Thursday, September 2, 2010


  Well we finished out with 4.2 inches of rain!!! It's amazing how quickly the grass has greened up!! I finally got out by 11:00 and the sun and humidity was delightful!? My first two miles were quite brisk but the hills and heat and humidity knocked me down pretty good.
  As I was running along W highway I was forced over onto the edge of the road by a discourteous or oblivious driver and what did I see? A coiled up Copperhead!! Yikes! That'll get your adrenaline pumping!!
  The rain brings out the reptiles! So I am continuing the increase! 77 minutes today with two good miles, 9:19, 9:34...this was a base pace run. I am looking forward to Saturday and track time! Sandy is off the next 5 days so we are going to spend some quality time time together. Peace!


Leah B. said...

Good job on your run! I really hope I don't see a snake! AH! And the heat and humidity are killing me. I can't wait for the weather to cool off!

Marlene said...

Wow, that's a lot of rain! Yikes to the snake and that driver!! CAREFUL!

Jill said...

A Copperhead? Yikes is right. I see bull snakes (?) a the park a lot but they just scatter (still scare me though). And it hasn't rained here in eternity and everything is horribly brown. ugh. Glad you got some good rain, but 4.5" is a LOT!

jel said...

we got about 5ins
hope we don't see any snakes

did ya do a dance when ya saw it?

take and have a nice long weekend

Johann said...

Yeah for the rain! I love snakes...I'm very careful but I really like them. I'm always excited when I see one, but yikes is right.


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