 miles today, and a weekly total of 26.09. I noticed two things on my run today:
  1) No heel pain what-so-ever!!
  2) When running uphill @ pace be careful not to brake by jamming the footstrike into the pavement, stay light and pick up the knees....
  Race next week!!! If I break 24 minutes I will move to the next goal...I'll tell you all about it, soon. Now, we are out of here! Peace! Have a great day...practice what you preach!:)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Still reaping

  Today is a most wonderful day!!! We received another 1.25 inches of rain and a cold front followed. It's only about 72 degrees with a blustery north wind!!! I felt like Superman on my run today. I did a rolling hills tempo run. Trying to maintain an effort equivalent to MP, and not over do! I've got a date with the track tomorrow!! So I'm up to 21.35 miles this week with one more run, my goal is 26-27, leaves 4.65-5.65 tomorrow. The plan is 4x600 @ 3K, then maybe a couple of 400's....
  Today I can say I feel like I am back....I ran a 9:38, 9:17, 9:32, 9:18, these are solid miles on this hill run! I'm reaping the benefits of patience and perseverance.  I'm thinking "marathon!" Peace!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


  Well we finished out with 4.2 inches of rain!!! It's amazing how quickly the grass has greened up!! I finally got out by 11:00 and the sun and humidity was delightful!? My first two miles were quite brisk but the hills and heat and humidity knocked me down pretty good.
  As I was running along W highway I was forced over onto the edge of the road by a discourteous or oblivious driver and what did I see? A coiled up Copperhead!! Yikes! That'll get your adrenaline pumping!!
  The rain brings out the reptiles! So I am continuing the increase! 77 minutes today with two good miles, 9:19, 9:34...this was a base pace run. I am looking forward to Saturday and track time! Sandy is off the next 5 days so we are going to spend some quality time time together. Peace!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good news changes things

   The good news! RAIN!!! My rain gauge says 3.7 inches so far and still coming! The change? Unable to run! I won't venture out when there is lightning (most of the time) so today I was benched. No harm done...instead of tomorrow off it was today!:) Predictions show much more to come but it looks like a window will be opened tomorrow morning. I hope for around one hour of easy running. Things are lookin' up!!! Peace!


     So, we've been getting missed by all the pop-up showers and now drought has come. Trees are soaking up all the dew and seedlings a...