Saturday, September 10, 2016

Nixa Azaela HM

 So I ran my first race in 20 months! It felt great to be back racing! Even though I wasn't planning on "racing" how can you help it! I had no goals except to see how I felt and go from there.
   The field was small it seemed, the weather perfect! Windy, cool, drizzle, 60ish-
 As I started I noted I was feeling good. Initially I was planning a 4/1 run/walk plan. That went out the window as the race started. I was feeling good so I opted for a 40 second walk after each mile, and walking at each water station. The first mile was a 9:54. This was faster than I was anticipating but I felt good. Second mile a 9:48. This was downhill-btw-this was a very hilly course!
  Mile three-10:08, mile four 10:03. Then we hit the hilly section, mile five-10:29, Mile 6-11:03. Basically from here the field was way stretched out. The leaders came by since this was out and back, they were inspiring! I kept pushing-mile 7-I passed several folks during this mile-the hills were taking a toll, 10:22, mile 8-9:59- I was reaping the benefits of the downhill!
   Mile 9 was back in the steep section-11:31, Mile 10-10:44. Here I passed a few more folks that were in survival mode. I decided to switch to my 4/1 plan here. It paid off! Mile 11-10:36, Mile 12-10:14, took out a couple more runners here. I was trying to catch a fellow but ran out of time-mile 13-10:04-Unofficial time-2:15.48-
    First HM ever slower than 2hrs. I imagine I can improve. I certainly could lose a few pounds!
  It was a good event. I doubt I will run it again. I prefer to find a flatter race. Even though the hills are a great equalizer. I choose not to stay for the HM awards. I seriously doubt I medaled anyway.
  Hope you are well! Peace!

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lindsay said...

Congrats on getting back into the racing scene - and a half no less! A 2:15 is not shabby at all.


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