Tuesday, December 17, 2013

10K or bust!

  I am super goal oriented! Every day...nearly every minute I am determined to achieve a goal....probably bordering on obsessive compulsive behavior but that's how I get stuff done.
   However, I also tend to slip into subtle addictions that can suck time....reading...computer games, internet surfing, so with goal setting I can keep myself accountable.
  I have been in limbo with my running since achieving my last goal which was running another half and breaking 2hrs...check!
   Now what? I thought about the 25K in Feb. but it's not setting well with my soul...so I've decided...a 10K in Feb! This will allow me to have a different type of training program tailored for a 10K. Fewer miles higher intensity.
   Today I did 5.1 miles in 45 minutes! That's honkin' on for this old geezer!
Sandy and I have also been doing a thing called "Yoga Meltdown" whew!! That will work you!
   So now I can develop my plan set my goal and all is well! Have a great day! Peace!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Still on the rebuild

  I am still running on the reverse taper. I will finish this week and have seen that it worked really well. I will probably log 20+ miles this week and begin climbing again. I am still terribly undecided about my next race. A 25K or a 10K? I need to decide so I can tailor my training plan. We just finished with a bout of snow and more freezing rain is possible. The roads are drying out and temps supposed to be better than below freezing late next week. When I was a young man-30's, 40's, I'd not hesitate to hit the roads when snow or even ice covered! But now I am more cautious, It's unfortunate but true that when you get older you recover somewhat slower. I just recently passed my running anniversary! I started my program on November 16th 1984 and have logged 21,012 miles to date. How do I know this number....I keep records! OCD!! Have a great day! Peace!

Thursday, December 5, 2013


  Ice and snow drives me to the treadmill. I want to keep coming back so I made myself run for an hour. I increased the pace by 15 minute increments....reaching 7mph for the last 15 minutes. Felt good!! Looks like I'll be shoveling tons of snow tomorrow! Good cross training :)! Have a good one! Peace!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

One more-

So yesterday I ran a 4 miler....felt okay. Slow. Today I will play it by ear. I'd like to run but need to be careful, I am reverse tapering. Next week I need to begin a building up in order to race well in Feb. Down to 72 days until race.
  The terrible Winter storm is on it's way. Ice is predicted and that often means power outages. No fun! I may have some forced down time...hope all is well with you! Peace!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reverse Taper-test!

 Man! I'm really struggling to get back on the horse so to speak...Yesterday I managed a strong 3.5 miler but otherwise my running has gone kaput!
  Today I plan on another short run...then I will probably have to dust off the treadmill because of the Winter storm that is approaching.
   It's really odd how the mind works sometimes? I want to keep my fitness by running and my mind wants to eat and sit! The battle rages on!! Must keep moving...
  Hope it's hot and sunny in your neck of the woods because it's gonna get ugly here!
  Have a great day! Peace!


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