Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Babies

  You might remember that I planted around three hundred pine/deciduous saplings on my land back in '09. Here is a pic of the tallest one. I've also planted an additional 100 trees this year. Including both years I have five different species of pine, and 15 deciduous tree species. Have I told you I love trees?!
  Fooled around on the golf course today, took a walk this eve with my sweetheart, tomorrow will be a longish run as I conclude the final week in the strengthening phase. Peace!


Meg said...

My dad loved planting trees on our little farm when I was young. I was never patient enough to enjoy planting and nurturing trees. Now flowers, they were my quick fix and still are!
Hey, thanks for being the only guy to choose a dress for the wedding for me, you choose the one my husband bought me!

Johann said...

I also love trees! I don’t have land to plant many, but whenever I can I plant a tree.

Jill said...

300 trees? You must have lots of land :). I like them though, they are so cute and give you lot more oxygen so you can run faster :). Hope the long run went well...and have a super weekend!!!

Marlene said...

You don't post pics much - nice to have a face for the name!

Your trees look great!

lindsay said...

that's cool! i'm all about replenishing nature/natural things. are you going to kind of farm the trees? where my parents live there's a lot of land that this big textile company owns, they (the company) farm pine trees to make some of whatever-it-is-they-make.

anyway, grow baby trees grow!


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