Saturday, February 28, 2009

Race Report

It was a blizzard! I almost turned back home but realized I'd have to run today anyway so I went ahead and ran the race. As I warmed-up the snow accumulated on me! It finally let up as we lined up to start. The turn out was real good. I'd say at least a hundred hardy souls.

Although this week consisted of a long run and strides, I decided for an all out effort for a gauge of fitness.

The gun went off and the splashing began! The roads were slushy and slick! It didn't take long for the pack to spread out. There were no mile markers so I could only speculate as to my pace. It was strong but I could tell the weeks training had me slightly fatigued. I passed two fit looking college age girls and one old Goober, probably my age, apparently he didn't like being passed so he hung with me and then went ahead.

I didn't worry about it, I just kept steady. We made the turn and here I felt pretty good. I found that smart running, even pace, good economy, sharp lines, had enabled me to pass Goober again. He didn't like it!! He was really sucking air and hot on my heels but it was here I passed another runner. An extremely svelte young lady who was toasting. Then with about a half mile to go or less I passed a young guy who was playing rabbit and Goober was struggling to keep up.

It was time for a kick as I saw the finish line and here came ole' Goober but not a chance! I stretched it out and beat him solid! It was fun! The clock said 24:06 so I'm pleased with the effort. That translates into a 3:54.57 marathon prediction. So? Maybe I can break four hours?

As I was racing I noticed I could not get to the all out effort. Just too tired. The weeks training had an effect so I think I can still bring the 5k time down. 5.8 total warm up, race, cool down.

40.0 for the week. Peace!

Friday, February 27, 2009


My Mom was super superstitious! It was really a hoot growing up because she had so many little things she did in order for good luck. All of us kids (four) grew up the same way. Our Dad died at an early age so Mom was left raising us. She never did remarry.
Anyway, I was thinking while running that I have been so wondrously blessed with a strong body then I though, "Knock on wood" !! Yes I endure various injuries, I'm even dealing with one now, I'm not sure what it is?, it's that lower abdominal pain, but all in all my body has endured the pounding of the pavement for 28 years. I am blessed!

The forecast is for 1-3 inches of snow overnight. That will make the race interesting? I think I will still participate. I don't expect the roads to be covered so it can still serve as a test of current fitness. Got my rabbits foot? Yep. Four leaf clover? Yep! Buckeye? Yep! Good to go!!
3.9 easy today. Peace

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today an easy run with 10X30 second strides. Fortunately the rains held off and I got it in. I have a 5K race coming up Saturday that I'd like to use as a test to see how my training is coming along. I sure appreciate the encouragement from my blogging friends and it does help to hear your words of support and help.
6.2 miles in 1:00.02. Slower than yesterday but I'd say the striders were right up there around 6 min/per mile pace. It was about as fast as I could move this old body, yet still maintaining form. I will shoot for a 24 min 5K. The weather is expected to be cold and possible snow showers. Sounds like fun! Already over 30 miles for the week and I expect this week to be 40+ miles. I know that's not a lot but for me it is high mileage!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The signs of Spring....Robins building nests, Geese flying North, it's close I can feel it!Amazing recovery for me from the 18 miler Monday. I was really sore and concerned about a particular problem that's been plaguing me but today the body felt great! I ran strong and had to restrain the pace. I ran 6.1 in 54:40. The first task of a Leader is to "define the current reality." Today all the signs point to a body that is beginning to adapt to the training imposed. A year ago I could of never made this run in under an hour if I tried!

Some thoughts about how to improve conditioning:

1) medium distance runs (12-16 miles) on a more consistent basis. Making the body used to these distances. Thus the long runs won't be so daunting or damaging.

2) More diligent in core strength training-the core is crucial to your carriage!

Hope the signs are pointing to Spring in your neck of the woods! Peace

Monday, February 23, 2009

Depletion Run

An interesting run today. I know I belly ache about the weather all the time, but it's getting to me! Overcast, windy and cool today. I want warmth!!!
I decided on an out and back long run without any fluid or food intake during the course. I ran real good until about 14 miles then my body toasted. I pushed on in at a very lethargic pace, actually survival pace, if you know what I mean, and now I'm taking fluids and carbs in mass quantities.
18.0 miles in 3:06.16. I look forward to an entire day of rest tomorrow. I'm planning on racing this coming Saturday. The Marathon is getting closer and I'm starting to wonder about breaking four hours? Do I have enough long runs? Enough miles? Enough marathon pace runs? Every indicator says I ought to be able to bust four hours? We will see....peace!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I like Saturday. It's sleep in day! The sun is shining but the cold hit us pretty good. Oh well, Spring is definitely in the air down here in the Ozarks. The Robins are already making nests, there's a couple in the tree in the front yard, and nature is on the edge of her seat waiting to break out, I can feel it!

4.7 miles easy today. The body felt pretty good after yesterdays hard effort. I am planning next weeks schedule as a hard week. Monday long run, Tues recovery, Wed & Thurs medium endurance runs, Fri easy, Saturday Race! Yippee! I am believing I can bring the 5K time down.

Sure hope your training plans are working out. Have a great Saturday!

Friday, February 20, 2009


The weather softened up today. The temps hit the mid-fifties but the wind remains strong out of the south. That's okay! It is warmer! I drove up to my Alma Mater, MSU, and hit the track. After a good warm-up my plan was to do a VO2 max work-out doing 6X800's at 5k pace with a 400 jog in between for a rest. I finished up with 7X800. Here are the times for the 800's: 3:47, 3:49, 3:48,3:50, 3:49, 3:50,3:51.
There was much activity on the track and field. One young man was doing 400's and wow!! He could flat fly! What a sight I must've been in comparison? The Girls were practicing Field Hockey and the crack of the stick resounded through the stadium. They were really getting with it in some sort of drill and having a lot of fun, too. After their practice as they made it off the field I noticed one girl was very upset? She seemed physically fine, but something happened to make her cry? As I jogged back to my car one of the kids I spoke to last week saw me and we talked for a second. I really like college kids! They are in an interesting place in life.
Well tomorrow a cold front is back in town, I will hope to get 4-6 miles in sometime. Hope you get in a good run today. Peace!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today, despite the wicked North wind and cold...brrrrr! I ran. I think I'm fighting some type of mid training funk? The body is in a state of persistent soreness. The will is about to buckle because the weather is unceasing in its chill. The air of doubt is haunting me as I run..." you can't break four hours if you feel like this, why try?"...
But I realize that a step back is not a loss but often a time to recover and get a better picture of the current reality. I have improved. I am stronger and faster than a year ago. I can break four!
7.5 miles today in 1:12.57 or 9:44's. I held back because I'm going to the track manana.
It is necessary to do repeats. I have fun at the track! I used to have a good runnin' buddy that would go with me. Man he is fast! He BQ'd when it wasn't cool. I sure miss him. He was a great running mentor to me. He kinda' checked out after his son was killed in a car accident. I tried to stay in contact but the grief took its toll on the family. They moved in order to start anew. I wonder if he's still running?
Peace to all and hope it's warming up in your neck of the woods

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Optimistic and Gullible

The two words that would describe me-I have a leadership saying that I continue to believe in
"mine the gold of good intentions". In other words give people a break! Look for the positive!
Today I am totally worn out. The job has applied its periodic stresses and taken a good toll of time, and energy. I found myself behind in the weeks preparations but I have caught up!
It cost two days of running but I can make this week an easy week instead of next week, no prob. So I rested. Have a good one! Hope to be back on the roads tomorrow

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


No run today. It's okay...I was hoping for at least three to four miles but it wasn't in the cards. Too much stuff goin' on that I can't put in print. But if you are a Pastor you'd have a good idea...
I will try to get in a quality run tomorrow. Preferably 8 miles.
Hope it's going good for you

Monday, February 16, 2009

Battlefield Hills

Sunny, cold and windy. I didn't feel like running? Worn out from yesterday! I put off the run as long as I could until I either scuttled it or ran. I opted to run. I covered the 12.6 mile scenic "Battlefield Hills" loop in 2:06.07. Not bad? I had a real slow warm up and eventually got to 9:30's. I took every hill and stretched every downhill.
It is a very satisfying feeling to finish a hard run when you know you almost blew it off!
I got some real good illustration material as I was running today. I so enjoy the time spent in running. It is quite possible to have very productive moments as you run. The mind is truly amazing in it's ability to multi-task.
Hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good weak?

The weather took a turn for the better. Sunny, light wind, 47 degrees. Good running weather! My body is still not recovering like I'd hope it would. I'm sore in the quads and groin, but not so bad I can't run.
I did a two mile warm up then three miles tempo run. I nearly maintained 15K pace, so I'm feeling okay about the work out. Totaled 5.7 miles, finishing the week at around 38 miles.

I've decided on next weeks schedule-
Mon- 12.4 hills-and pace
Tues-4 easy-
Wed- 5 recovery-10X100 strides
Thurs-6 easy
Fri- 7-track work-out-probably yassos
Sat-10K easy- total potential-40+ miles. Then the following week will be a rest week. Although I will race on Saturday.

I'm taking the Sweetheart out for fine dining tonight. This is our 29th Valentines day together!
I wonder how she has put up with me all these years? I definitely married out of my league! She is way to good for me! I'm the most blessed guy in the world!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Just a flat out nasty day. The winter winds are back and oh do they have an eroding effect on the mentality. I am totally gassed. When I started the run I figured I looked like Walter Brennan.My body was stiff and uncooperative?
Anyway, I hung tough and finally got loose. I made it 6.4 miles in a dreadfully slow pace but it doesn't matter I had some good time to think.
The talk went well last night. After I was finished we had question time, they will text their questions to the leader via telephone and the leader in turn asks me the question. I really enjoyed this and it is a way to give freedom to ask tough questions. Let me tell you it takes guts to do this!
Hope you race well. And best of luck to Love2Run. He's running back to back marathons this weekend!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's Up???

Took a whole day off yesterday to rest and recover from the 20 miler. Today I had in mind an easy run. The weather was so perfect (61, sunny, no wind) the body decided to cruise. 45:41 for the 5.1 miles so that's sub nine's! Man, that's fast for me??
The body is still sore in places, and the quads were grumbling a little as I finished, so I'm kind of surprised by the pace.
I would like to increase mileage tomorrow to six and Saturday to seven. That'll total the week at 38+ miles. I look to still have a tempo run Saturday depending on how the body feels.
I have a speaking engagement tonight at MSU. I love College kids. I enjoy their company and love to inspire them to fulfill their dreams.
Hope you have a great run! As my Sophomore in college son says-Peace

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wet Wednesday

Tornado alley is where I live! In '04 a tornado tore through my neighborhood. It was really a scary experience. One person was killed. Last night we only sustained some wind damage and no one was hurt. I slept through the whole thing!~! I was exhausted from the long run, I guess. Today the soreness is dissipating, I am recovering well. The lower abdomen is still giving me grief but this soreness eases as well.
Running formula this week- Long run 20 miles-two easy runs of 5-6 miles-Thurs and Fri-a 10K tempo run Saturday. Probably an easy walk today. Lots of work to do today, meeting with folks, life is good! I read in the paper today (sounds like a Beatles song) one of my high school runnin' buddies died Sunday. Funny how life goes. In your twenties you check the paper for the marriage licenses , thirties-birth announcements-fifties-death notices!
I say-"Keep on truckin'" Peace!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Top Twenty

61 degrees, 61% humidity, 17 mph s.w.wind-absolutly perfect! Today was the best twenty miler I've ever put up. I did four loops of 5.14 miles and each loop kept getting faster! 49:41, 48:27, 47:41, 46:42. Totaled 20.5 in an average pace of 9:23.
I would take a brief pit stop for fluids and checking for phone calls, then back out the door. I didn't really start hurting until about 18 miles. The feet and hips and inner thigh were done.
I'm pretty pumped about this run. Now I'm concentrating on recovering. I'm planning an easy day tomorrow followed by two easy runs then a tempo run on Saturday. I'm starting to think I can break that four hour barrier.
Some other notes-
Racing thought- Pass with authority! Doc Sheehan talks extensively about this phenomenon in racing. How sometimes we will get lulled into the pace of the person we are passing...make the pass with authority! I was hoodwinked by myself in Saturday's race because it happened to me! I had forgotten this principle! Some tips from the up quietly, like an Indian stalking ...pass looking strong, you are fresh! Surprise and demoralize! That's good stuff!
Life-My Sweethearts parents are really beginning to fail. Tough seeing these once vibrant, active people declining and dealing with serious health issues. My Sweetheart is the baby of eight children and very close to Mom so she's really having a tough time of it.
Thanks for listening! Peace

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday is for Long Run..

The weather is prohibitive for a long run today. Severe storms, high winds, etc. I decided on the! The long run this week is crucial. I will just take it easy today. I can get completely caught up on taxes, and ugh-FAFSA! I will eat well and hydrate all day with the intent to run the 20 miles tomorrow.
Hope it's runnable where you are-Peace

Saturday, February 7, 2009

One down...

The first race to the "Race" is under my belt. Unofficial time is 50:15.51 for the 10K. That's averaging 8:06 per mile. A long way from the 42's and 43's I used to put up. The course was basically flat except for the first mile which had a long downhill, this was out and back so I knew what to expect for the last mile. The wind is howling out of the south with the warm temps at around 20-30 mph, so this was a factor at times.
It's good to be back in the running community. I saw several friends, and made a few new ones. A guy by the name of Brian, carrying a backpack the whole race-preparing for a trail run of some sort. The pack weighted twelve lbs! His wife, a fine runner, Tim, John, Rod, and Mike were the new folks I met. I now have their names memorized and I will remember them next race.
We talked about running and racing afterwards, I was even invited to join a running group!
The first mile of the race was probably the slowest for me, 8:26. The start was 10K and 5K so it was crowded, prob 200 folks. It was in the first mile I saw the dude that has been passing me in the last few races. I keyed on him, eventually deciding to pass him, it just wasn't fast enough? By the way. I beat him like a drum!!
The next two miles I kept the pace where Donald suggested-" a manageably uncomfortable pace the whole way." I could feel in my tired quads the Lactic acid but I held on. The turn was in 25:03.57 or 8:05's-the 2.1 mile stretch was in 7:55's. Here I was really cruising-right at the LT I was looking for. Mile four I was at 32:45, I ran with a young lady for a while and we helped each other along, but apparently I slowed significantly! I thought about this moment...I should have passed her and moved on! The hill arrived and she left me as I was simply maintaining this level of effort. Not all out race, but holding to where I could feel the LT. The last 2.2 was in 17:29.10 or 7:56's. The hill and the wind cost a little but I didn't push it! I could have kicked but I knew I'd met my goal so I kept the same effort through the finish.
All in all I am pleased, but as usual I am thinking "Man! Only 15 second from breaking 50 min!"
Long run is up for Monday. My goal is 20 miles. Marathon day is creeping up! The time I ran today says, according to McMillan, I should be able to run a 3:55.49.
Hope all is well with you-Peace

Friday, February 6, 2009


The sun is out! The temps are warm, and the wind is strong! I enjoyed the wind when it was to my back, I was sailing along! My quads seem to be perpetually sore during this training period. Even with two days of rest a week they are having a hard time recovering.
I felt better today as I ran(4.2 miles) but I kept the pace slow because the important training effect is tomorrows effort.
The first of four races I have slated before the next marathon is tomorrow morning, starting at 10:30am! Temps should be in the mid-fifties, ripe for running! I hope to get in under 51 minutes for the 10K. I will treat this race like I do my track work outs. A good warm-up, then my best effort. I plan on sucking air! Why do we do this???
I am currently reading three books. The one that's captured my main attention now is called "Speak like Churchill and Stand like Lincoln." It is a book about speech making and public speaking/persona. Excellent resource for those of us who make our living by speaking. Me!
Have a great run...hope to see you at the races (Daytona 500 is coming up!!!) Peace

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today's weather is fantastic! Finally some warmth. 59 feels like a heat wave! I felt like I was dragging a load today as I was running. Sometimes you have those days. I covered 5.8 miles avg. 9:28's. Really not that bad considering where I was a year ago, but still I felt quite sluggish. I'm starving! Can't get enough food!
Saturday is race day! In order to run a sub 4 hr marathon I need some benchmarks for encouragement. This 10K race can be one. I need to run this race in at least 50:55. My plan is to get a good warm-up prior to the gun, do the first mile controlled but not too slow, then start my two by two plan I though of while I was running today. I may or may not do this but it is a thought: Set my timer on two minutes-go 5K pace-as it beeps and begins to count again I'll recover with at least marathon pace. Repeat until race is over. That would be around 10 segments. It's a thought?
Well I'm taking my Sweetheart out for dinner, then over to visit with some good friends for the rest of the evening. I'm going to eat everything in sight!
Hope you had a good run! Peace

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stride length

Today was fantastic! The wind was calm, the sky clear, and temps about 30 degrees. Plus there is a warm-up on the way!
I ran 7.9 miles easy pace. Took a while to warm up today but finally at about 3.5 miles I hit a smooth rhythm.
As I was running I was thinking about how to increase stride length. I was doing the math in my head, calculating the number of strides a marathon requires for a runner with a four foot stride length. 5280 feet X 26.2= 138,336 feet divided by 4=34,584 strides- what if a person increased stride length by one inch? You would eliminate 705 strides! If your stride is less than four feet then your elimination increases! ( A stride is one legs reach)
So how could you increase the stride by one inch? Any ideas?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

R and R Tuesdays

Rest and recovery- that is part of the running math formula I am developing. R&R is absolutely essential, especially for us oldsters.

I feel very well today after setting the PR for "Battlefield Hills" and the trails were even slick and snow covered in places so the running was difficult and treacherous at times.

One of the hardest things to do, I think, in Marathon training, is getting to the starting line healthy. I have the tendency to over train. I am always monitoring my heartrate, you? I've learned that this is an excellent indicator of how the body is doing. Remember the will (in some) can sometimes outrun/overrun the body!

I had a high mileage month in January-142.2 miles. That puts me at 16,749.4 lifetime (told you I was obsessive). So the big 17,000 is coming up!! My fav NASCAR driver #17!

So I look forward to a good speedwork session Saturday. The 30th annual "Polar Bear Run" will take place in Bolivar Mo. That's Ball iver, a small College town 40 miles north. Weather forecast-45 the low, 60's the high!! Polar Bears head north!! Why do it solely as a training run? The idea of racing! The adrenaline, the test, the challenge, the goal, the extra push to attain to an ultimate effort that I can't fudge! Plus, I like to have fun! I'm going to let the bear jump on my back so I can push back the LT-another aspect of the formula.

Enough rambling, time to get to work. Have a good one!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Battlefield Hills that is

Today was one of those Winter days. You know the kind if you're a runner that has trained through the Winter season. The sky a dreary gray, regardless of your direction the Winter wind keeps its frontal assault and you look to the sky and say "what's goin' on!"
Anyway, I had "Battlefield Hills" on tap for the day and the goal was to take every hill strong and take the downhills fast, too. I felt real good, warmed up fast and set into a solid pace.
I finished the 10.4 mile loop in 1:36.37, which is a PR (by over 3 min.) for this loop! It figures at 9:17's. Needless to say I am real pleased with this effort. I am seeing improvement. I do hope to be in a footrace this weekend. Remains to be seen.
As I was running I was developing a new math I call runners math- How can all your training add up to the desired goals and dreams you have for your running.More later when I get the formula developed.
Hope the wind has let up in your neck of the woods-as my youngest son always says-Peace!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I am always thinking...often one of the lost arts of mankind. Most people go about on auto pilot "flying by the seat of their pants". I had a boss like that once. He was motivated by every new idea and suggestion and ultimately we never knew where we were going or what was going on!
Talk about poor morale!
An aspect of thinking is contemplating: to view or consider with continued attention.
What is the current reality? Define it! What deserves undivided attention? What problem, issue, or difficulty needs thinking over?
As a leader I've learned the value of contemplation! To look at the issue from all angles. To reveal the blind spots. A person can become very adept at this and begin to make decisive and accurate decisions. As a runner this can be a benefit, I think, as I still have the hope to bust the tape in 3:59.59 or less for the 26.2 D.
Have a great Sunday


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