Wednesday, November 30, 2011


  So I continue to be driven....up and at work by 6:50 this morning....after a really nice time reading my Bible...Psalm 80 really helped to encourage me....I have found after 12 1/2 years as a Pastor that this job is kinda like the Maytag repair man...lonely!
  So I finally hit the mill by 3 O'clock and by minute 17 was warmed and up to 6.3 mph. I held this pace for 21 minutes then upped to 6.4 and held for 10:30, then 6.5 for 5:15, 6.6 the rest of the way to 59 minutes today. I hit six treadmill miles right at 59 minutes. Felt good, ran easy and with good form. I continue to deny calories! Only eating the three meals. I can see the weight loss in my face and notice the belt having to go up a notch...this encourages and motivates.
  I am driven! I will reach 172! So I have put in 174 treadmill running minutes this week, I have easily burned over 2700 calories....I hope the treadmill doesn't fry!!! Peace!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Base Pace

  I need to note that all my treadmill runs are run at 1 on the incline. This is equal to running on a track....flat.
  I have been very hungry! With watching every calorie and not all!.. I have heard my tummy grumble more than ever!
  I don't want to get unhealthy? I have been living in the deficit....burning more than taking in...I must lose the fat!! Today I ran across a little bag of whoppers at the church...I picked them up...oh man....and I said no! I put them down!!!!
  When you realize how much it takes to burn a calorie you start saying no! I spent some time looking for a marathon to run...Little Rock in March or Frisco in April. We will see.
  One thing for sure....this idea is working. My heels are not burning or hurting...they are healing!
  58 minutes on the mill....@ base pace...5.32 miles. Tomorrow I hope to knock off 59 minutes...depends on how I feel. Today I was sluggish and weak until 48 minutes then I felt great! Peace!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Week #6 begins

     Well I was up and after it by 5:30 today! I am so back logged on stuff  needing to get done! Even though I consider myself very self-disciplined I still have way to much needing done! I accomplished a bunch today, though and I still have some hours left!!
   I got my treadmill run in, too! 57 minutes of fat burning ( I hope:)).
 My workout was a good warm-up to 15 minutes attaining 6.2mph, then I increased 1/10th of an mph per minute up to the 25 minute mark, then I went back to 6.2 mph and increased 1/10 mph per 2 minutes up to the 45 minute mark, then back to 6.2 mph increasing 1/10th mph per 3 minutes to the 57 minute goal.
  Felt strong and confident. I continue to work on good form, and dream of tearing up a 5K soon! However; I simply must burn this fat before I race! Wonder what weigh in day will bring? Peace!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday speed-work

  So I set Saturdays apart for speed-work. Treadmill speed-work is somewhat an odd sense that is...the speed is set, there is no  room for momentary adjustment, however; I like the idea of being able to "force feed" the pace. I did 3x1/2 mile with a 1/4 mile rest. Pace was 7.5, 7.6, and 7.7mph. The 7.7mph is very near the pace speed I'd like to run a 5K. 7:47's. I am really pleased with how the tendons are responding...virtually no burning!  At my weigh in I registered around 182-183lbs, my scale is crappy! So I've knocked off around 3lbs!
  A good warm up and cool down, solid 1/2's, a strong week at 29 miles total on the treadmill.
  So a day off tomorrow! Then back to calorie burning! Peace!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Break Even

 I expect I am breaking even on calories through the holiday. Bunches of assorted foods yesterday and today, yet I managed to be somewhat moderate!
  I tread-milled 40 minutes yesterday at a 6.3 mph, and today I did 56 minutes. I quickly warmed up and was at 6.2 mph by 10 minutes. Long story short I finished out running at 6.7 mph with 5.9 miles total on the mill in 56 minutes. Tomorrow concludes week 5. I will weigh in tomorrow morning before my speed work session.
  So it goes.....peace!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Run #27...fat-burner

  So I am into week five of my plan to get the pounds off...I want to get from 186 to 172. 170 would be really wonderful, though!
  It's important to vary the runs on the mill just like we do on the roads. Today was specifically a "fat-burner". You arrive to the edge of your conversation pace and put in the time. Today I found 5.6-5.8 mph as the pace. At about 13 minutes I had a good sweat going and I stayed strong all the way to 55 minutes.  I am very encouraged today because I have "run" over 15 TM miles so far this week and the tendons feel fine! Plus the mid-section is melting away!
  Tomorrow will be tough! I will have to resist the old eating habits!! I plan on continuing counting calories and ending the day with a deficit...that's how you lose the stinkin' fat!
  I am already planning on my re-entrance to road running but I have to remain disciplined! Happy Turkey day!! Peace!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Brutal Reality

   So what's been up with Mark? I got bummed out because the Achilles tendinitis came back..... So what did I do? Pouted....then began to face the reality. Truth is I have extra weight that I carry every run. I needed to get serious about losing the weight before I "really" train.
  So maybe....just maybe, if I eliminate the hills and shed 14 pounds I could race again? That is my hope, anyway. So how? Well I am now into week #5 of my plan to get to "training weight".
  My plan is to burn more calories than I take in and continue to "run". I have been tread milling! I am motivated to lose pounds!! It's happening!!! I can tell by my jeans! Taking the belt up a notch!!
   I started with 30 minutes and have added 1 minute a day with the exception of speed work days.  I have developed several treadmill training runs. For instance today I did 54 minutes. I did an easy warm up gradually increasing mph to 6.3 by the 18 minute mark. Then I set in and did 36 minutes at this pace.
  I am specifically focused on burning calories but continue to practice pace and form. The treadmill is proving to be less traumatic and I think this may be the answer. If I could get back to 172lbs I believe that will help the tendons.
  For the sake of blogging and perhaps interest I will begin to post my treadmill runs. I know people say the treadmill is boring....really? If you know how to think then the treadmill is perfect! No dogs, cars, can think! I do anyway.
  So I have a secret run another marathon at racing weight..172 here I come! Peace!!!


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