Thursday, April 29, 2010

Still building

So, it has been really fantastic weather! I have been on vacation and we had a great time down in Arkansas (if you can believe that,lol) Sandy and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary in Mountain View AR. This little town is called the Folk Music Capitol of the World. We enjoyed listening to the musicians on the public square. Really cool, and Ozarkian! We also spent two days in a secluded cabin and had a wonderful time.....we enjoy each others company, I will say to get to 29 years has taken some work but the truth is that love endures all!
Today I upped the time by one measly minute to 22 minutes total, leg/foot felt pretty good, sweating felt great! I still have hopes of running full tilt again and breaking the four hour mark in the marathon. I want them to put on my tombstone-He did it but it wasn't easy! Nah, maybe I'll think of something else...any ideas? Have a good one! Peace

Thursday, April 22, 2010


People need time off! Today starts vacation #1 this year. I am looking so forward to resting and refueling. Broke a good sweat today but only increased by two minutes for a total of 22 minutes on the road. Taking it slow, the stinkin' achillies is such a pain in the foot! It is getting I will keep on the program of very slow increase. Hope you are running well! Peace!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gotta' keep movin'

I am serious! I will be back...I believe the tendon is still getting better, the ankle much better, the ability to run is returning! I am increasing very, very slowly. I really want to run a marathon this year so I need to be careful and not over do again. You'd think after 30+ years running I'd learn! The stupidity of pride is a trait of mine! :=)
21 little minutes...barely broke a sweat...feeling pretty good. Congrats to all who ran Boston! Meg, and Lindsey, E-speed....well done!! I'm jealous! Peace!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Best day yet!!

I wonder how my friends are doing at Boston? Can't wait to hear all the reports! So I'm really out of shape! Wow!! Amazing what a 5 month lay off can do! Yet I'm clawing my way back! Today was a 20 minute effort, walk/run. The ankle and heel actually felt perfect! Normal! Pain free! Now it's time to push it...right? NO!! Take it slow, Mark! I will continue the glacier like advance to more running....I still plan on a marathon this year. I will only run a marathon giving my best effort. I don't believe in junk miles or junk marathons...I've learned my lesson!
Well, we really need rain! Remember the 200 trees I planted last year on the property? I planted another 100! They are thirsty!
Going into a recording session tonight! The ole' Banjo will be smokin' hot! Peace!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Summer already!

I love the heat! That's probably why I must get out there! So it's already hitting the eighties! We are in need of rain! I walked and ran for 20 minutes today!! Feeling okay..I will tend to the injured area with ice and aleve! But so far....feeling okay. Peace!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Here goes

Thank you, Friends, for your encouragement. You ALL are the best. Runners, for the most part, are the greatest people on the planet!
So today I went for 17 minutes rotating walking and running. I will be very careful and guarded as to how much I do. I really, really, really 1000X really want to be back on the roads! I'm dyin' here!
All in all everything except the heel felt perfect. I still feel a little burning along the tendon. Any remedies will be readily received! Peace!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Dear friends, I have been keeping up with you but reticent to comment because of being shelved as a runner. My injury is gradually healing. I have been walking nearly every day at a brisk pace. The Achilles tendon seems to be getting better.....I was really stupid in running those two races so close together....I have to face facts that I am unable to recover as swiftly as I used to recover.
I am waiting for the right time to begin the building back to marathon training shape. Best of luck to all my friends running Boston!!! Peace!


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