Friday, June 10, 2011

Pounding or gliding?

  I think for years I simply pounded out the miles......I became obsessed with numbers, times, goals, etc...usually you can maintain that type of mentality until the big breakdown. Then you'll find lost training time, fitness, you finally realize that balance would have prevented collapse! I have had to learn this lesson over and I'm trying to smooth....relaxed...."carpe diem" so to speak. Hard for me...the driven glide is to even rethink my running style, I want to be ever so fluid "Gazelle like" (Ha)
 I want to be in the zone every time, I want to suck up every endorphin and maximize the runners solitude (high). I've been gliding lately.....still find that there are aches and pains but it's really been fun again! 40 minutes, up to 18.51 miles this week with one run left. Peace!


Marlene said...

Sounds like you have found your sweet spot. :)

racing dawn said...

Me too! I want to glide too!!!

Happy to hear you're in a good rhythm! Hoping to find mine again. :)


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