Wednesday, December 29, 2010


  Hill work zaps you! Plus it makes you hungry!! I was Cookie Monster last night! We made a haul from friends and neighbors this year, cookies, fudge, chocolate, candy of all colors, flavors and shapes...and I'm the only one eating the stuff!!! Still have piles of it, too!!
  I decided on speed work today, 4X800's with a 400 rest. All at 8's. Felt good except my bones were creaky! It took me a while to loosen up! I think of the song..."time keeps on slippin' slippin' into the future..." I am not getting any younger and the bones were telling me today!! However; running is an amazing elixir! Recently, several people have been shocked when I tell them I am 55! They guess me in my early forties! All I can say is " keep running people!"
  4.8 miles in 46:15. I am looking for the nine miler this week! I should log 20 this week.  Btw...happy new year!!! Peace!

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jel said...

happy new year !


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