Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chinese Pig-out!!!

  Tonight is the night!! I have been such a good boy when it comes to watching my diet...I have lost 9 pounds since I went no sugar, fried foods or excessive snacking! But tonight I will pig-out!!! For once in a coons age I will hit the buffet with a vengeance!!! Even though I am really in a low mileage reality, (25/wk) I have noticed a slight increase in appetite. So here I come, yee haw!!
  I decided on my Fartleks today. 6 x 1min @ 5k pace. I did pretty good. One slow interval @ 7:47 pace,  the last one.....it's hot and humid here with our area in dire need of rain. There is a possibility the next two days. So, 36 min today, 10% increase....still climbing! Peace!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Phase 3 begins

  So, using my Mtn climbing analogy, I've been successful in maintaining base camp 2. Now I start the climb to base camp 3. During this 4 week period I'll increase by 10% each of the next three weeks and level off in week four. I will run one race as a race effort to gauge fitness level. That will be the Sept. 11th race.
  Each week I will incorporate Fartleks and tempo runs along with my track days. I will increase based on time not distance. I am thinking this will be beneficial in regards to injury prevention. Today for example, I ran much slower than last Monday because of the heat and humidity. So my 66 minutes today was only a little longer that last week. Tomorrow looks like a 53 minute run with 6x1min @ 5Kpace.
  Man we need rain here! The ground is brown and I'm losing trees! Hope all is well with you! Peace!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Track day

  Today the weather is absolutely fantastic! The bluest sky, and a very nice northern breeze, with temps in the 70's early. Feeling good I got to the track by 9:30 and had it all to myself. I think the school system is trying to keep people out as they've locked the main gate. Sad that we can't keep our facilities accessible.
  My ultimate goal for the day was 6x600 @ 3K pace. After #4 I could see I was going to drop off so I wound up doing 4x600 @ 3K, 1x200 @ 90%, 1x400 @ 10K. On the last repeat, the 400,  I finally felt it in my legs and I consider this a great workout. I meet my desired times for the 600's and reached 24.14 miles for the week. Here are the times on the 600's- 2:41, 2:40, 2:47, 2:46- my goal was 2:45's. A 47 sec 200 which Garmin says was a 5:56 mile/pace, and a 2:01 400. Total D for the day 4.6 miles.
  There were at least four 5K races in the area today, but I resisted and had some real quality training. Next week I plan on trying to increase by 10% to 26-27 miles. Next race? September 11th right here in my town!
 Hope you have a great day! Peace!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

An unbreakable law

What law could be unbreakable? It's a law that transcends the physical and spiritual realm. Often you'll hear it stated like this..." What goes around comes around!"  It's the law of "sowing and reaping".
  Today with the cooler weather I reaped hot weather training! I ran 6.1 miles in 60 minutes with three of the miles at or near MP (9:09's). It was another good day on the roads!
  So I'm at 19.55 miles for the week with only one training day left. Saturday track day!! I have already decided my plan for Saturday, 600's! Do you remember the 600 yard dash you did in elementary school? I think 600's at 3K pace with as many reps as I can do up to say 6? 6x600 with a 3 min recovery @ 3K pace.
  Also, after this 5K training program, and attaining my goal of sub 24, I will launch into a 10K program for the next goal. I see a pattern developing?!
  May not get to golf tomorrow but will rest! I put in six in a row!!! Peace

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


   I'd better be careful! I've actually run five days in a row!! I'm not wanting any streak! I simply want to run healthy and strong...hopefully attempting my sixth marathon soon! So five days in a row right now might be risky....so might six....I am planning on running tomorrow, too! Then Friday off!!! Golf!!!
  Today was a short effort of 34 minutes with 6X1&1's @ 5K pace. What's that? One minute at 5k pace followed by one minute rest repeated six times. A good workout, effective....you have to run the hills, rises, downhills and maintain the 5K pace. According to the Garmin my pace was faster at times, but the 7:40 pace was achieved. This was sandwiched with one mile warm and cool.  The weather is fantastic as a cool front has moved in, but no rain yet. I'm also needing twelve miles in the next two runs? That isn't gonna be possible? I may not meet my hoped for 25 this week. Hope you are running well! Streakin'!Peace...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Big Mo

  Another important leadership principle is "The Big Mo". Momentum!! That positive, winning force, that is elusive and fickle! Leaders must be able to recognize it and mobilize it! In running we can find momentum, too. Today I was pumped after yesterday'sys run and found that carry over effect. I didn't run as fast or as far but I had momentum! The trick is keeping momentum. It is easy to lose! Just like a fumble in football can deflate a drive momentum can be lost in a flash! Or it can be captured like the recovery of the fumble!
    So be on the lookout for momentum! At work, play, finances, etc....
  48 minutes on the roads! I've put in 14 miles in the last three days! That's huge for me! The foot feels good! Building momentum:) Peace!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Today I was a Runner!

  Sometimes as I go for a run I feel like a sight! Some old fellow shuffling along, trying to run but looking like anything but a runner! A slogger? Today, even with the heat and hills, I felt like my old self....I really felt like I was running again! It's been a long journey with the Achilles tendinitis and the ankle issues. Today I finally put my toe in the water so to speak, I am coming back to the world and wonder of long distance running. I actually ran for 1 hour! I was careful not to let loose on the downhills, yet. I did take all the hills though!
  I put up some of the best mile splits yet, too,with a 9:35 second mile! So today I was a runner! I am encouraged yet cautious. With the goal of 25-26 miles this week I am well on my way with the 5.9 today! Hope your run was half as good as mine! Peace!

Goal Race

Finally nailed down my 5K goal race, the OC Challenge. This will be the inaugural race for this facility, and it's in my town! The date is 10/23 which gives me time to reach base camp 3 and then have a sharpening phase. My goal will be to break 24 minutes which is a 7:43 pace.
  Is that a realistic goal? Yes, and it will require much hard work and an all out effort. In between I will run at least one race, I really hope for more, though......peace!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


  Have you ever had an encounter with the dreaded Red Wasp? Vicious little devils! I've learned how to kill them with my bare hands!! One day as I was planting one of my trees I was being harassed by one of these red marauders, I'd had enough so I lined up my attack and slapped my hands together with him in between! He fell dead and I sustained no injury, yet sometimes these guys aren't dead! The will somehow come back to life! They are really tough critters!
  Today I was like the red wasp that's coming back to life....I rebounded with a strong four miler and finished this week ( I go from Monday through Sunday) with 24.15 miles!!! Week 2 of Base Camp 2 is completed!
  Next week I will increase distance by 10%, aiming for 26+ miles. Peace!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


    Today I had hoped for a track work-out that I could write home about, I made it to the track but I was late! The heat and humidity added to my strange sense of fatigue, what was wrong? I could barely get going?
  So I trudged along, stopped, drank some water...was I dehydrated? I took some medicine last night and it seems to have zapped me? Stuffy nose....
  I finally felt like I could try a repeat and did 1K in 5:15. Not what I need! I rested for 200m and drank some more water...another 1K in 5:19. I'm done....I lived to train another day. Not a good day at the track, I simply have no energy, totally zapped!44:50 minutes. I look for one more run this week putting me on track as I continue to increase distance. Peace!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Drought brings death!

  We are hurting terribly for rain! My trees are dying for lack of rain! Even hauling water can't save them!! Today I noticed three more are dying and once they start there is no stopping the death process....sad! This is the reason why I've planted so many yet I still am saddened by the little sapling losing it's fight.
  I am already planning on my tree order for next year and my plans for replanting.
  Right now there are big dark clouds to the south...please, please, please...we need rain!
  I put 51:16 TOR today. My overall pace seems to be quickening and all in all I'm staying healthy. Well it's off to Branson and shopping then dinner. We've been enjoying our mini-vacation! Peace!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Keep on pushin', pushin', pushin'

   I believe on of the main culprits of failed and broken dreams is apathy, or just plain laziness! Oh, yes, there is a time to just veg out, for sure, but so many folks find it difficult to dig down deep and go it alone! Ultimately that's what it takes to achieve true success, a decision to go for it and push on through all the nay- saying and discouragers. Example-often when people begin running family and friends will warn with the proverbial  "your knees will wear out!" saying this as they chow down on a chunk of sugar!
  Keep on pushin'!! You can get there!! Eschew Laziness!!
  47:41 TOR (time in road). The heat is back....I love it!!! My Sweetheart and I are off to town to run errands, eat Mexican, and go to the cheap 5$ movies! I am wondering about chomping on some sugar?!:)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


  I played 27 holes yesterday, carrying my bag! Shot a 76 on the first 18. Today, played cart golf and stunk it up horribly!! I was embarrassed! Such is golf!!! The course was tougher than I'm used to, but you should still be able to adapt. Regardless, I had fun!
   The heat is back on and I enjoyed a run in it after the round of golf. I really felt strong. My heel is good and my strength is building. I am encouraged! 38:40 TOR.
  Sandy is off the next two days, but I should still be able to achieve my goal of around 23 miles. We are gonna hang out and enjoy one anothers company! Have a great day!! Peace!

Monday, August 16, 2010


  Golf, golf and  more golf.....Sandy won't be off until Thursday so I'll just have to play golf 'till then!:))
 I do plan on continuing my training for the Oct 2nd 5K goal race. I really enjoyed getting back to racing Saturday and as I review I am very pleased with my performance. I kept a  consistent pace, held at or just below "threshold pace".
  As I ran my 32 minute short run (have to save the legs for golf)  at 20 minutes I suddenly  felt this surge of energy! It started on an uphill! Very encouraging.
  I will continue to increase by 10% each week for the next three weeks....going to the track on Saturdays.
 I have been thinking about the best or most effective speed work for the 5k for an old man....I'm thinking 1k repeats. I've also been tinkering with the idea of starting to train using kilometers, especially since I'm training for shorter races. We'll see...otherwise have a great week! I'm on vacation! Fore!!!Peace!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Finley River 5K "Race Report"

  A good nights sleep, bowl of cereal, out the door with a plan to run a "Threshold Pace" run (tempo). Where that would be is the question! I did manage to find a comfortably hard pace....where I could of pushed a bit but opted to hold right there and not race.
   Beautiful morning with overcast skies and a fresh rain, a real large turnout!! Since this was the only race in the area most of the elites were there, I lined up on the outside mid-pack, had a good sweat going from my 1 mile warm-up...and off! Lots of slower runners in front started too fast...a guy dropped his Ipod in front of me and I had to leap around him as he stopped suddenly....I looked at charmin' Garmin and noticed it said 7:18...whoops! I slowed down knowing if I didn't I'd surely die! Nice and smooth, rhythmic breathing, easy course...some folks were racing which was okay...I let them go....one mile 8:07.
  Mile two was very interesting and enjoyable! I found this threshold, and perhaps it was a little too easy, why?An 8:22 second mile? No, as I was maintaining I heard a light breathing pattern coming on my right shoulder....I'm not going to race! It was a tall young lady running barefoot! I said "you sure are light on your feet!" She liked that and we began a brief conversation, I shouldn't of been able to chat! So maybe I was sandbagging? She said this was the first race she'd run barefoot, she eventually pulled away as I kept a steady pace, made the turn and began to catch quite a few people who were toasting, one guy wanted to race....he didn't like me passing him so he began to push...I didn't I just maintained, coming to a turn I drew such a tight line I guess I demoralized him as I passed him he fell off for good. I came upon two "rabbits", people who walk then run, I just kept the pace, one eventually finished ahead of me by a few yards as they sprinted in...I resisted....the other got beat by the tortoise...8:28 third...not bad, but not what I would of liked, the last .12 (Garmin D) was :58. 25:55 unofficial. I saw that I was way down in the age group....I knew this would not be a good time for me but it was a great training effort! I am pleased. Heel feels great!
  I did stay around for the door prize drawings, I won the first one!!! $15 bucks for Bob Evans restaurant!
  So I broke even, got a cool shirt, saw some friends, and had a quality work-out. I was proud of myself that I could show self-control and maintain a fairly even pace....I think I could of pushed a little more but don't we always. So, next up, September 11th. Another pace race...not the goal race. Hope you have a great week-end! Go Bubba Watson in the PGA! Peace!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's the Dog days when....

     they've pulled the swimming pool under the shade, they are in said pool by 10am, the dogs have no bark or bite just pant! The Folks w/o air conditioning (yes still a reality here in the Ozarks) are under the shade tree in the front yard in a semi-comatose state, the road tar crackles and pops under foot, you run out of water too soon, fat melts off like butter on corn on the cob, and many others...
   Megster....don't take off too long!!
 Oddity: Yesterday I ran for exactly 48:48, today 56:56!?? Isn't that interesting? I really felt good today even though I did toast out a little towards the end of the run. I've had a good week as I only need 2.72 miles to reach 20 for the week. With the 5k coming up Sat. I will surpass the base camp2 mileage need.
  Heel, legs, everything else seems to be feeling good. I hope to find a comfortably hard pace Saturday so I won't be too embarrassed or discouraged by my lack of miles and training.
  Hope you all are doing well and staying cool! Tomorrow I will go golfing!!!! Even if it is 100 degrees, I need my escape time as I get very little down time in my life. No complaints mind you, I love what I do but it's essential to stay refreshed! Golfing has a way of doing that for me not mention I am not half bad at the sport. Peace!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


  I made it out the door by 8:45 this morning and the heat wasn't quite as oppressive. The run was a little better than yesterday in that I was able to run/jog the entire time. I am somewhat encouraged by your helpful comments regarding my race this Saturday, good advice and thanks all, it truly helped!
  I actually felt pretty good for a while today, even as I sweated and panted! Time On Road today (TOR) 48:48. I only need 80 more minutes this week! That ought to be easy!
   You all know I am big on leadership. We are in dreadful need of it in our everyday lives. One of the hallmarks of great leadership is the ability to stand firm even when alone! Commitment and conviction over ride cowardice! Think about it......Peace!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


  Couldn't help but get out late this morning. Just an easy run on the schedule but I will tell you it turned out  to be hard!! The heat index is nearly 100 so with hills and humidity it was pretty tough. I remembered back in "the day" when I'd run 10 milers of hills in mid-day August! Oh the wonders of youth!!
  So i slogged this one out, putting 48 minutes on the roads, having negative thoughts in regards to the race Saturday?! Gee, if I can barely survive this how will I give a good effort Saturday? I am in a dreadful deficit of miles! Yes, maybe I've put 8 weeks in of gradual building and have finally reached 20 miles per/wk w/o injury or pain, but I need to be realistic....can I even run 3.1 as a FCR? If so I really will need to adjust pace  to a realistic goal...I was hoping 10K pace which is 8's...but after today?.....don't know? Plus I don't want to be embarrassed? On track this week to stay in base camp II, only need about 120 more minutes on roads! Peace!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Structured Fartleks

  We runners know about Fartleks, or speedplay, I like to have a structure to mine...I guess because I'm strange that way. I pick a starting point and run for a prescribed distance @  a desired pace.
   Today it was 1/10th mile @ mile pace (7:15's). I did six of 'em. It could really be called road intervals but I made it play, too. No more Hill reps during this training program!!
  Anyway, it's back to the "dog days" around here. The heat is on and I was out later this morn so I toasted pretty good. I am looking forward to Saturday, it's been nine months since I've been in a race, I have no aspirations! I look forward to seeing some friends, getting back in the feel of a race, and doing a Fast Continuous Run (FCR). Since I have no real base.....no real long runs....very little speed work....and still carrying 4 extra lbs I don't hold out any big dreams of busting 24 this Saturday. I do think I could break 26...I should hope so!?
  I really enjoy training....just a note of encouragement to all you young'uns out there; the older body still responds to training. Just take care to not get overweight guys(reduces testosterone), so 44:27 in time today, 99 degree heat index...I'm alive!! Peace!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Phase I done!

 I've logged seven consecutive weeks of at least three hours on the roads, the last four with hill reps making that period my strengthening phase, or base camp I. Now I hope to begin what I call base camp II. I know, I know, kinda hokie but I liken this training to Mtn climbing. You establish a base and prepare for the next segment.
  This next phase (building) I hope to reach 4-4.5 hrs on the roads with consistent track workouts adding in races for FCR training. Plus a real med long run....like maybe a 10  miler?
  Today a little 31 minute run finished the week with 21.9 miles this week. Building a solid base! Maybe a marathon is in my future? Peace!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Feeling the training

     So today was one of those experiences we all have....the run was a bear! I went out at noon and didn't expect the elements to have any impact, we are actually having a cool spell, but I sure did feel the heat. I had to break down and walk intermittently in order to survive. Finally I broke through and was able to finish decently. 53:08 in time and this makes reaching Base Camp II easy! I will arrive this week (20 miles) and will do another 20 mile week before I begin the climb again,. Must go mow the yard! It's about an acre so it takes a while. Hope you all have a great weekend! Peace!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Babies

  You might remember that I planted around three hundred pine/deciduous saplings on my land back in '09. Here is a pic of the tallest one. I've also planted an additional 100 trees this year. Including both years I have five different species of pine, and 15 deciduous tree species. Have I told you I love trees?!
  Fooled around on the golf course today, took a walk this eve with my sweetheart, tomorrow will be a longish run as I conclude the final week in the strengthening phase. Peace!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Strengthening Phase

  So I'm having a little fun with this idea of training for a 5K. This week gets me to Base Camp II, or I am completing the traditional strengthening phase and beginning a building phase.
  I have put together four consecutive weeks of hill repeats and track runs with three additional easy runs. My heel is fine and all systems seem go...
   Beginning next week I will no longer be doing the hill reps but making the track workout the focus. Instead I'll make Monday a longer distance run. I will level off for one week, next week, then build in distance. By adding 10% increases each week for three weeks I should reach 27 miles a week by the end of Aug.
  All contingent on the heel with is not the primary pain spot now anyway!
  Today was the track work-out, this will have to move back to Saturday as school's starting soon. I made it by 7:15, a good warm-up then 2x800m, 1x600m, 1x400m, 1x200m, 1x100m. brief recovery between each segment. All came in at or under my hoped for 5k pace of 7:43 per mile.
  I wasn't really feeling it but plowed through anyway. I think as I now eliminate the hill reps this ought to make a difference at the track. If I was to continue in this training mode my goal race would be sometime in Oct. The next two races I have scheduled will not be goal races, but FCR's (fast continuous runs). My goal is to break 24min.
    Peace!! Stay cool! It's breaking the 100's here!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lovin' Summer

   I've noticed the pattern of the Sun, lately, it's gradually drifting back to the South and the days are getting shorter. I so love Summertime. I guess all the fond memories I have of the old neighborhood. Man we had some fun!!
  Yet time is a relentless companion! It holds for no one and makes no concessions! I've been adding minutes to my daily runs and as many of you might know I've been on a long road of recovery from my own pride and stupidity, today I found myself the furthest I'd been from the house in quite a while. I even managed a negative split! I really felt good and the heel seems to be on a continued recovery, too.
   I wonder if any of you have read Dr. Sheehan's book "Running and Being". This book made quite an impression on me in around 1984-85. I got so much out of it! Like the magic six which I still do some to this day. I encourage you to get a copy.
  So 43 minutes yesterday, 50 minutes today, I'm on track for reaching base camp II! Peace!

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Pleasent Loneliness

  Sometimes you just get tired and want to unload on someone or about something! I've discovered over the years that it's best to impose self-control during those times! I always live to regret what I might say or do, yet perhaps sometimes it's necessary to at least try to tell your side! This is one reason I so love my time on the roads. To me running is private. It is a sweet and pleasant loneliness. A time to unload and reload! A time to search and regroup, to test and prove. I believe running is as natural to us as any other aspect of our existence. Man I'm thankful I am able to hit the roads.
  Our hottest days yet are upon us so I was out by 7am this morning. I did two miles warm-up then 11X175m hills. All reps were under one minute and I recovered better than last week. I need to fit five days into three this week! Have you ever had to do that? Leadership conference Thurs&Fri....(still might sneak in a round of golf). Peace!!


     So, we've been getting missed by all the pop-up showers and now drought has come. Trees are soaking up all the dew and seedlings a...