Thursday, November 20, 2014

Feeling recovered

 This week, even though it's been Wintery, I have managed three runs of at least three miles. I feel like I can return to at least 20 miles a week. I am going to train specific for a HM. It is March 28th. I have 129 days to go. I am going to run a really good time!:)
  I plan on running a bunch of 16 milers! Also, I am going to run more tempo runs and mile repeats.
   Hope all is well with you!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Record cold!!

  Man alive it's cold!!! Nine degrees this morning!!! I decided to run outside and I really enjoyed the time today on the roads. Have you ever experienced the post marathon let down? I am not going to let this happen! I am gradually ramping back up to a base of twenty miles a week.
   I need to select some goal? We will see...I will at least get on the roads and keep the body loose! Hope all is well with you!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


  Gradually getting back on the roads....thinking of new goals...physically recovered and trying to muster steam to resume a new program.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bass Pro 2014 Race Report

  Everything fell into place in this race! Even though the time, 4:35.30, looks slower to me it isn't my PW. And it's what I expected. The wind was blustery out of the south and we had to eat it for much of the race...this was wearisome!
  The race started with 560 marathoners and 1700+ Half Marathoners, so it was a bit crowded. This was good because it kept me from going too fast.
  My plan was called "Marks run" and I kept repeating that phrase in order to keep focused. 9 minutes of running and one minute walking. I did this all the way to mile 25. I wanted to run an even pace and be strong the whole way. I will list my splits for my records. I did a positive split- first 1/2 split-2:16.23- finished-2:19.07.
  The fastest mile was a 9:49 and the slowest an 11:21, ( had to go of course for an emergency).
  At around mile 15 I began to pass people! This continued the rest of the way! People were bonking and walking. I was strong and steady knocking off my consistent 10+'s.
  I began to hurt around mile 23- (11:14) but pulled out of it by repeating the phrase! Mile 26 was a 10:15!
  The finish was uneventful....the fellow calling out names skipped mine-had to go hunt up my own medal and shirt...there was plenty of chocolate milk though!
  The course was okay...some hills, the volunteers fantastic, the relay seemed to be a I finished one of the relay teams was celebrating on the course in front of us as we tried to cross the finish line...
  Usually at this time I will make plans for the next race. I worked really hard for this race. Everything fell in place. I ran the best I possibly could.  I learned a lot in marathon number 7! Now I am thinking about what's next? I am a runner....

Mile splits Bass Pro 2014- Garmin-26.46 miles-4:35-30-10:24's

1-10:55, 2-10:25, 3-10:09, 4-10:00, 5-10:22, 6-10:25, 7-9:54, 8-10:00, 9-9:49,
10-10:20, 11-10:15, 12-11:21, 13-10:00 14-10:35, 15-10:22, 16-10:20,
17-10:08, 18-9:57,  19-10:40, 20-11:09, 21-10:37, 22-10:51, 23-11:14, 24-10:24,
25-10:35, 26-10:15,   last .46-9:10


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