Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Positive attitude

Sometimes I've suffered from post marathon depression. A lack of desire to run, whatsoever!
This time is different? My body is rebounding quite well. I walked a bunch today...work related. I was visiting at the hospital, twice, and it is a huge facility. I am a fast walker. I guess it's the ADD in me, and I was hitting my stride well today.
So, two off days and tomorrow, even though very busy, I want to try a run. I really want to recover and train for another marathon. I've really got a deep sense that I am fully capable of running well and strong for 26.2! Thus breaking the seemingly unbreakable four hour barrier.
Here's my plan. It's really very simple. Every other week a long run...as long as I can go time permitting. One MP run in the week between working up to a long run. I will be training my body to run at the desired pace and building greater endurance.
All other runs will be base pace or just how I feel.
I recently read a book by Dean Karnazes entitled 50/50. The one where he ran 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states. One thing really appealed to me that he mentioned...."running errands". Basically he'd take off and spend the day running, going into town, the bank and whatever. He'd have a backpack on and make a day of it...this appeals to me! I'm gonna' try it! Stay tuned!
Thanks for your kind comments regarding Bass Pro. I need to find a marathon, on a Saturday, close to Springfield, Mo, sometime in Feb or March. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Peace!


Meg Runs said...

I think running around town and doing errands could be really fun, let us know how it goes!

Jamie said...

I run errands sometimes. Usually just the post office and grocery store for a quick pick-up/drop-off. Sounds like you are recovering nicely and ready to go! Be sure to take the recovery easy for the first couple weeks/build up to the LR again.

Check out marathonguide.com for marathon's over those months. Not anywhere close to MO but I may running the New Orleans 1/2 in Feb.

Marlene said...

So glad you are feeling good and excited about another marathon.

I like that concept of 'running errands' - looking forward to learning what you make of it.

Anne said...

Be careful running errands with an increasingly heavy backpack. A friend tried that and he injured his back. It's easier to do walking than running. Otherwise, sounds like a terrific way to stay in shape.

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Glad your happily planning the next one!

Beth said...

I read Dean's book and that same idea struck me as a good one. I liked how he didn't worry about his pace on those runs and just made an adventure out of it. Glad you are ready to run again. I hope you can find a race in February or March in your area.

lindsay said...

your motivation is strong! can't stop, won't stop :)

marathonguide.com maybe? i have no actual race suggestions, but i'm sure they do. hopefully one is nearby you!

Shilingi-Moja said...

Go for it! For me, though, it wouldn't work -- after the first couple of stops, stores would be locking me out b/c of the sweat. :-D


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