Sunday, February 1, 2009


I am always thinking...often one of the lost arts of mankind. Most people go about on auto pilot "flying by the seat of their pants". I had a boss like that once. He was motivated by every new idea and suggestion and ultimately we never knew where we were going or what was going on!
Talk about poor morale!
An aspect of thinking is contemplating: to view or consider with continued attention.
What is the current reality? Define it! What deserves undivided attention? What problem, issue, or difficulty needs thinking over?
As a leader I've learned the value of contemplation! To look at the issue from all angles. To reveal the blind spots. A person can become very adept at this and begin to make decisive and accurate decisions. As a runner this can be a benefit, I think, as I still have the hope to bust the tape in 3:59.59 or less for the 26.2 D.
Have a great Sunday

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