Thursday, June 9, 2011


  Resilience is a sweet's a character trait I learned from my Mama long ago...she never quit or gave up in her call to raise us four kids....she was far from perfect but she was resilient! She was the same person regardless the situation or company, she adapted to the changes life brought but never sacrificed her values. I think a chief trait of a long distance runner is just that...being resilient. Holding on,pushing through, making adjustments, never letting go....we go even to the point of collapse because of this inner force, this heart that beats out the dream. 40 minutes today and I felt pretty good. The temps are about 1-2 degrees cooler and the breeze was wonderful....I sure love Summertime! Peace!


Johann said...

I agree 100%, resilience is a must have trait for distance running. Have a good weekend!

Marlene said...

Resilience - what a great word. It invokes thoughts of my own Mother too - who also had 4 of us!

Have a great weekend, Mark!!

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