Monday, November 28, 2011

Week #6 begins

     Well I was up and after it by 5:30 today! I am so back logged on stuff  needing to get done! Even though I consider myself very self-disciplined I still have way to much needing done! I accomplished a bunch today, though and I still have some hours left!!
   I got my treadmill run in, too! 57 minutes of fat burning ( I hope:)).
 My workout was a good warm-up to 15 minutes attaining 6.2mph, then I increased 1/10th of an mph per minute up to the 25 minute mark, then I went back to 6.2 mph and increased 1/10 mph per 2 minutes up to the 45 minute mark, then back to 6.2 mph increasing 1/10th mph per 3 minutes to the 57 minute goal.
  Felt strong and confident. I continue to work on good form, and dream of tearing up a 5K soon! However; I simply must burn this fat before I race! Wonder what weigh in day will bring? Peace!

1 comment:

Marlene said...

Nice work on the early start, and great run too! I like that workout - something like that must help the time fly by!


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