Friday, March 23, 2012

Treadmill Speed Work

  So yesterday I did not run but planted the rest of my trees. I put in a total of 200 saplings this year. I filled in the wind breaks and planted several nut tree species. I so enjoy watching them grow! The rains have been good and Spring is busting out all over. The Bluebirds are very active building the nest, the grass will have to be mowed next week....closer to Summer!!!!
  I did get a quality run in today. My weekly speed work. Totals were 6.85 treadmiles and 62 minutes.  1 mile warm and cool-2 min recover between each segment
                    1X3K @ HM pace-7.1mph
                    1X2K @ 10K pace-7.5mph
                    1X1K @ 5K pace-7.9mph
                    1X800m @ 3K pace-8.1mph

Just for fun I kicked the mill up to 8.5 mph at the end of the think I used to run 5K's at that pace!? I held on for about 40 seconds!
  Well, tomorrow an easy GA run of 6-8 miles. So far this week only three runs but lots of miles! 20, 9.5, and 6.8. Pretty good. Race next Saturday!!! Peace!

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