Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still Raining!

  We are getting a fantastic rain!!! It has been a steady, light rain for hours! This type of rain soaks the ground and fills the water needed!!! Grow trees...grow!
  I rested yesterday. After the 20 miler on Monday I continued to hydrate and I did NOT pig out! Often in the past I would eat lots of calories after long runs but all I did was try to refuel. I ate a power bar, then just enjoyed a normal dinner. Yesterday I ate three meals and was vigilante about hydration.
  Therefore I was prepared for today's effort; 1 mile warm-up and cool down with 7.5 miles @ HM pace (7.1 mph or 8:27's) in between. The garage was like a sweat box...very sultry....just the way I like it...I warmed quickly and found a sweet HM rhythm.
  I must say I am encouraged about my conditioning. I seem to have leveled off in the weight loss department. I'm still burning bunches of calories and my eating has not increased that much so I'm curious why? Sittin' on 171 for a long time?
  Anyway, I am not carrying any excess fat! I am skinny! Gaunt looking....just the way I like it! Man is it hard to stay this way! It is so easy to put the fat on!!
  9.53 miles today in 1:26.00. Hope you are enjoying the running life! Peace!


Johann said...

Yay for the rain! Grow trees grow! You are in awesome shape. I eat far too much after long runs (and short ones)

lindsay said...

Go trees!

Congrats on the "new look". It took me awhile, but I am mch better at worrying how I look vs what the scale says. (My brain tries to tell me I should be a lower # sometimes)

9.5+miles! Woo!!


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