Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I waited too long!!! The temps are soaring here in Mo. I had hills on tap today so hills it was....45 minutes of them....I did the short hill and did manage to run the whole way. I came inside and was sweating profusely, it took quite a while to cool down, too. I survived it...hope to get out a little earlier in the coming heat is going to be real hot! Up to 14 miles this week already! Peace!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Placebo effect?

  So, has anyone ever tried adding Chia seeds to their diet? I recently began incorporating 2 tbsp a day into mine. I am thinking they do have an effect! I noticed the last two runs how I was able to sweat profusely the entire distance, and my strength seemed to last longer? My times indicated better strength also? Maybe it's the mind because I am quite gullible and easily impressed! I also understand Chia seeds are good for joint health and right hip has been acting up a little? Kind of odd? Never really had hip loosened up well today as I put in 45 minutes in the mid day. Peace!

Monday, June 27, 2011

T.O.F. Run

Time On Feet...that's important for me right now in my running resurgence. Today I managed 75 minutes at conversational pace. It really is important to burn off this fat, and these slow runs do the trick. I hope to run every day again this week with an increase in total miles by about 10-15%. I must not get in a hurry! It's taken a long time to get back even to running 20+ miles a week and I don't want to push it too fast. I look to run 45 minutes tomorrow with hill reps on tap...Peace!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting there...

So I completed another week...however my streak was broken. I had been running every day but Sunday for several weeks and that streak ended yesterday. I was totally exhausted yesterday. I seem to have way too much on my plate. Bunches of meetings, errands, study, and when it was time to run I decided to nap!!! I was hoping for more miles this week but 22 is still adequate. So no run tomorrow, and another week will begin! I am looking forward to it!!! 41 minutes, part of 2K hill and 5X1min @ HM pace. Peace!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Long run(?)

So I put 70 minutes (6.58 miles)down on the roads today. Trying to run easy and smooth. I took my hand held filled with water due to the heat and just cruised at an easy pace. No matter the direction I go out here I have no choice but to run hills. They do take their toll yet they also obviously have a training effect. I am getting stronger little by little...I am beginning to learn how to run hills and how to enjoy them? Strange I know. This week is shaping up good as I've run 4 times and have logged 17.68 miles already. Two more runs this week; easy 40 minutes tomorrow and some pick-ups Saturday. Hope all is well with you!  Peace!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Strengthening Phase

  I am still iffy in what I will be able to do by October 2nd.....I have that Sunday off so I will be able to run it's just could I be marathon ready? I know long runs are absolutely essential! This Thursday I will run at least a six miler. That would be my longest run in a long, long time! Sad. Yet I've been whittling down the flab/fat and am beginning to look like a long distance runner again. I'm establishing a solid base of miles and have begun the strength phase of training. I did 17X short hill (1 tenth mile 7% grade) and my pace and times were excellent. I hope to begin building a long run into the program beginning this Thursday. I'm gonna try!! I will shoot for about a 60-70 minute effort on Thursday. Why do I care about running a marathon so much? I know I do care but to answer that Q is not easy? Complicated....I do still believe I can break 4 hrs but I'd have to get really skinny!:) Peace!

Monday, June 20, 2011

In the Morning...

So I really am not a morning runner....I really detest race times because I'm still asleep!....I like to get my sleep and then take time to wake up. I prefer nooners.
  But, since I am going golfing!!! YES! I had to run early. It was nice! Not so hot?! Duh! I seemed to be boiling over with energy, too. An easy 40 minutes on tap today. I planned this weeks schedule as I ran along. Easy 40 minutes today, 40 minutes of short hill repeats tomorrow, 40 minutes easy Wednesday, long run Thurs (5-6 miles) easy 40 minutes Fri, Saturday pace work 7X1min HM pace. Hope you had a great weekend! Both my sons wished me a happy Fathers day! It was a good but tiring day! Peace!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

No rest...

   Saturday is supposed to be our day off......right! We are pulled in multiple directions today, with no end in sight! Still managed to run, though! You know how it is when you are obsessed with'll get your run in!
   Just did a 30 minute easy run. Finished week with 22+ miles. I plan on a slight increase in D next week. Hope you are having a great weekend! Peace!

Friday, June 17, 2011

When I'm Sixty-four

Great Beatles song! I am a big Beatles fan, btw...I was wondering today about the significance of that number? Surprisingly true there are bench mark age barriers that usher us into new chapters in life...@ 16 I began driving....lots of new experiences (ahem) 21 a new privilege or two (ahem)...interestingly the age of 53 is a benchmark in the Ministry....after that age it gets much harder to find a church....don't ask me why it's just the demographics...too bad, though....way to often people go by what's on the outside, how one looks, how many diplomas one has.....often character is overlooked and that is an error....but what about 64? I am turning a year this next Wednesday...closer to that time...will ya still need me? will ya still feed me? I wonder if I will still be able to run? O well...not to worry! I have thoroughly enjoyed today's run!!! 40 minutes with 6X1min @ HM pace....rackin' up miles this week! 18.9 so far and one more run to go. Hope you are well!Peace!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dry Thunder...

Thunder and lightning everywhere but no rain....I managed my 40 minutes before these odd storms have rolled in....wonder when it will rain? I am kind of sore and sluggish but I am motivated....I just took it easy and burned some calories. I'm up to 15+ miles this week so far with two more runs projected. Several friends have asked me if I've been running because I am looking thinner. The consistency of running is burning fat!!! I remember my first marathon way back in '03. I weighted 172 lbs. Boy I'd like to get back there....I really fell off the training wagon yesterday....I had a coke and I ate a whole bag of orange slices!!! Bad Mark!! Hope you are well...peace!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sometimes tired means fast?

  I felt really tired today. Even after I woke up and drank coffee I was ready for a nap! I even began dozing off at my desk as I began my studies....not good? With a full day in town I needed to run prior to leaving the house so I made myself go and I was dead set on 40 minutes. The first mile was slow but suddenly I hit the groove and found hidden strength. It turned out to be a very good effort. Up to 11.4 miles this week. Three more efforts hopefully 40 minutes each. Hope it's going well with you!! Peace!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Marathon Training?

If I were to run the "Route 66" marathon Oct 2nd that gives me 17 weeks. Sitting here with no long runs in months...a 3 week base of 20+ mile weeks....I know I'm really in trouble! However; it is possible!! I believe I could at least run it "decently". I wonder what you think?
  Yesterday I ran I did 13Xshort hills....the short hill is a tenth of a mile. I am feeling good...still carrying too much fat but it's dissipating...I will probably run 40 minutes tomorrow and see where I stand after that run in terms of weekly miles and how the body is feeling. I think I'll give it a try.....btw if anyone out there is interested in running this Marathon Sandy and I will put you up in a real nice spare room, private bathroom, and a tour of Bass Pro..!Peace!

Monday, June 13, 2011

2 K(iller) Hill

  I decided on the Bull Creek turnaround run today. It's been a long long time since I ran this route. This run has a high degree of difficulty because of 2K hill. An extreme hill...from the valley to the ridge in 2K....extremely steep in places, had to walk at times back up...90 degree temps  and 54% humidity today put the whammy on me but I survived!! Would have liked to stayed on the river but maybe some other time...1:07.26 total time today....must keep running if I want to run Oct 2nd!! Peace!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


  I remember way back in the early 80's I had a t-shirt that had the word Nike on the front in huge letters....vast numbers of people at that time would say "nicki? What's a nicki?" Now of course we all know about Nike. In the original language, Greek, the word means victory or overcomer, don't we all find our selves overcoming things or being overcome? Last night, sitting at Braums with friends, eating a double dipper!( ice-cream joint) watching people...seeing the incredible number of folks who are obese, their kids, too! So sad...being overcome by over indulgence...such is the reality of our culture I guess.....yet we can live lives of victory......sadly it requires effort on our part...I like Nike's slogan "Just do it"...however, I'm an Adidas apparel guy! Finished out a good week. 21.31 miles running plus 4.3 walking with my Sweetie Sandy. Hope you are seeing the victory in your life! Peace!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pounding or gliding?

  I think for years I simply pounded out the miles......I became obsessed with numbers, times, goals, etc...usually you can maintain that type of mentality until the big breakdown. Then you'll find lost training time, fitness, you finally realize that balance would have prevented collapse! I have had to learn this lesson over and I'm trying to smooth....relaxed...."carpe diem" so to speak. Hard for me...the driven glide is to even rethink my running style, I want to be ever so fluid "Gazelle like" (Ha)
 I want to be in the zone every time, I want to suck up every endorphin and maximize the runners solitude (high). I've been gliding lately.....still find that there are aches and pains but it's really been fun again! 40 minutes, up to 18.51 miles this week with one run left. Peace!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


  Resilience is a sweet's a character trait I learned from my Mama long ago...she never quit or gave up in her call to raise us four kids....she was far from perfect but she was resilient! She was the same person regardless the situation or company, she adapted to the changes life brought but never sacrificed her values. I think a chief trait of a long distance runner is just that...being resilient. Holding on,pushing through, making adjustments, never letting go....we go even to the point of collapse because of this inner force, this heart that beats out the dream. 40 minutes today and I felt pretty good. The temps are about 1-2 degrees cooler and the breeze was wonderful....I sure love Summertime! Peace!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


A key ingredient in the course to success is the concept of loyalty. When I think of loyalty I remember Scotty Dog. He was an Irish Setter I had for 15 years. What a great friend ( I'm nearly crying) and he was loyal to the core. I probably never will have such a good friend as Scotty Dog....he never judged me, left me, cursed me, talked about me behind my back, dumped me, lied to me, nope he was always there ready to give love! What a dog! I think loyalty is crucial for success in any endeavor-it is defined as faithfulness-faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product-What or who do you think of when you hear the word loyalty?
    42 minutes of running today! I ventured half-way down 2K hill....that is significant to me because that is tough running! I'm up to 11.06 miles this week already! Lovin' the heat, Baby!! Peace!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hills and Valleys

  I will keep pushing! I do enjoy heat running.....I believe it pays big dividends if you survive! Today, the heat really knocked me down as I barely was able to keep running. Of course our high humidity was an additional culprit. I AM NOT COMPLAINING! I love it...but the heat can slow you down. So I made another 40 minite run and continue on my quest for another marathon. Peace!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Taper truths?

 I know my mileage is low, but I have been running consistent for a couple months, every day but Sunday with a few exceptions. Time for each run  is no less than 30 minutes, and I have begun to up the daily time to 40 minutes....gradual increase. It seems each Monday proves to be my strongest run? Hum??? I take Sunday off from running because the demands of Sunday zap me.....yet I'm stronger on Monday? Obviously it's the result of resting the Runner! So the truth of the taper is true!
   The heat is on down here! I ran 40 minutes in the 85 degrees of sunshine! I loved it!!!! However, I was thinking about going down to the river but no one to go with....not wise to go alone...peace! (maybe I'll go anyway!)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Outdoor Wedding!

  Today I get to perform an outdoor wedding! The scene is beautiful! Lakefront.....cattails, Geese, shimmering waters....a neat place. It'll be hot in my black suit!!!
  I managed to get in a run before lunch. Very wonderful! Enjoying our heat! I finished out this week running every day with a total of 23.62 miles. I just need about 4 more weeks like this then I could start a training cycle?! Had to stop at Lowes and buy bird seed, garden hose, and trash bags. I made a new employee, struck up a conversation and talked for about 20 or 30 minutes. I was encouraging her in her life...a single mother of two, age 27, working long hours without much hope...I hope I lifted and encouraged her heart today! Hope you have a great weekend! Peace

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Baby!

Man I am so excited! Summer is here!!!! I have so missed the wondrous days of Summer! My birthday falls on the 22nd of this month so that must be why...I'm a summer baby!
  I had to hold back again today, feeling like I could run longer and farther but that would be building too fast. Up to 20 miles this week! Thanks for the good advice about running a half marathon, Marlene, I am looking for one.
  I will simply keep doing my little every day except Sunday....keep building slow...loving Summer, and maybe racing this Fall.
   Long days, sweet warm nights, enjoy!!! 35 minutes today! Peace

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Discipline is when the "not to" beats the "want to"!?

   As I have been doing this everyday but Sunday running thing, with a minimum of 30 minutes each run, I have seen a gradual trimming of waist and gaining of speed. The process seems to be escalating since I've upped the time to 40 minutes....I'm gaining confidence and momentum. I even was looking at a potential Marathon on the calendar, the Mother Road US 66 marathon October the 2nd. Theoretically I could be ready but I hesitate to say anything.....
  Today I felt so good that I was tempted to do another 40 minute run. That would of been 4 in a row.....that's building too fast and I know it! A good way to ignite the Achilles tendinitis fires! So I said NO! I got my 30 in but.....I thought why couldn't I work some fast twitch muscles? So I ran the last mile hard.
  I need to be able to discipline myself to intelligent training! So I'm not going to plan anything yet, just keep running everyday but Sunday. 30:24 today....16.84 miles this I long for a long run....Peace!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sweat is good!

  I was soaking wet today after my run and boy howdy did it feel good!!!! The temps are going up, the humidity is on and the fat is melting away.....kinda like the wicked witch of the west! LOL! I have noticed a thinning going on around the waist and this is good. My pace speed is sporadic but showing signs of life...I still deal with consistent discomfort in one Achilles tendon but it is not "bad" and always goes away after I get started. Man the Achilles takes a long time to heal! I already have 13.82 miles in this week! 40 delightful minutes today! Hope your running is going well! Peace and Love :)


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