Sunday, November 29, 2009


Man I miss running! I will be back-(Arnold accent)-The body is healing nicely but the ankle is slow to recover. I've been walking briskly and jogging short distances-parking lot to store-etc.
Hope all had a great holiday! Back to work!!! Peace

Monday, November 23, 2009

Possibly laid up-

The recent HM had quite a level of difficulty. It is a very challenging course with some unreal gradients. No wonder the field was very small. During the race, probably about mile nine or ten, my right forefoot went numb? It was a weird deal and something I'd never experienced. I began to question my running intelligence! Why was I running a HM this soon after Bass pro, plus it was a stupid steep course....all I can think is "IDIOT!" There was no question I would finish the race. I had to endure being passed by four people during the last mile...demoralizing! I tried to spread my toes on the right foot to bring it to life...seemed to work. I even dealt with cramps? What's up with that?
Yesterday I was very sore, but the main problem was my right ankle. It's tweaked. Have you ever twisted or semi-sprained an ankle? It feels like a real minor tweaking and I seriously doubt I can run on it today. I'll rest today and try tomorrow. All I can think is "IDIOT!"
I've always healed fast and hardly ever dealt with an injury that lays me up so this is frustrating. All I can think is....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stupid Steep-PW

Well, being the writer I am, I had to name the course I ran this morning. I call it "Stupid Steep", and boy howdy were there steeps!! Yet hills are the great equalizer and we all had to deal. This is not a PR course. As a matter of fact I'd never run a HM slower than 1:55 until today! So today marked my personal worse HM.

I picked up the young man I've been encouraging to run, Jason, and we made it to the race location to find mass confusion! Several conflicting instructions as to what line we needed to be in....and that was an indicator that the facilitating of the event was novice to say the least. The race actually started a half hour late and that surely frustrated some folks. Not only that, this is funny, finally ready to start, right, the race director yells go! People start running, the guy working the finish blows the horn and calls everyone back! False start!! You should of seen the mayhem! People resetting watches, getting back in place....oh well, maybe the Director learned something?

Seeing as I was out only 20 days from the Bass Pro Marathon I decided to take it easy and go as I felt. Becky, a friend and the fastest masters female within 500 miles, told me I was in for some hills.

I won't bore you with the mile by mile details, but the first mile was basically uphill and I notched a 10:42. I knew I was not up for a good time. I got into a rhythm and held it all the way.

I flew the downs when I could...some were so steep it was impossible to let go. I had to walk some ups, 24% grades!

Jason took off! He got second place in his division! I'm proud of him. He could be a great runner! He beat the old man today by 6 or 7 minutes! Around four miles he said to me "I'm going to take this hill!" That's the last I saw of him until the finish.

One thing I like about races? Even when they are discombobulated! The people! I met and reconnected with some great folks today! Runners are the best! That's one reason I blog, you all! You're the best!! Met Gary, big time marathoner, has run Boston several times. Libby, a beautiful young lady that is a fantastic runner! She knocked off a 1:52 on this course! Plus, get this, she's my neighbor!!!! Lives 2 or 3 miles north.

Jessica, another young lady who achieved her goal of 2:30, way to go Jessica! Janet, a school teacher, running the 5K. She's lost 50 lbs!!! She's hooked on running! Becky, Ted, and many others. One other thing....the refreshments, slim pickin's, were in the Y's gym. I saw a Basketball and a goal! I nailed three out of four jumpers! I figured I could take anyone there one on one!:)

So I'm back. I needed this run-Totals 13.1 miles/ 2:10:36/9:57's-hope all's well with you Peace!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A New day!

Back on the road today. Very pumped because of how well I felt. Even after a very busy week and still going....gotta meeting in 70 minutes!!!
Just a little short run..I'm saving it for Saturdays long run. Thanks for all the encouragement regarding my friend. It was a tough, tough scene. Parents burying their only child, and the Dad missed the funeral because of a possible heart attack. Yesterday was unlike any day I'd ever seen as a Pastor.
Thanks again, and it looks like I may be able to start gearing up for my next marathon!! I'm planning! It's a new day!
3.07 miles/ 31:36/ 10:18's-Peace!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I usually only post when I've a run to report., but I wanted you all to know I'm still around. I am now in the throes of life! I am perfectly healthy, wanting to run, but I have not had opportunity. Serious, important issues have prevented me from hitting the roads and I'm chompin' at the bit. A very good friend died Saturday night. I'm officiating the funeral. That is only one of the issues. I do love what I do and sometimes it is very, very busy! I still plan on running the HM Saturday. At least as a training run.
Tomorrow is the funeral and I have to travel so, again, I may not be able to run. Peace-

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flame On!

Today was one of those days where you feel know; where you are made for brought back memories of running days gone by, those times in my youth when running was so easy and at times effortless. Today was a joy on the road. As usual I take the first mile slow for warm up but very soon I found myself at MP, then the last two miles at HMP.
I was even thinking about the up coming HM on my schedule. Today I was thinking of a 1:50! Yeah, I must of been feelin' it!
I also was thinking about the vast number of runners I've known that have flamed out. They taste the joy of running but soon over indulge and face injury and fatigue, thus ruining the experience of running for life. It's simple really. Place an urgency on your running and establish the priorities in your life. Hold to the order of your priorities; ex: God, spouse, work, etc, then when you run you'll be prepared to truly flame on! That's what I do, anyway.
Oh well, enough philosophising. Totals- 5.15 miles/ 48:50/ 9:28's. Peace!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Indian Summer

A perfect day! Nearly all the leaves are down so you can see for miles! The views of the Ozark Mountains are beautiful!
I've so much energy lately! Probably because I haven't been running. Today I found myself running strong. Only one area of my body is still sore from the marathon. I hope it clears up soon. It's not enough to keep me from running, though.
I also noticed how the hills didn't really dominate me as they usually do...I trucked right up 'em!
Today just a short little ole' run-5.0 miles/ 50:01/ 10:00's. Every mile got faster! The marathon has engrained some strength!
I really plan on adding miles this week. Probably will run every day except Sunday, but I will just play it by ear. Yesterday was a bummer! I was totally exhausted! Sunday kicked my tail!
Hope all is well with you! Peace!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rebuilding Time

Unbelievable!!!!! The weather for November is amazing! We are in the 70's today!! Sunshine galore and a sweet South breeze! I delight in this weather!
So, yesterday I went golfing with my Buddies. I only had time for 11 holes, I needed to be with a member of the church and their family as they have lost a loved one, the family is doing quite well considering the circumstance.
I'm in a rebuilding time. I felt so good today on the roads despite one area of persistent soreness from the last race. I will gradually rebuild to 30 miles a week and hold that for a couple of weeks. I really need to pick a marathon! I am leaning towards Little Rock in March. Anyone ever run that one? If so what do you have to say about it? The 21st of this month I am seriously considering running a HM. Why not?! The bod's feeling pretty good. The heart and lungs are feeling normal....why not try to bust the 1:55 barrier?
Totals-3.52 miles/ 36:15/ 10:17's- Hope all's well in your neck of the woods. Peace!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Runners Offence

Well my first run since the marathon is in the bag. Felt really good. I thought about my next race and goals. I considered how well I recovered from this race and find myself encouraged and wanting to run another marathon soon!!!
I made an interesting observation today I'm sure many of you have experienced and can identify with, I call it the runners offence.
We offend some people by our running endeavor! I think on a subconscious level and even a conscious level passers by or even acquaintances find us offensive!
Note-32% of Americans are obese! We remind some of them daily of this condition!
Anyone ever had a bottle or something thrown at them while running? Is it just meanness? Or is it self anger? How about a little sideways comment? "Your knees will wear out" Why say anything? Self justification? Since the race I've seen some instances of this phenomenon. Will we let this thwart our passion? Nope! It works the exact same way in the spiritual realm, too! Think about it! 2.13 miles- Peace!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Positive attitude

Sometimes I've suffered from post marathon depression. A lack of desire to run, whatsoever!
This time is different? My body is rebounding quite well. I walked a bunch related. I was visiting at the hospital, twice, and it is a huge facility. I am a fast walker. I guess it's the ADD in me, and I was hitting my stride well today.
So, two off days and tomorrow, even though very busy, I want to try a run. I really want to recover and train for another marathon. I've really got a deep sense that I am fully capable of running well and strong for 26.2! Thus breaking the seemingly unbreakable four hour barrier.
Here's my plan. It's really very simple. Every other week a long long as I can go time permitting. One MP run in the week between working up to a long run. I will be training my body to run at the desired pace and building greater endurance.
All other runs will be base pace or just how I feel.
I recently read a book by Dean Karnazes entitled 50/50. The one where he ran 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states. One thing really appealed to me that he mentioned...."running errands". Basically he'd take off and spend the day running, going into town, the bank and whatever. He'd have a backpack on and make a day of it...this appeals to me! I'm gonna' try it! Stay tuned!
Thanks for your kind comments regarding Bass Pro. I need to find a marathon, on a Saturday, close to Springfield, Mo, sometime in Feb or March. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Peace!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Race Report for Bass Pro Marathon '09

The home stretch

I slept great last night! Truly like a baby! That was nice. We did have to get up at 4:00am new time, though. Ate my fav pre-race breakfast-waffles with pb. Sandy drove..that was big! Usually I drive everywhere ( man thing). As we backed out I went over in my mind if I had everything only to realize later I'd forgotten the accelerade I'd prepared for Sandy to refill me with! Double duh! No biggy..Bass pro powerade would have to suffice.
The turnout for the service was great! I meet bunches of new people from all over the country!
Lots of first timers! Bless 'em...they learned about the marathon today! It's a long way! The talk went good and there was a lot of interaction.
Weather absolutely ideal! 40ish, sunny, breezy, but 82% complaints here!
HM and Full start together. I'm careful about being sucked in and I do exactly what I'd hoped for a 9:15 first mile. That settled the matter for me...I was going for the 3:59. I remembered my MP runs and settled in knocking off some good splits. Remember; I am carrying a hand held, 22oz water bottle. This was a good decision! I'm also taking a gel every 30 and salt every 60.
8:54, 8:42, 8:34, 8:55, it was here we had been warned about water in the tunnel we had to go through. " It's only a 1/4 inch deep" they said... you should of heard the cussin' (not from me) as we trekked through the two, three inch deep water. We got our shoes wet! Bad deal.
No matter I kept going. Through the next five miles I passed people consistently. 8:53, (here the leader came by us as this segment was an out and back...unreal! Amazing stride length!)8:40, 9:06, 8:59, 9:04. My Sweetie positioned herself to keep me supplied with my gels and I was coming up to meet her again. There is a slowing beginning...mile 11-9:17, Had to go through the water again! 9:19, 9:27-here at the HM mark I was around 1:58. I felt good! I believed I could do this thing!!
Long uphill-9:51, see Sandy again and get another gel, 9:10, 9:24, I'm really needing a port-a-potty here, now, and how!!! 17 miles a 9:21-2:34:51. I am right on target. "Port-a-potty" I say as I spot one behind the water station. I make a beeline to it..."Oh no!" occupied!! Both of them! I wait, and wait, and wait-finally! Gee, this is a race you know!....Mile 18-11:56, I'm off pace now.
9:33, 9:49- a 3:06:09 at 20. Because I carried my water bottle I only had to stop at a few water stations. I could run through several and this enabled me to pass bunches of people.
So I guess I hit the wall, I tried to push it...only got passed by a couple of guys from here on in...but it was brutal-10:11, 10:56, 12:22, 12:26, 11:40, 11:54, 2:48 final .02.
The finish was awesome! Loud, cheering, my Sweetheart there and friends, cool medal and hat!
I had NO cramps!!! My fueling and hydrating was great. I still believe I can break 4 hours. My feet really began to hurt, bad, because of my shoes being wet...adversity is to be expected.
Right now I am thinking of three changes I need to make, 1) 20 milers, and more of them..2) Diet-I could stand to lose 5 lbs and I can do it if I'll discipline myself, 3) shorter training cycle, I nearly burned out.

I thought about you guys as I raced and knew you were pulling for me to break this barrier. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement...You all are the best!!! Thanks to my Sweetheart, Sandy. She was the best crew a person could have!! So the mission continues! I did improve over my last marathon time, and chopped off 18 minutes from last year so all is not lost. Unofficial I have it at 4:18:38. Peace!

#5-I'm still alive!

I was there! at 15 miles I had the sub four going! But the ole' marathon got me! I'm not the least disappointed, I learned a lot and ran a good race. I'll post the report after my nap! 4:18:38 unofficial. Peace!


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