Tuesday, December 17, 2013

10K or bust!

  I am super goal oriented! Every day...nearly every minute I am determined to achieve a goal....probably bordering on obsessive compulsive behavior but that's how I get stuff done.
   However, I also tend to slip into subtle addictions that can suck time....reading...computer games, internet surfing, so with goal setting I can keep myself accountable.
  I have been in limbo with my running since achieving my last goal which was running another half and breaking 2hrs...check!
   Now what? I thought about the 25K in Feb. but it's not setting well with my soul...so I've decided...a 10K in Feb! This will allow me to have a different type of training program tailored for a 10K. Fewer miles higher intensity.
   Today I did 5.1 miles in 45 minutes! That's honkin' on for this old geezer!
Sandy and I have also been doing a thing called "Yoga Meltdown" whew!! That will work you!
   So now I can develop my plan set my goal and all is well! Have a great day! Peace!

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Johann said...

Ha! Part of that post could have been written by me! Addictions like computer games, internet surfing... I am also goal oriented and always have lots of long term and short term goals.


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