Thursday, December 12, 2013

Still on the rebuild

  I am still running on the reverse taper. I will finish this week and have seen that it worked really well. I will probably log 20+ miles this week and begin climbing again. I am still terribly undecided about my next race. A 25K or a 10K? I need to decide so I can tailor my training plan. We just finished with a bout of snow and more freezing rain is possible. The roads are drying out and temps supposed to be better than below freezing late next week. When I was a young man-30's, 40's, I'd not hesitate to hit the roads when snow or even ice covered! But now I am more cautious, It's unfortunate but true that when you get older you recover somewhat slower. I just recently passed my running anniversary! I started my program on November 16th 1984 and have logged 21,012 miles to date. How do I know this number....I keep records! OCD!! Have a great day! Peace!

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jel said...

Merry Christmas! :)


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