Monday, February 2, 2009

Battlefield Hills that is

Today was one of those Winter days. You know the kind if you're a runner that has trained through the Winter season. The sky a dreary gray, regardless of your direction the Winter wind keeps its frontal assault and you look to the sky and say "what's goin' on!"
Anyway, I had "Battlefield Hills" on tap for the day and the goal was to take every hill strong and take the downhills fast, too. I felt real good, warmed up fast and set into a solid pace.
I finished the 10.4 mile loop in 1:36.37, which is a PR (by over 3 min.) for this loop! It figures at 9:17's. Needless to say I am real pleased with this effort. I am seeing improvement. I do hope to be in a footrace this weekend. Remains to be seen.
As I was running I was developing a new math I call runners math- How can all your training add up to the desired goals and dreams you have for your running.More later when I get the formula developed.
Hope the wind has let up in your neck of the woods-as my youngest son always says-Peace!

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