Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Breakin' through!

Well I took better care to be prepared for the long run today. Sandy and I ate at "Olive Garden" last night. I had the spaghetti and meatballs, salad, and six bread sticks! I felt very guilty about my gluttony after I was finished! I slept good but not long. I woke up very early and just laid there thinking. This happens quite frequently. You might be thinking "Bad breadsticks!" but I am sure it is just an opportunity for me to think and talk with my Father.
The weather is fantastic! 63 degrees and whipping west winds. I took off on the Battlefield Hills loop. I extended it to 12.2 miles. This is a rugged, hilly, delightful run, with a city side and a country side. I started with the city section and did the 2 mile warm up-during this time the gremlin of doubt began to nag me to not go long today. I thwarted the devil and began to feel pretty good. I got into a pace that was holdable(?) and ran! I did the 12.2 in 1.57.23-or 9:37's.
I actually clocked a half mile section that is marked on the trail at an 8:26 pace. So this was a very good run! Probably the best overall long run I've had in years! This route has some big hills, steep and long! Now, stay smart and recover! I look to a speed work session on the track this week.
Time for resolutions. I gave up on that years ago. I resolved to not make resolutions! Life boils down to "want to." Want to is a hearts desire evidenced by action. What's your want to? Check your actions! Right now my want to is to break four hours in the marathon! I really want to do this!

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