Wednesday, December 29, 2010


  Hill work zaps you! Plus it makes you hungry!! I was Cookie Monster last night! We made a haul from friends and neighbors this year, cookies, fudge, chocolate, candy of all colors, flavors and shapes...and I'm the only one eating the stuff!!! Still have piles of it, too!!
  I decided on speed work today, 4X800's with a 400 rest. All at 8's. Felt good except my bones were creaky! It took me a while to loosen up! I think of the song..."time keeps on slippin' slippin' into the future..." I am not getting any younger and the bones were telling me today!! However; running is an amazing elixir! Recently, several people have been shocked when I tell them I am 55! They guess me in my early forties! All I can say is " keep running people!"
  4.8 miles in 46:15. I am looking for the nine miler this week! I should log 20 this week.  Btw...happy new year!!! Peace!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Get a life!?!

  You'd think I could vary my running life a little? Seems like all I do anymore is's becoming an obsession! I did my "Bakers dozen" today and shaved 55 seconds off last weeks's fun competing with yourself like 13 X .17 hills..57:04/4.68 miles.
  A nice sunshiny day with cool south breezes....seems to hint of Spring in the dead of Winter? Have I told you I love Summer? Peace!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas

We got some snow! Just a dusting but it makes for a nice surprise. Being so busy I failed to post my MP run yesterday. I was wanting 9 miles but settled for 8.1, seven of them at 9:00's.
  Evan made it in and he's still the years have gone by...I remember when the boys would wake us so early, now we'll wait until the college boy rolls out....
  I sure hope you're having a wonderful Christmas! I think I may run?! 1:15:02/8.16 miles

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Bakers Dozen

Thankfully the temps have moderated! 48 degrees!! Cloudy and breezy but perfect for running. I went after my hill today with a desire for a hard effort. I warmed quickly and began to knock off reps. I set a PR by nearly a minute when I reached #12 so I threw one more in to make it a bakers dozen. 13 X .17 hills in 57:59...4.66 miles.
  So I am gradually increasing each of my three hard efforts every week. I need a 9 mile pace run this week and hope to get my road work in, too. We got some startling info in regards to our current family issue, it was quite a set back for me and Sandy....seems like it's never thing I goes on! The world keeps spinning!! There is always hope!  Hooray!!! The days will now start getting longer and we are getting closer to Summer!!!
  Tonight we are going to some dear friends home for a Christmas Party. These folks are not only wonderful friends and people but boy howdy can they cook!!! Sure am glad I ran my hills today!
  I sure wish you a wonderful Christmas time and I hope you have a sweet time with family. Our youngest son will be coming in on Christmas Eve...our oldest will not be with us this year, it's heartbreaking! I so love Christmas time!!! Peace!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday on the roads

  It felt good to get out on the road!! I've been doing either hills or treadmill so the rolling roads felt good today. It's still very chilly but no real wind so with shorts, long sleeves, wool hat and gloves I did a short run with 3 x .5 @ 5K pace. I wasn't able to get the speed I really wanted but it's better than nothing!
  3.63 in 34:07-9:24's. I finished off a good week and I continue the climb. Hope you are well! Peace!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The easy way out!

  So it's cold and!? Back in the day I'd brave the elements I find the allure of the the comfortable confines of my home I can run!
  Sure it's a different running....yet it still burns calories and trains the heart/lungs. I decided on an 8 miler with one mile warm up one cool down. The six in between were 3 x 6.6mph. 2 x 6.7 mph, 1 x 7.0 mph. All on 1 degree incline. I broke a good sweat and held on real well. I really need to take it to the's just not the same. However, the hills + treadmill ought to = strong running! We will see.....1:15:45-8 miles. Peace!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cold Sweat

  Sweating and being cold is very uncomfortable!!! Have you ever experienced that? Today it's around freezing with a breezy North wind, gray skies....kinda depressing actually!
  Decided to run 12 X medium hills (.17). My times were slower but I felt very strong...every time I'd reach the top that wind would smack me and freeze the sweat! Brrrr!
  I hope to still do an 8 miler this week at MP. Plus a speed session. I am running out of days!! I seem to be being pulled in ten different directions, dealing with a plethora of ministry issues plus our own personal trial is weighing me down...running seems to be a wonderful refuge!!
  Great quote I ran across today..." A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing!" Hope the temps are risin' where you are! Peace!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My time is under attack!!! Seems like I am in short supply of time....I could only get 30 minutes of running today....I hope to get an hour of hill work tomorrow. I've always been able to balance things and lately seems too many plates to keep spinning....such is life of a Pastor in a growing church!!
 Hope you are well! Peace

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Speed work Saturday

  Have I told you how much I love Summer? I'm trying to keep a good attitude with this nasty weather we are having! High winds and low temps made me resort to the treadmill. I put it on .5 incline and did a solid warm-up. Then 3X1 miles @ 7.5 mph with a 2 min rest. I really felt good and I am a believer in treadmill training. I do long for warmth and think, Winter has not even started yet!!!
  I totaled 18.1 miles this week and I continue to climb....Little Rock is still a possibility!:)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Slowly I turn...step by step...inch by inch...

  I am staying the course as I did a 7 mile MP run today. One mile warm-up, 5 miles under 9's, one mile cool down. I will really need to begin to add more "miles" soon. As I know the marathon demands a trained body, extra miles will be needed.
   1:03:16-7miles. That's the longest I've run in a Coons age! I'm lovin' running again! To get in that zone where you know that you could run forever is such a delightful place to be!! I found that next up is speed work. If I can run 3.6 miles I'll have 15 for the week in just three by step...inch by inch....Peace!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Birthday Suit!?

 Hills have amazing power!!! Hills give the gift that keeps on giving! Hills make curves! I was showing Sandy how hills seem to be sculpting my body in new ways....she wasn't impressed! But it's true!!! I have noticed how I am maintaining body weight and narrowing more in the mid-section. The foam roller has REALLY helped the discomfort!!
  Today I shaved 3:13 off of my 12 x med's a .17 mile hill btw...I did a 54:36, with the last repeat (down and up together) at a PR of 3:47!! I am feeling real good about myself! I really have a dream of running another marathon...looks like a 7 miler is next on my schedule. Yesterday was a long ole day as I drove up and back to St. Louis to be with some of my dear friends and officiate the funeral. What an awesome family these folks are, I have never attended such an amazing ceremony! A great celebration, and the deceased left such an inspiring and solid legacy! Live life to the fullest!! Take the hill! Peace!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Speed play...not Fartlek

  Super nasty weather so I wasn't able to get to the track so I jumped the treadmill.....a 7/10th warm-up then knocked an 8 min mile, rested a 1/4 then went after a 7:30 mile but backed down to 7:53 pace after 8/10ths so I almost made it! Finished with 3.227 miles in 31 min. Feeling good...keeping the desire to run...still dreaming about achieving goals...peace! (going to play a bluegrass festival that's why I'm so short today)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Up the hill and down.....

 Isn't hill running much like life? Even the ease of going down is stressful...but I am not complaining! I am ever so thankful I am able to run!! I did 12 x med hill today which is an 11% gradient hill. I felt very good and strong...and pushed the last one as hard as I could. I covered 4.4 miles in 57:49...but whatdda expect it's a steep hill! I did jog all downs, too.
  I purchased a foam roller!! It is a miracle working device! My hammies have been buggin' me but this thing is making a difference! I'm excited about this tool.
  I will have to travel to St' Louis Monday to officiate a funeral so training will be thrown off a little, I hope to get one more hard effort in this week.
  I really don't mind uphills anymore....just like in life this is where you discover what you're made of....peace!


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