Thursday, September 8, 2016

Gonna Race!

      I had planned on running yesterday but man I was exhausted. I played a gig Tuesday and Wednesday and that wore me out! I finished the gig out this morning....playing in Branson Mo! I knew I needed some sort of run so 3.1 miles with one mile at a 9:34 was the result. I really started to feel good! I think I can run a decent race Saturday so I've decided to go for it!
   I really have no goals....I do know I have slowed down. I have never run a HM slower than 2 hours in my life. I really don't have the training to achieve 9:09's so I expect to come in pretty slow. I guess I need to look at the positive...I am still able to run even at 61! My plan is to warm up good and then push the pace to maximum effort. Peace!

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