Saturday, March 31, 2012

Frisco Highline Boyscout Half-Marathon

  Everything fell into place today. I slept a solid 8 hrs last night....I mean slept! Woke up automatically at 6am, ate my waffles with peanut butter and honey! MMMM good!
  Was blessed in the natural realm....made it to the race site with about 1/2 hour to spare. 35 mile drive!
  Weather was perfect for me....a sultry 60ish with a light breeze and sunshine. A strong field for this area and considering there were two other races going on in the area...185 in the HM.
  I had three goals-Ultimate would of been 1:50, challenging 1:52.30 and acceptable 1:55.
  I did a short warm-up- talked with some friends-lined up middle right and off we went. I had my plan to hold back the first mile then kick it in to HM pace-around 8:27's.
  I was passed by dozens of people during this time.....common deal....bunches going out to fast.
  So I'm doing good...I kicked it in at 1 mile...I'm holding the pace clicking off some good around 5.5 miles I look at my watch and I am bleeding!
  My hand is covered in blood! What's the deal? My Garmin 305 was digging into the skin right behind my wrist! I keep running....I have to do something? So I take off the watch and decide to put it on my right arm....that isn't easy! As I'm making the change I must've accidentally stopped the time...messed up my splits! the turn I hit the lap so I could figure out time it turns out I did the first half of the half in 55:22! I averaged exactly my HM pace to here!
  So I kept working at holding the pace....btw...I had been consistently picking off people and that continued all the way in with the exception of the finish.
  I had forgotten I had one gu with me and so I took it....felt like barfing it! Held it down though. I was losing the pace even though I strung together 3 8:42's! Very consistent pacing today. By mile 11 I was struggling a little but I was not going to slow into the 9's! Even though my watch was messed up I figured it was only off a few seconds (23)....I could smell a good time!
  I kept pushing...I thought about all the training I'd done, speed work, tempo runs, 25K race....Mile 12 was unbelievable! 8:27! Now only 11 tenths! Pass two more with confidence.....1/2 mile to go I hear someone coming....A guy I'd passed, I couldn't stay with him, around the bend about 100m and another person is closing....ain't gonna happen! I sucked it up and beat them to the finish! A 1:52.02! Official! The second half was a 56:40 or 8:39's.
  Needless to say I was elated!! The training is paying off! Now to the marathon!
 So I averaged 8:33's! By far the best HM I've run in years! I think the weight loss has something to do with this too....Oh, I met Jim Ryan today. Cool guy!
 Hope you had a great a brief recovery and the 22 miler needs to get done! Breaking 4 hrs is a possibility!!:) Peace!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Like a million dollars!

 I feel good today! I went out for a short base pace run....I am in a mini-taper for the race Saturday. I've done no long run but have done a t5.5 mile tempo run and speed work, with two short road runs.
  Today I feel some of the residual fatigue but I also sense energy. It will be interesting to see how I respond Saturday. I feel like I've come a long way since my last HM...I don't even remember when! I think it was November 2010.
  Well I felt strong and my pace kept getting faster on my little run. Rest day tomorrow! Helping my awesome Niece move today! 3.1 miles 29:12...Peace

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Speed play down played

   So this is a race week and a recovery week? Try to figure that out!:) I have decreased mileage in the tempo run, and in today's speed work: 1 x 2K @ HM pace, 1 x 1 mile @ 10K pace, 1 x 1K A 5K pace, 1 x .5 miles @ 3K pace....2 min recover between and a mile warm and cool= 56 minutes 6.03 miles.
  Tomorrow I will do a short outdoor reco run and I will not run on Friday. I have set high goals for this HM on Saturday. I really want to break 1:55. I may not have done a very good mini-taper but this will be an all out race effort.
  I am dealing with some traditional marathon pains....left ankle/achilles area sore...right lower buttocks soreness....otherwise I'm ready to go!
  The forecast is for scattered showers and low temps in the 60's so this will be a warm day. I'm excited....I wonder what I can do? Hope all is well with you! Peace!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Outdoor Run

  I eventually want to transition all my runs to the was so nice to be out side! The temps are in the 80's!!! Wow...crazy March weather!
  So all I did was an easy recovery run. 3.1 easy miles loping along at reco pace-31 min even total.
  Now to mow the yard!! Oh boy!!! Peace!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The trouble with running

  It's addictive! Running can surly overtake your whole life! It can reprioritize and replace and it can be a driving passion. I've been so obsessed that I have a 1186 day running streak in the ended May 5th 1999.
  Yet over the years I've learned that there is a need for discipline in not allowing running to dominate my life. It's tough but if you don't get control you'll eventually burn out and your running will only be a distant memory.
  So the balance has to be learned. I'm refering to that balance now in my training as my life as a Husband, Father, Pastor, all have to come before Runner. Yet they all blend into one person....I can still be a runner even if I miss an important work out.
  I can still run well even if I don't adhere to a strict regime of training and diet. I can still race well...even better if I learn to let the pressure off!
  So it goes in this training cycle. I seek balance and I pursue the dream! Breaking 4 hrs in the marathon!
  So today I start a recovery week with a race slated for Saturday. The race will be an all out effort in a HM. I hope to get in under 1:55. Boy a 1:50 would be a dream!
  Today 1 mile warm and cool- 5.5 miles @ HM pace-7.1mph, 1 degree incline-totals: 7.55 miles 68 minutes. Tomorrow an outdoor reco run....hope all is well with you! Peace!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Walk and Run

The weather is amazing! Just beautiful! Sandy and I went for a 2+mile walk together and then I jumped the treadmill for an hour giving me 6.22 more miles. I finished the week with 42+ miles! That's a bunch for me!
  Next week is race week! HM next Saturday! I have established some goals:
    Ultimate: 1:50.00
    Challenging: 1:52:30
    Acceptable: 155:00
I plan on a mile warm up before the race and then settling in at HM pace-8:27's or so....I am going to try! This is really an important race for me. If I can break below 1:55 that will give me a load of confidence going into the Marathon.
  I am working on my last five weeks training schedule. I need a 22 miler in there somewhere. I plan on a mini taper next week, then a recovery period after the HM...not too long nor too short...then the 22 miler...before you know it I will be tapering!
  Hope all is well with you! Peace!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Treadmill Speed Work

  So yesterday I did not run but planted the rest of my trees. I put in a total of 200 saplings this year. I filled in the wind breaks and planted several nut tree species. I so enjoy watching them grow! The rains have been good and Spring is busting out all over. The Bluebirds are very active building the nest, the grass will have to be mowed next week....closer to Summer!!!!
  I did get a quality run in today. My weekly speed work. Totals were 6.85 treadmiles and 62 minutes.  1 mile warm and cool-2 min recover between each segment
                    1X3K @ HM pace-7.1mph
                    1X2K @ 10K pace-7.5mph
                    1X1K @ 5K pace-7.9mph
                    1X800m @ 3K pace-8.1mph

Just for fun I kicked the mill up to 8.5 mph at the end of the think I used to run 5K's at that pace!? I held on for about 40 seconds!
  Well, tomorrow an easy GA run of 6-8 miles. So far this week only three runs but lots of miles! 20, 9.5, and 6.8. Pretty good. Race next Saturday!!! Peace!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still Raining!

  We are getting a fantastic rain!!! It has been a steady, light rain for hours! This type of rain soaks the ground and fills the water needed!!! Grow trees...grow!
  I rested yesterday. After the 20 miler on Monday I continued to hydrate and I did NOT pig out! Often in the past I would eat lots of calories after long runs but all I did was try to refuel. I ate a power bar, then just enjoyed a normal dinner. Yesterday I ate three meals and was vigilante about hydration.
  Therefore I was prepared for today's effort; 1 mile warm-up and cool down with 7.5 miles @ HM pace (7.1 mph or 8:27's) in between. The garage was like a sweat box...very sultry....just the way I like it...I warmed quickly and found a sweet HM rhythm.
  I must say I am encouraged about my conditioning. I seem to have leveled off in the weight loss department. I'm still burning bunches of calories and my eating has not increased that much so I'm curious why? Sittin' on 171 for a long time?
  Anyway, I am not carrying any excess fat! I am skinny! Gaunt looking....just the way I like it! Man is it hard to stay this way! It is so easy to put the fat on!!
  9.53 miles today in 1:26.00. Hope you are enjoying the running life! Peace!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Long Run

  Well the torrential rains have begun! We are expecting between 5 to 10 inches of rain over the next few days. I have 125 trees in the ground and 75 waiting....
  I had the 20 miler on tap today. I prepared by staying well hydrated all day yesterday and consuming some extra carbs.
  I ate a bowl of oatmeal with my chia seed and raisins for breakfast and downed 16 oz of OJ. Then I worked for a couple hours and by 9 O'clock I was on the treadmill shooting for 20!
  The pace was all in base pace-5.9mph to 6.5mph. I did a 12 minute warm-up and then 12 minute intervals increasing by .1mph. When I got to 6.5 I realized the heat and humidity was going to cost me....I began to struggle but finished the 12 minute segment and then went back to 5.9 and started the 12 minute segments again. This time I went through 6.4 and this pace was slightly taxing. I held on and went back to 5.9 and started the segments again. I began to really work in mile 19....I sweated profusely the entire way....I refilled my water 2X and took three gels. I finished in 3:16:54 that's averaging around 9:51's so I am very pleased with this effort.
  The temp in the garage is prob 70-72 and the humidity nearly 100% so this definitely added to the stress factors. So my next "long run" will be in 12 days. I plan on running a HM and I will do a mile warm and cool that day. I haven't yet decided on goal times but I do know I will be running my best! I hope Spring is springing in your neck of the woods! Peace!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Speed play in a sweat box

  So I am sticking with my plan.....a slow transition back to the roads, continue treadmill runs...I did two road runs of short distance this week and 3 treadmill runs. Today I did my speed work on the treadmill. My 'mill sits in the back corner of the garage...a two car affair....I opened the door and let the steamy March air in and enjoyed a very warm run!
  We all know heat slows us down and I could def tell that the heat was affecting me but I completed my planned run. 1 mile warm and cool; then 1.875 miles @ HM pace..2 min reco..1 mile @ 10K pace..2min reco...1K @ 5K pace...2 min reco....1/2 mile @ 3K pace.
  Finished in 61 minutes 6.48 miles. I have made quite a transformation since October. Down 15 pounds, running faster paces than I have in ages, and still motivated! I have a targeted race coming March 31st. A Half-Marathon that I plan on running at all out effort. I have a very important run Monday-a 20 miler. That will be treadmilled. Well my beloved Tigers lost yesterday so I will pull for the underdog, whomever that will be...Peace!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Trees, Basketball, Bluegrass, and Running

  It doesn't get much better than this!! Planted another batch of trees putting my total up to 125 in ground so far....trying to keep up with the basketball tourney...Go Mizzou...hey Bill, we could be matched up against Marquette! Then a nice road run...short recovery...and Bluegrass pickin' tonight! Me and my sweety will eat out...hopefully were they have a TV....after the gig we will swing by the best ice cream place in the state and enjoy some junk calories!
  Come on rain! We need you!!! 3.15 miles in 32:11....Peace!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ups and downs

  Yesterday was a rough, rough day! I had no energy whatsoever, and I felt very tired and draggy. I really don't know what was the matter....Sandy said I have been testy also, so I took some pain reliever,,,a sinus pill and went to bed asap...woke up after a great sleep feeling a little better....good enough to get back on the training train!
  Today was a 1 mile warm-up and cool down with  6.5 miles in between at HM pace (7.1 mph @ 1 degree incline). I finished with 8.58 miles in 1:16.00, avg 8:51's.
  I felt "pretty good"....I suspect allergies are hitting me some....I opened the garage door as I ran on the 'mill and let the 80 degrees temps in....oh how I love Summer!! Especially in March!!! Hope all is well with you! Peace!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Short Road Run

  The weather is way too nice to treadmill run....80 degrees!!! Sunshine!!! It's Summer like! I Summer!!
  So today was an easy recovery day...3.1 miles in 30 minutes. I felt somewhat rough...the feet, legs, and butt all sore from hard runs and planting trees! I'm still researching for a shoe that will not start hurting my feet on longer runs. Any suggestions appreciated....otherwise I will keep training and planting! 12 more in the ground...totaling 95 planted so far! Peace! (Oh, we received 7/10ths of an inch of rain!!)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Back to it!

 The vacation is over.....waaaah! my vacations are seldom real get aways....I still have to deal with many ministry issues....however we did manage a nice visit with family and a couple of days out of town. I managed to get 24 more trees in the ground yesterday and as soon as I'm done here I will try for a few more....prob around 100 left to plant...
  I hadn't run for 4 days!!!! Wow!! Longest off span since way back in early October. I have learned over the years that you cannot make up the lost miles so I just jumped right back in the program and had an excellent effort today. 12.03 miles in 1:54. I did 8 miles @ MP (6.6mph @ 1 degree incline, 9:05's).
  I felt good cardio wise but my feet got tired? Wondering about the Kayanos? Maybe they aren't right for me anymore? Thinking about experimenting with another shoe....any suggestions?
  So, I hope to squeeze in a little reco run tomorrow and Wednesday looks like a tempo run. Busy, busy, busy! Hope you are well! Peace!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Keep on Crankin'!

   Well I have over 250 more saplings to get in the ground asap. I managed 50 today. Boy howdy is that hard work! My hands are sore from swinging the pick ax and my back is tired.....even so I had a 5 mile tempo run @ HM pace to get done. I sliced down the warm-up and cool down D to 1 mile and I was able to complete the workout. The pace was 7.1mph @ 1 degree incline-8:27's. I really felt good but right towards the end I WAS done! I think planting the trees taxed me some:) But I love my trees! Now I am praying for rain! It is supposed to rain tonight and that would really be excellent for the babies!
  I am weighing in @ 171lbs consistently....seems these last 6 lbs are going to be tough. I am at fighting weight right now but the loss of 6 more would be great! I am so excited about the next few days as I get to see my grandson. My son and Daughter-in-law, too!
  I hope to get back to tree planting Sunday.
    I was going over marathon race times @ Little Rock for several club members. They all faded terribly on the last 10K. This has happened to me a lot! This is why I believe in the importance of the long run, and not just LSD but at least no slower than 10% slower than race pace. I am already looking forward to my 20 miler comin' up! Peace!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Long Run

  I prepared for today's run by hydrating all day yesterday and taking in some extra calories. I planned on a "base pace" long run of 18 miles at a 1 degree incline. The "base pace" is any where between 5.9mph (10:10's) and 6.5mph (9:13's),
  So after a 12 minute warm-up I started at 6mph and increased .1mph every 12 minutes up to 6.5 and repeated until finishing the work out.
  I felt real good cardio wise but my feet are not used to the distance and they started to hurt a bit....I finished the 18 miles in 2:53:58. For me this is really good. I rarely if ever have done a long run at sub 10 average. This figures a 9:39 per mile pace.
  I continue to thin down and I feel confident in my training plan. I will miss three days this week as I will be having family time....much more important than training time!
  I still got the 18 miler in and Wednesday I hope to get a tempo run in the books. Then Sunday I could run a 6-8 mile GA run and still have a great week.
 I really have race fever! My next one for sure is 3/31.....a HM. I plan on running that puppy all out. Hope you are well! Peace!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Finished Strong

  So I had a rough week....but the last two efforts have been positive. I decided to do what I will call an "Upper GA" run. The pace is in the faster zone...HM or around there. So I did a good warm up and ran smooth and huffing and puffing...felt like I could of gone for quite a while. 50 minutes 5.35 treadmiles. Off tomorrow and long run on Monday! Plus I am on vacation!!!! Hope you are well! Peace!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Much better

After two days in a funk I seem to be regaining strength. I was really tired, hungry, and sleepy for the last two days.....there seems to be lots of sickness swirling around me!!!!
  I managed two very ugly jaunts on the treadmill during that time....probably should of just slept! However today seems to be a different matter. I hopped on the mill with renewed vigor and had a solid GA run (general aerobic) I managed 60 minutes and 6.48 treadmiles. So looks like I might be rebounding. I will continue the easy week tomorrow and gear up for the long run on Monday. That will be crucial in my training plan...seeing as how I will miss around 3 days of training next week I need that long run!
  On another note we experienced bad storms the other night....tornadoes all around us! Spring is definitely coming early! I have 150+ trees on the way, too!!!! You all know I love trees and I know I need to get some pics up of how some of my first plantings are doing....peace!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back to Back wipe outs

  Two days in a row I am feeling fatigued. I started out strong today and by 20 minutes was done....really toasted...I guess still residual race fatigue. Oh well we will see how tomorrow goes...yesterday 35 minutes today 30 minutes...Peace


     So, we've been getting missed by all the pop-up showers and now drought has come. Trees are soaking up all the dew and seedlings a...