Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year

No Whine in 2009!
Most runner blogs are reviewing their '08 running year. Many folks had outstanding years! Congratulations!! My '08 was a come back year. I had to begin by walk running and weighing 196 lbs. I'm 6'1'' so that's not to heavy to begin with, I didn't look overweight but it sure told when I ran!
I had decided to run a marathon again. I had run two previously in '03, and '05. I began to build the miles and by June had built a good base of 20 mile weeks. Thus I began the training program. I ran a 5k in Sept, a 10k in Oct, and the Bass Pro Marathon in Nov. I was hoping to break four hours but I bonked terribly and finished with a 4:36. I lost 16 pounds last year, and got to where I could run without walking. I logged 1,284.0 miles in 2008 and that gives me 16,607.2 since I started keeping records back in 1985.
As I was out today running in the cold wind, yuk!, I was thinking about my goals for 2009. I am thinking three marathons, The Frisco in April, the Route 66 in October, and Bass Pro in November. I will run a bunch of 5 and 10K's for training purposes.
My ultimate goal is to break 4 hours in the marathon. Today I ran short-4.2 miler-the last mile was at 8:52 pace. I felt like I could hold this pace for a while. What if I could do this for 26.2? That would be around a 3:53 marathon. So how do I train the body to do this?
That's my goal! Train the body to run this pace for 26.2 miles.
I hope to hit the track tomorrow. I'm going to do some 400 repeats. Peace! And have a great running year!

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