Friday, September 30, 2016

Day 93

     Wow! The weather is so fantastic! It's amazing how the body responds to 70 degrees verses 90 degrees! I actually ran at a decent pace today. I had one 9:10 mile followed by a 9:48 mile. Keep in mind this is hilly terrain so I'm very glad. Nice 5 miler-
   Got my new shoes. I think they will work, especially if I lose the extra pounds. Today I weighed in at 183 so that's down 2 pounds.
   Seems like I'm hungry all the time. I have been increasing fluid intake, that seems to help. Hope you are well! Peace!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Day 94

             So, the scale says I've gained three pounds! I should stay off the scale!
   I know I've slimmed a bit so I will stay the course and not quit! 10 days of watching calorie intake and consistent running. It's probably all the push-ups I've been doing that's added weight.
   Today I was weak and tired as I ran but managed to eek out a 3.5 miler. I hope to get my new shoes tomorrow!! Excited! Peace!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Day 95

   Yesterday was a day of rest. Sandy and I went to a concert. We ate smart and are seeing the beginning of results!!
         I ran 5 miles today. Felt pretty good. The weather has turned cool so that makes a difference.
  My goal is to up 10% from last week so 22 would be the goal. Hope you are well! Peace!

Monday, September 26, 2016

day 97

      Monday morning drag...but the crispness of the weather gives you a significant boost! Yes, it's 70 degrees with a brisk north wind. Sunshine and a wide open road. Couldn't be better!
   I did a 5 miler with a decent pace. I am still doing well when it comes to limiting calories. One day at a time!! Peace!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

day 99

     Forgot to post yesterday; felt really good! Odd how some days you feel strong and others....not so much! Today I finished out the week with an easy 3.4 miles of hot weather running. Looks like Autumn is on its way with the forecast calling for a big cool off tomorrow.
   So a 20.4 mile week. Oh! I ordered some new running shoes today! I've been running in Kayanos for years, but after my last race I noticed a lack of forefoot stability. After much research I decided to try the Brooks Ghost 8. I got 'em for 70 bucks! Any reviews? Hope all is well with you! Peace!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

day 101

    So Fall has arrived. Fortunately it was still hot today! I managed an easy 3 miler. On track for 20 miles this week. I will gradually build. Hope all is well with you! Peace!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Day 102

   Funny how you bust your butt and still feel fat!? Seems this last ten pounds is going to fight like you know what to stay with me.
   So far I have done well today. Solid meals, no junk (thus far), 4 miler in the wonderful (fleeting) Summer heat, and lots of will power. Fact is if we simply focus on the current reality we can claim victory.
   I did three 100 meter (approx.) pick ups today, too. So a little speed work! Hope you are well! Peace!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Day 103

    103 days until goal race! I want to expend at least an average of 300 calories a day more than I consume. Today is day 2, or 103...
   I will lose the ten pounds! I did another easy 3 miler today and will aim to get 20 in this week. I will begin the increase next week. Hope all is well with you! Peace!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Back at it...

    So I rested this past week with only a couple of short walks. Feel like I put on 10lbs!
 I have a goal and motivation, now! 104 days until the next HM.
   I seriously, and definitely must shed some pounds. I look thin but I know I am carrying too much weight to run a truly effective race. So, if I could lose a pound every 10 days I would be in the right shape.
   Plus, I am going to set a time goal and push to achieve the vision. A little 3 miler today. Going to gently ease back in to training. Hope all is well with you! Peace!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Nixa Azaela HM

 So I ran my first race in 20 months! It felt great to be back racing! Even though I wasn't planning on "racing" how can you help it! I had no goals except to see how I felt and go from there.
   The field was small it seemed, the weather perfect! Windy, cool, drizzle, 60ish-
 As I started I noted I was feeling good. Initially I was planning a 4/1 run/walk plan. That went out the window as the race started. I was feeling good so I opted for a 40 second walk after each mile, and walking at each water station. The first mile was a 9:54. This was faster than I was anticipating but I felt good. Second mile a 9:48. This was downhill-btw-this was a very hilly course!
  Mile three-10:08, mile four 10:03. Then we hit the hilly section, mile five-10:29, Mile 6-11:03. Basically from here the field was way stretched out. The leaders came by since this was out and back, they were inspiring! I kept pushing-mile 7-I passed several folks during this mile-the hills were taking a toll, 10:22, mile 8-9:59- I was reaping the benefits of the downhill!
   Mile 9 was back in the steep section-11:31, Mile 10-10:44. Here I passed a few more folks that were in survival mode. I decided to switch to my 4/1 plan here. It paid off! Mile 11-10:36, Mile 12-10:14, took out a couple more runners here. I was trying to catch a fellow but ran out of time-mile 13-10:04-Unofficial time-2:15.48-
    First HM ever slower than 2hrs. I imagine I can improve. I certainly could lose a few pounds!
  It was a good event. I doubt I will run it again. I prefer to find a flatter race. Even though the hills are a great equalizer. I choose not to stay for the HM awards. I seriously doubt I medaled anyway.
  Hope you are well! Peace!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Gonna Race!

      I had planned on running yesterday but man I was exhausted. I played a gig Tuesday and Wednesday and that wore me out! I finished the gig out this morning....playing in Branson Mo! I knew I needed some sort of run so 3.1 miles with one mile at a 9:34 was the result. I really started to feel good! I think I can run a decent race Saturday so I've decided to go for it!
   I really have no goals....I do know I have slowed down. I have never run a HM slower than 2 hours in my life. I really don't have the training to achieve 9:09's so I expect to come in pretty slow. I guess I need to look at the positive...I am still able to run even at 61! My plan is to warm up good and then push the pace to maximum effort. Peace!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Race week either way

      So I may or may not enter the race this Saturday. If not I will run a HM as a training run. I will treat this week as a race week by tapering (slightly). Today I ran 5km and did it in the noon heat and humidity. 'bout killed me! I wanted some pace so I pushed it the whole way on this hilly course-31:34. Pretty slow regarding what I used to do but I'm satisfied. Tomorrow I will take off. My quads are still tired so I need to rest. Wednesday I will try another continuous pace run of around 4 miles.
  Happy Labor Day! Peace!

Friday, September 2, 2016


    Well as I rested yesterday I was assaulted by a terrible sinus headache! It about ruined my day. Finally alleviated in the evening. I will occasionally get a sinus headache but fortunately they are rare. Even so, I rested well and had my mind made up that I would still try the "long run" today. (Technically a long run is 16 miles or more). My design for this week called for 13 miles today. I started out without any real pressure on attaining a goal. But found myself logging a superior effort today!! Wow! Best pace in a long time. Plus I don't feel totally spent. For the most part I am still doing a 4/1 run walk. I am occasionally weaning myself from the walk but it sure does help! Hope you are well! Peace!


     So, we've been getting missed by all the pop-up showers and now drought has come. Trees are soaking up all the dew and seedlings a...