Monday, April 19, 2010

Best day yet!!

I wonder how my friends are doing at Boston? Can't wait to hear all the reports! So I'm really out of shape! Wow!! Amazing what a 5 month lay off can do! Yet I'm clawing my way back! Today was a 20 minute effort, walk/run. The ankle and heel actually felt perfect! Normal! Pain free! Now it's time to push it...right? NO!! Take it slow, Mark! I will continue the glacier like advance to more running....I still plan on a marathon this year. I will only run a marathon giving my best effort. I don't believe in junk miles or junk marathons...I've learned my lesson!
Well, we really need rain! Remember the 200 trees I planted last year on the property? I planted another 100! They are thirsty!
Going into a recording session tonight! The ole' Banjo will be smokin' hot! Peace!


Marlene said...

Glad to read this, Mark!

lindsay said...

glad to hear the ankle and heal are doing better! i hope things are only continuing to get better.

marathons are definitely to be respected. i thought i'd learned that lesson but i'm still a little too hard-headed. :)


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