Saturday, January 31, 2009


Saturdays are busy around here. I managed a 4.8 miler at around 9:28 per mile. I would of liked to have gone further but the body is sore in many places! I finished the week with 38.7 miles. Next week looks like this:

Monday 10-12 hills

Tuesday off

Wednesday 6 ez

Thursday 6ez

Friday 5 marathon pace

Saturday 10k race total 9-10 miles

Sunday off= total 37+ for week

We'll see...depends on life. I will not be obsessed!

Friday, January 30, 2009

The ARRRGH factor

Sometimes it's frustrating trying to balance it all...As a competitive runner I train hard in order to race well. So I don't want anything messing with my plans!
I raced extensively back in 1986-1993. I had one first place finish (in age group) believe it or not! The chips fell in my favor that day! It was a 10k in the springtime. Yet I always avoided the Marathon. I ran lots of 1/2's, dozens of 5 and 10K's , but the marathon was out of the question. Why? Too foreboding? Maybe. Uncertainty? Maybe. Too chicken?....maybe.
Finally in '03 I decided to get it done. I ran a very hilly, cold weather marathon in 4:05+.
It was a big deal to me at the time. Little did I know how difficult it would prove to break four hours after that. Today I believe I am on track and have a great plan to get there, as long as I can beat the ARRRGH factor! Keep the balance Grasshopper!
I ran 5.0 miles today with 30 minutes of it at 9:09's. Felt like I could run forever- runners high kicked in and I felt like I was floating!
Hope it's going good for you. Races are just around the corner! Yaw Whoo!~!~

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bionic Man

Does anyone remember "The Six Million Dollar man"? I thought of that show as I was whipping the treadmill today. Because the roads are thawing and extremely wet, slushy, dangerous, the treadmill was the sane choice (not to say I am sane by any means). I decided to play so at 15 minutes in and warmed up I launched into my Bionic man routine! Starting at 6.7 mph I increased 0.1mph every seven minutes up to 7.3 mph. "We'll make him faster...stronger...
Oh well, I guess you had to be there. I'm up to 28.9 miles for the week already! It's possible I may touch 40! That's a lot of miles for me.
There are already beginning to be many competing forces for race dates. My desire is to run at least four races before the April 18th Marathon. Yet it is looking to be a challenge. The key, of course, is balance. I tend to become obsessed with things, like breaking four hours for the marathon!
The four hour mark is something I really want to break. I almost had it in Duluth in '05. But at 20 miles I crashed and burned, but I learned. Bass pro in '08 wasn't even close! But I learned. Now, discovering all these blogs, I am learning more and more about the art of racing a marathon. Thanks peeps!
Hope the roads are clear and the wind calm in your neck of the woods!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wish granted

We finally had some snow! Probably 2-3 inches on top of ice and sleet. The roads were pretty rough but the sun is shinning and snow plows moving.
Every school is closed. Arkansas is without power, It's bad down there! The forecast is pretty good. Sunny skies and gradually warming temps. My speed work session is in jeopardy, though. I doubt the track will be clear by Friday.
I ran 4.9 at around 10's. Lots of folks shoveling, kids sledding, and one runner running! I love it! People drive by and give you this incredulous look-like "Ethel, what's that idiot doing?" I smile the whole way!
Seems like I recovered pretty good from the LSD run. I hope to get 5+ in tomorrow. I want to get into a race Feb. 7th. I'll have to drive about 40 miles, one way, to do it but its a biggy and I'd like to check my fitness level.
Have a good one!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Seems like all we get in the way of Winter precip anymore is ice/sleet. What ever happened to good old fashioned snow? The rich, moist, snowball snow! The boys and I used to have some wonderful times sledding, building snow forts, and freezing our fingers. Man I miss my boys!

Today I rest completely after the long run yesterday. I am snowed over with work so I've plenty to do. Amazingly the body is not too sore from the LSD run. I am still dealing with the lower abdominal discomfort? It dissapates after a few days but never completely goes away? My self diagnosis-Currently not painful enough to stop but a concern. I now am researching strengthening exercises. Any comments or opinions are welcome! Seems like the running life is often one ailment after another. Some we can run through, some we cannot.

Hope the roads are clear and the winds calm for you-peace

Monday, January 26, 2009


One thing I know-the body will adapt to training. The marvel of the human body is how it adapts to specific training. Run fast, the body adapts and fast twitch muscles develop. Run slow, slow twitch muscles develop, etc, etc. I'm now in the process of training my body (old) to adapt to break four hours in the marathon. I think my will, at times is very strong, ( sometimes the will adapts faster than the body) my body is definitely capable based on recent time trials. I actually have a 10k race coming up that ought to give me additional insight and encouragement.
Today I was determined to run at conversation pace (easy conversation, not gasping) the entire distance. With 23 degrees and a strong north wind I headed out for my long run. An out and back 17.4 miler in 3:12.02. That figures in at 11:02's. Pretty slow? But the last 5 mile segment I was still breathing easy and I was sub 10's! I am very encouraged!
All I could think about when I got in the door was recover, recover! I drank my chocolate milk, ate my fig newtons, and banana, in the middle of three phone calls-back log while I was out-and stretched easy. So off tomorrow. Ice storm movin' in! Two years ago we were hit hard by an ice storm. We lost power for three days, plus we were without water, too.
Hope all is going well in your training-peace!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I have been thinking about my last Marathon and how I think I chickened out. Just like this week where my easy pace is faster than marathon pace. Thomas nailed me on it! My marathon pace in my mind needs to be 9:09's to break 4 hours. I can truly run a marathon pace faster than 9:09's. I'm leaning to 8:52 for a marathon pace.
In my last marathon I never, not once, attained to my marathon pace! Not one 9:09! I bonked terribly! I was way to conservative and timid. Because of my slow start I was never able to get settled into a pace. I struggled to say the least. This next marathon I'm going to be aggressive!
Today concludes the week. 26.7 total. Today 7.3 miles of rolling hills in 1:13.12. I am taking some advice I got from Rubbish Runner's blog. I ran the downhills fast. I'm going to prepare the quads for the next marathon! Hope the roads are clear in your neck of the woods. We've got winter storm warnings out for Monday and Tuesday! Peace

Friday, January 23, 2009


The winter weather is coming back for an extended stay. That's alright. Nothing we can do about it anyway! I ran 4.8 easy today. This is my rest week. I, again, had to hold down the pace. I averaged 9:33's. I required two miles to warm-up today and those first miles were in 20:40 so my easy training zone seems to be faster than marathon pace. I'm somewhat encouraged by this recent result, my easy training pace improving, and I am beginning to believe I could break four hours for the marathon. One more easy run tomorrow, around 5+ miles then I'll launch into another four week block of training. Hope your run was good-peace

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Whoa Nellie!

If asked why I run? It's simple: Quality of life! Clearer thinking, better appetite, better sleeping, better relations...more energy...etc, etc...I feel for the sedentary.
Today the weather was fantastic! South breezes and 60's, with partly sunny skies. What a delight! This is supposed to be a rest week for me but today I just felt good so I went with it...I had to keep pulling in the reins so I wouldn't negate the rest week but wow! This is the best run I've had in a while. I put in 6.4 in 56:16.28-8:47's. The last mile being in 8:08. What gives? I have to classify this as a fast continuous run. So there's my answer to speed work during a rest week. Just go with how you feel, pulling in the reins a little.
I had an interesting experience on the run. During the last mile, where I was bustin' it, I observed quite a large group of people in the middle of the road about 2-3 tenths up the way.
As I neared I realized it was middle schoolers just dropped off by the bus. The boys were in a large group of about seven, and you know boys, loud, fun loving, and raging with hormones! They were obviously enthralled with a girl who was 50 yards ahead and hurrying home.
As I passed them I acknowledged them by saying "Hi, boys," the ringleader yelled back at me "you wanna play football with us?" I replied, "I'm too old, you guys would hurt me," they all laughed and returned their attention forward.
Great day on the roads, hope yours was as well. Peace

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm back off the bench! Ran 4.1 EZ in 39:37. The procedure went well. I stayed awake which is apparently unusual. As I mentioned to the nurse that drugs hammer me, I'm out for hours, she said I could opt to stay awake and that I would experience some cramping in the stomach but that would be about it...based on my last marathon I though I could easily handle a little stomach cramp. Turns out it wasn't so bad and we actually had a blast. The Dr. is a Cyclist and rides
"The Hotter that Hell 100" in Wichita Falls, TX. every year. I gathered quite a bit of information related to the GI tract and exercise (he said the veins looked good) so it was a very informative time, I made friends with the nurse, least I could do considering, plus as I was gurneyed back to my room the staff was passing on the word-"No sedation, no sedation " I felt like I'd hit the tape in 3:59! I was outta there not 20 minutes after the procedure! Eating!
The weather is on the upswing! 60's tomorrow. I will hold back, though. This is a rest week. I am only trying for 25-30 miles. I am always of my Axioms is "Leaders always learn" so I am thinking that during a rest week we must still do some form of speed work. Any suggestions or ideas or discoveries you have made would be appreciated. My speed day is Friday. Peace!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Redball Jets!

The Asics GT 2140's proved their reputation to me as a great running shoe. I was a Nike Air Max guy for years until I discovered the Kayano's. Recently the Kayanos have been aggravating my forefoot area, could be just the particular pair I was dealt, but I opted to try the 2140 because of reviews concerning the additional forefoot area. Proved to be true! They felt great, smooth ride, I could run faster, jump higher, ( remember red balls?) and the forefoot room is for real.

Great day today! Too bad I'm benched-peace

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Dream

I'm gonna' throttle back this week. I, unfortunately but necessarily, have to go for a preventive medical procedure we over fifties have to do, yuk! So as of right now I'm fasting and as of 4:30 tomorrow the Doc will be doing some intestinal exploring...again..yuk!
Things have worked out so I can let up on mileage this week. I was able to put in 36.0 last week which is good for me, and I plan on still running five days but all of them easy runs. Today was 4.1 miles in 38:14-9:19's. Best mile at 8:50. I felt real good and this would be my ultimate goal marathon pace.
Today I had opportunity to watch Martin Luther King's Aug. '63 speech again. What a gifted leader and orator! Amazing! People, I'm telling you this man was extraordinary when it comes to communicating and leadership! Course you already know that but man I am so amazed by his giftedness! My heart was stirred again as I heard this speech. What a dream! I think in many ways his dream is being fulfilled, I was wondering what he would be thinking if he were alive today? Yet in many ways we are dealing with extremes never seen in this generation. Oh how we need leaders such as MLK!
Well, the sun is shining!! Better weather ahead! Peace-

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fast off my feet

Today was a retirement run for my white and black Asic Kayanos. I decided to do a tempo run of thirty minutes after a good warm-up. It was a pretty good effort with 5.0 miles total in 44:29.51. The thirty minutes of tempo running was averaging 8:18's but the last mile was sub eight I'm sure. I felt real strong regardless of the fall I took. Yep, right after I launched into the tempo run I had to transition from sidewalk to road, my left toe caught the curb, then the left leg could not catch up to where it was supposed to be...face first into the asphalt! Still, even with asphalt closing in on my teeth I decided to go with the momentum of the fall and rolled on my right side, elbow, shoulder, hip, and voila'! Back on my feet! "Fast off my feet!" I thought! Plus "Who saw?" Still I sustained some scrapes but nothing to cry about. I wanted to philosophize about this but it was simply an accident and they do occur. Thankfully I was fast off my feet! Hope you are, too. Peace

Friday, January 16, 2009


Since seeing Frayed's family of shoes I realized mine were lonely so the newbie arrived today! Asics GT2140's. I usually run in Kayanos but I'm gonna' give these a try. Now I can retire the ones on the left, they were good ole' shoes, now they'll be relegated to float trip shoes, mowing shoes, or maybe a donation? Ah the simple things in life that bring joy!


As I ventured to the mailbox this morning I decided it was just too cold for a speed session at the track today. -3 degrees! I will shift the weeks plan and run mile repeats on the road tomorrow. The temps are supposed to rise to the 40's.
Instead, I hit the treadmill again and ran 6.5mph/1.0 incline for 30 min. equivalent to 9:09's my minimum hoped for marathon pace. Totalled 4.9 miles in 47:56. I remembered a tip from one of Dr. Sheehan's books; run like an Indian that's sneaking up on its prey. I practiced running quietly. A couple of times I turned it up to 8mph-that's 7:30's. Felt good.
I thought I'd share with you how messed up my diet is, no wonder I can't lose this last seven lbs, nearly everyday I'll have whole wheat waffles for breakfast with a huge amount of peanut butter spread on top! Plus Mrs. Butterworth (low fat) syrup. Or pancakes with my peanut butter, or bananas and a huge glass of milk with Ovaltine mixed in.
One thing about it this diet gives me energy! I'm hoping the additional miles to come will burn the last pounds off.
Hope it's great running weather for you-Oh-on another note, I got this idea okayed by the wife last night; If anybody wants to run the Bass Pro Marathon in November we have an extra room you are welcome to use. Sandy's only concern was for your comfort. We bought the youngest son a brand new queen sized mattress for his college apt. but his mattress in his room here at home is a little worn, but clean! We'll even pick you up at the airport, cart you around, etc. I was contacted yesterday about speaking there again this year, cool! Let me know, first come first serve. It is a pretty cool Marathon. Lot's of big names, Bill Rodgers, Dick Beardsley, Jeff Galloway, all attend.
Well back to work! Peace

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Robot Run

The temps are so unreasonably cold, -1 windchill, I opted for the treadmill. It's funny to think that back in the old days, (before I had a treadmill) on days like this, I would jog around the house...indoors!! Sandy though I was crazy! Still does. Anyway, it took me a while to warm-up today but I settled in at 6.3 mph at 1.0 incline. Equivalent to 9:26's. I felt like I could go much faster but I didn't want to blow tomorrows track work-out. Although I did several pick-ups to 7 mph. What I did was play! I like to have fun. So, since I was on a mechanical devise that is basically very precise I decided to work on my running economy. To become very precise, efficient, relaxed, and controlled. I actually fell into an nice rhythm and felt extremely strong, rhythmic (robotic) breathing was once every four steps.Totaled 5.0 miles in 50:30 including warm and cool. Tomorrow temps look to get into the 20's. Hope your run went well. Peace


They set the date for this first time Ultra/marathon/10 miler event down here in the Ozarks. April 18th. 93 days away. They say the course is flat, downhill. Probably a great shot at sub four hour marathon. The date actually is perfect! It's the week after Easter and the week before our 28th wedding anniversary. I plan on taking Sandy far away from here for the anniversary. A cabin in the deep woods!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Arctic Blast

I named myself, for today only, the Arctic Blast! I started my run faster than normal today? Usually I require 1-1.5 miles warm-up, but that wasn't the case today. I just felt good! 5.4 miles in 49:27-9:09's! That's a four hour marathon pace! I wasn't even working?Thanks to the comments on LSD runs, I will keep running them at conversation pace and remember they are for time on the roads. Thanks!I had fun on the roads today! I was able to play, think, and plan. I realized that the training is paying off. I completed set two, row three, week four of the one hundred push up challenge, I'm doing this because of what a track coach told me years ago, " strong arms carry tired legs."So this recovery run was very encouraging. I will do the same run tomorrow with my eye on the track workout Friday. The real Arctic blast hits us tonight. Man it's 40 below up North!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! Peace

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Tuesdays are for rest-After the very slow long run yesterday I noticed very little fatigue and soreness afterwards and today? I still deal with the lower abdominal soreness after long runs but it goes away in a couple of days. The value of the LSD run is without question, but the manner it is run in is; how slow is beneficial? How slow is too slow? I have been thinking "If you want to run fast for a long distance you need to train running fast for long distances." In Jeff Galloway's book "Marathon" page 129 he says run two minutes per mile slower than you can run that day- In "The Competitive runners handbook" (I've had this since 1985) basically says that these "Endurance" runs are done at conversation pace. So there I am out on the roads talking to myself for 2-3 hours! I also like the idea in the book of pushing the last 3 to 4 miles at marathon pace. So for this training segment I will stay at conversation pace, but I will include some pick-ups and finishing with some MP miles.
Your input is appreciated. I would like to break the four hour barrier in the Marathon. I've come close twice, bonked bad my last time out. Peace!

Monday, January 12, 2009


There's an old saying in the Ozarks "slow as molasses in Winter." That's how I ran today! I decided to run easy conversation pace for my long run today. I ran 15.6 miles and averaged 11:06 per mile. The wind was horrendous from the west-30mph gusts-
So I will try this workout in my training program-I'll call it "The molasses run". According to the experts it is very beneficial for marathon training. It figures about 2 minutes per mile slower than marathon pace. I actually felt real strong at about 10 and felt like pushing, but I held back.
Here's how my training plan is developing:

Triple Whammy runs- Hills, push pace, and distance in one run-8.5-10.4 miles
Molasses runs- increase every other week by two-up to 22-24miles-
Track days-various efforts designed to improve overall speed and stamina-Yassos-1200's, etc,
The MP 400 push is my test of improved fitness.
Recovery days-4-6 miles easy pace-at or near MP
I will take Tuesdays and Sundays off completely.

Basically it was a nasty day on the roads! At several points I wanted to quit because of the winds but I'm big on persevering. That's one thing I like about runners, especially the ones who blog, they are dedicated and tough, they are determined and focused, they inspire me!
Hope you finished yours today! peace


Well it is really important to make the decision on what Marathon to run! DUH! The training program hinges on this finalization. I am wanting to break four hours, therefore I'm looking for flat!That's not gonna' be possible due to time constraints, and life balance, so I have decided on the first annual "Frisco Highline Marathon." It will be hilly! I'm pretty well planned out now with some other training races along the way. Feb. 7th will be the "Polar Bear Run" which is a 10K.
I've decided to incorporate some faster than 5k speed work, consistent hill running, and of course the LSD runs (especially when the endorphins kick in).
Then in October is another first time marathon-The Route 66 "Mother Road Marathon". It winds through Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri, so for you fifty staters, you can knock off three with one run! This one will be much flatter than the Frisco. Then one month later I will return for the "Bass Pro Marathon". You ought to consider this one. It is basically flat. Great host! Cool finish line, excellent shirt, solid field of competitive runners.
Well must prepare for long run today. The temperature is warmer that predicted so that's a plus. Have a great run!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I slept a solid two hours this afternoon. The gig last night went great, but I got in late and that cut into my sleep! Then I wake up before the alarm this morning? So basically I'm pooped!
Services were great this morning and I'm so blessed! I run on adrenalin, man! That causes me to crash hard on Sundays. I feel like I've run a hard 10K after church!
I'm working hard to be ready for the long run tomorrow. Hydrating, resting, etc. I've decided, because of advice, to back off the pace on the long run. I will try to run 1-1 1/2 min. slower than Marathon pace. It will be frigid, but it must be done if I will break four hours!
Have a great run! Peace-

Saturday, January 10, 2009


It's cold outside!! What a difference from yesterday! From 65 degrees to 23 degrees, wind chill 13. I look to the positive; they say you burn more calories running in cold weather due to the body having to work harder to maintain heat. So off I go...usually into the wind first...enjoying the wonder and solace of running.
The quads are sore! I must be making gains. Tomorrow is rest so they will have a chance to recover by Monday. I am thinking 16 miles, flat, LSD, for Monday. The long run is crucial for marathon performance, but I think you can run them too slow. I am hoping to keep the pace controlled but for performance. We'll see? So 5.5 EZ today in 55:21- first mile 11:30 so my EZ pace is getting faster, too. I was running so easy I disassociated for quite a while. Thinking of all my responsibilities, etc. It was a delightful day! 30.5 for the week.
Off to "The Star Theater" tonight. My band is playing, we are the headliner. This is a cool gig because the people are great, the place is packed out, and it's a neat venue. Like an old movie theater, or opera house. Hope your time on the road is good-peace

Friday, January 9, 2009

Track day

MSU track was a pretty busy but I was able to do my workout w/o bothering anyone. Baseballers, Footballers, Tracksters, all out today. The weather is great with upper 50's and a 20+mph SW wind. I did my planned MP 400 push, with a mile warm-up and stretching. I went out with a conservative pace. My goal was to push back the point of failure to maintain marathon pace. I didn't fall below the pace until recovery lap 15 so this is an improvement. I noticed the lactic acid build up around lap 11 but I kept pushing. The push lap times were not as good as the first workout but the overall time was a dramatic improvement! 2.02, 2.04, 2.02, 2.00, 2.05, 2.03, 2.07, 2.02, 2.01, 2.05. Overall 42:32.49-8:30's! Wow for me that's a great improvement.

I will tell you this particular work out is a real test of your mettle. I think speed work, period, is a test of your mettle. To go out there and suck wind, let the bear jump all over you, and risk injury, for what? To break four hours in the marathon that's what!

I am going to do a different work out next week. I will run some 400's at 5k or faster with a lap cool down. Then I will look at doing some Yasso's, then I will test myself with the MP400 push.

Sandy and I have a big night planned. Hope I can hold up. These sessions seem to zap me pretty good. One good thing, though? Even an old guy can get faster! Yee Haw!

Hope you have a great run! Peace

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yes man

Today was another recovery run. I jogged 4.0 miles in39.26. My quads are still very sore. I guess the hills I ran Monday worked 'em. I have another run I call "Rivercut". Its an 8.5 miler with 9 real "good" hills on it and I'm thinking about running it next week. I can extend it to 12 pretty easy. I remember my last marathon and the way my quads fatigued by 18 miles. I am now certain that hill work will make me stronger. Remember I want to break 4 hrs.
I still plan on the track tomorrow and employing "The MP 400 push". I look for 10 reps, at least, at or close to 5k pace with a 400 recovery at MP. The weather looks to be fantastic-50's and sunny- so the track may be crowded.
Well Glastonbury Running is off to the Disney Marathon. He has trained very hard and smart. It will be neat hearing his race report.
Have a great run! Peace.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It's hard to stay motivated! One thing that helps me is the way I look at problems. Instead of "What now!" and being in a state of angst I try to train myself to say "Alright!" a problem to solve!One thing about me...I'm always in the doghouse! I guess we men are just lugheads. It's important for me to remember to consider others as we deal with our problems.

Today looks to be a fantastic day, regardless of my current reality, the sun is shining, the youngest Son is going back to campus. We get the house back! The ankle is back to 100%. I am dealing with an unusual ailment? After every long run my lower abdomen is very sore. This began back before Bass Pro marathon. I have been doing sit-ups and leg lifts but it is still recurring. It does dissipate after a few days. I hope to log two EZ days in a row then nail the speed session Friday. That's the plan. 4.o miles in 41.46.43. Took it real easy.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Battlefield Hills

I love this run called Battlefield Hills. There is a city side and a country side. Today I did the shortest version-10.4 miles- and I pushed the pace the whole way. There are six very "good" hills on this run and I pushed it on every one. It was a triple whammy, pace, hills, and distance, and I completed it in 1:39.33-9.34's- I am really happy with this time! Truly a great improvement for me and very encouraging. The hill segments are really tough. The hills are long and steep so if I run a flat long run I wonder...
Man my quads were sore!! Even with three off days the track day was still having effect, although the ankle is better!
I am really looking forward to track day this week. I sure hope I can get on w/o bothering anyone. I want to work on my new idea "The MP 400 push"
The weather is cold but the wind, for once, is calm, so it was a wonderful day on the roads!
As I was running I was planning my training for the April 11th marathon. I am considering a three week taper. I wonder what others have learned about the best taper strategy?
Have a great run! I hope you have a route like Battlefield Hills. Peace!


Virus' abound this time of year. I am constantly washing my hands, especially after Sundays. I greet so many people and shake many, many hands I am bound to catch the little virus that's going around. Yesterday I was around 75% so I didn't even try to run but just rested, my head was throbbing and nose running. Today I will go out and put in as many miles as I can. I have decided on a marathon April 11 right here in Springfield. That makes it easier on Sandy and doesn't require me to take a week off.

I have been cooking some new ideas about training. I know the long run is crucial so I will continue with those, I believe knowing marathon pace is essential so I will train for that at the track. I know that strength is needed so I will do hills. I know that diet is underrated (in my mind) so I will seek to improve the diet so muscles will perform better.

If anyone has some suggestions for a diet that helps prevent muscle cramping during the marathon I would appreciate ideas. I got tore up after mile 18 by cramps last marathon!

Have a great run today! Peace

Monday, January 5, 2009


I have a saying that helps when the down times come-"Be in season." Every day can't be easy, or perfect, but I can be the best I can be everyday.
So the question I ask is "what season am I in right now? Training! The way to a sub four hour marathon! Today requires a long run, however I may have to run long tomorrow, way to much work on my plate today.
I still need to decide on what marathon I will run this Spring. It's very difficult for me to get time off, and when I get it we really need to rest. The ministry is a very draining occupation. I'm looking for a Saturday event so I won't have to burn vacation time. Sandy and I like to get away to the deep woods and vegetate when we can. We went to Grand Marais Minnesota last time out and it was a fabulous time!
So I will aim for 30+ miles this week with a 13+mile long run. I really would like to hit the track, too, but the ankle is still not 100%. Seems like since I past 50 yrs old I'm in a constant battle with some type of minor, nagging, ailment. The good thing? The body still heals itself!
Be in season! Have a good run!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

No Run-No Rest

Today OHC carried out its latest BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). We hung 2000 door hangers in two hours. We sent out 14 teams of folks all over Ozark. It was really a cool event. We got the job done before two hours and lots of great stories came out of the day.
I decided not to run so that finishes my week at only 26.2 miles total. I'm really needing 30 but I'm worn out! Leading is really hard work! It's what I do though and I'm not complaining. I did miss an absolutely fabulous day for a run, I think we set a record for the all-time high temp!
It is probably good that I'm resting because I seemed to have tweaked my ankle on yesterdays speed session. It's not hurting but it's not right either. This morn it felt much better so rest is what the Dr. ordered. Have a great night and I hope your next run is good! Peace

Friday, January 2, 2009

Track day

MSU Tracksters

Even though it is Winter break the MSU track team, at least part of it, is still in town and working out. I arrived to the track as they were setting up hurdles. I asked if they cared about me running and they replied no! I think the majority of the runners there today are from Africa, I know the 5000 meter runner is from Kenya, and I could not understand them as I overheard their conversations. They were all very kind. One thing I know for sure, this team can flat out run! One young man was practicing his 200 and it was a sight to behold! Talk about the marvel of the running body! This guy was flying! Here I was! This old slow fart! What a contrast! My plodding and his soaring!
Anyway, I decided to do a continuous effort. I would push every other 400 and on the resting 400 try to hold marathon pace (8:52) which is 2:13 per loop.
Not a bad idea but not easy either. I ran a total of 20 laps, the resting laps began to get slower than marathon pace after the third one. The push laps were pretty consistent, 2.10, 2.01, 2.01, 2.03, 2.05, 2.03, 2.00, 2.01, 1.57, 1.58. The entire run took 44:22.50. Surprisingly that's an 8:52 avg! So this is an effective workout! This will be called "The MP 400 push"
I definitely reached my LT and I really believed I made gains today. I am already tweaking this workout. I was thinking eventually I will do 800's push and 400 MP. But first I need to be able to hold MP (marathon pace) the whole way. So I will try this workout again next week.

I was watching the girls do the hurdles, man what athletes! Such strength and beauty. I enjoyed the time on the track today. At one time I pretended like I was going to hurdle and they all got a kick out of that. As I was leaving I wished them a good year and complemented a young lady as to how good she looked, she was running 200's. She said I looked good, too! Made my day! Still I could stand to lose at least seven more pounds! Totaled 6.1 miles. Hope your run is good.

Day Two

Wow! I must of had some bad shrimp last night! I had a series of nightmares that made sleeping a workout! I'm glad I woke up this morning!

My son's girlfriend, Katie, made us an awesome dinner last night. She's from New Orleans area and man can she cook!! The shrimp was fantastic!

The day looks to be very nice weather-wise, so I plan on driving to the track at MSU and doing speed work. I decided against 400 repeats, I may do a Yasso work-out, but I'm thinking about longer intervals, say 1200's? I want to improve speed,VO2 max, lactic threshold, etc. So I'm still devising my plan as I type. Any suggestions are appreciated! The idea is to train my body to run 8:52 pace for 26.2 miles! Well off to the races! Peace!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year

No Whine in 2009!
Most runner blogs are reviewing their '08 running year. Many folks had outstanding years! Congratulations!! My '08 was a come back year. I had to begin by walk running and weighing 196 lbs. I'm 6'1'' so that's not to heavy to begin with, I didn't look overweight but it sure told when I ran!
I had decided to run a marathon again. I had run two previously in '03, and '05. I began to build the miles and by June had built a good base of 20 mile weeks. Thus I began the training program. I ran a 5k in Sept, a 10k in Oct, and the Bass Pro Marathon in Nov. I was hoping to break four hours but I bonked terribly and finished with a 4:36. I lost 16 pounds last year, and got to where I could run without walking. I logged 1,284.0 miles in 2008 and that gives me 16,607.2 since I started keeping records back in 1985.
As I was out today running in the cold wind, yuk!, I was thinking about my goals for 2009. I am thinking three marathons, The Frisco in April, the Route 66 in October, and Bass Pro in November. I will run a bunch of 5 and 10K's for training purposes.
My ultimate goal is to break 4 hours in the marathon. Today I ran short-4.2 miler-the last mile was at 8:52 pace. I felt like I could hold this pace for a while. What if I could do this for 26.2? That would be around a 3:53 marathon. So how do I train the body to do this?
That's my goal! Train the body to run this pace for 26.2 miles.
I hope to hit the track tomorrow. I'm going to do some 400 repeats. Peace! And have a great running year!


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