Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday morning! T minus 47 1/2 hrs! Woke up early after an excellent nights sleep! Sandy says I have sleeping sickness? I have been eating everything, like the blob, sleeping like Rip Van Winkle, and healing steadily!

The soreness around the hip and back has dissipated substantially. There is still, at times, the low throb of sciatica, but it is on the mend!

As of right now, I believe I could start slow, get good and warm, stop and stretch, and complete the 26.2. I am doubting, right now, that I would be able to go full throttle. However, it is not Sunday morning yet.

My plan for today is to run easy for 3 to 4 miles, and I will only use ice therapy today. No more scalding baths. They seem to intensify the sciatica, but I believe it helps in the healing process. I will freeze a towel and drape it over the entire area, I am sensing that I am really close to 100%, but remember I am an optimist!

Yesterday the funeral went well, as far as funerals can go. It was a joy to see the facility filled up with friends and family. This is a huge transition in life for this family. This wonderful lady has left such a legacy that her influence will live on for ages!

As a speakerI no longer care about impressing, that is an element of self and we all deal with it, but what I do is pray and fully surrender my ability to God and allow Him to work through me. It is a difficult process. We have to study, think, invest, investigate, pray, trust, and then do with confidence! Being a runner is like the Christian life. I think that'll preach! As a matter of fact that's just what I'll talk about come Sunday!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

71 and 1/2 hours 'till gun time. Will I run the marathon? I did go out yesterday and did an easy 2 mile warm-up, then I picked it up a little with short spurts at or above marathon pace for the next two miles. I felt like I could go on forever! But I did the four miler as planned (38:35) and came in to stretch, soak, and rest.
The sciatic pain had eased down, but picked up briefly during the evening, then went away? I am feeling where the true origin of the injury is now. The left hip. I think I know what happened. Stupid, stupid, stupid! That's the only way I can describe it! I showed Sandy a new core exercise I had learned last Saturday. A difficult sit-up. Check it out I remember the popping sounds of the joints in my left side as I was doing them thinking to myself "This is not good." Apparently not!
Well, the pain is easing, the soreness is dissipating, I have some time left. I may still run but I may have to adjust my plan.
On another note; I have been asked by the "Bass Pro" people to be the "Pastor, speaker" during the worship service they hold before the races. (6:00 am)They'd like me to speak for about 20 minutes. Well this will be interesting. I'll post on it afterwards.
What will I talk about? I guarantee one thing-JESUS! I've been in this running community, off and on for 22 years. I ran "Maynard Cohick" when it was a tough race; remember the hill out of "Peckers beach?"
So some of the folks will know me, most won't. Many won't care to be bothered by a "religious moment", I know a runners mentality! It's time to focus on the race!
Let's hope that what will be said will be worthwhile to the folks that are listening.
Wow, a long post. I guess I'm pumped by my recovery. One more note. Today I officiate a funeral for a dear friend. May I be a blessing.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Basically I am a very positive, optimistic person. It is very hard to get me down.
You probably know the type? Cheerful, friendly, encouraging, the glass is half-full, and so on. Yet there is opportunity for negativity to creep in this mentality, too.
I have what's called a marathon mentality. Even now, as I am dealing with sciatica,(where it came from I do not know, after months of training, a dream I ran beyond my expectations, the race is in jeopardy)I shall not be moved! I will stay the course, I am treating the injury, seeking God, looking for the victory, stretching for the tape....what do I mean? There is something to be learned in all this. This current reality is a lesson for me to learn and then apply to life. What is it? I do not know yet. Will I race? I do not know yet. Will I recover in time? I plan on trying everything I know to do so.
Today I will continue with planned taper. A four miler with some pick-ups to marathon pace. I will come in and treat the injury, stretching,super hot bath. Icing as I go! I am hard pressed on every side,but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed...
That's a marathon mentality!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life goes on. I had a rough day yesterday. Running was a mess. My back was hurting and I can't understand that? But it's some better this morning. I have a low pain threshold. I ran 2.6 yesterday. Yep that's all. I felt real strong towards the end so I'm encouraged. I went out to get the paper this morning. It was still dark. The beauty of the morning, the stars, and the hint of a rising sun can encourage the heart. I was reminded of a song that I absolutely loved in college during my Freshman year. It was called "Early Morning Riser" by Pure Prairie League. Wow the memories that flood back when I listen to this song. Six days until the race!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday morning, cold and overcast. I was wondering about how to dress for the Marathon if it is this cool. Yesterday was a good day. We did have a sad time, though. One of our dear friends died yesterday afternoon. Sandy and I have found that the ministry can bring great sorrow in the heart, not just with the dealings of people, which causes sorrow for ever getting in the ministry, but when you develop real relationships that have real love. We so loved this dear one who died.
Yet we rejoice for her race is done! She has gone home!
Well this is Marathon week. I'm on vacation. My back is sore? Sciatica flared? I'm just a little apprehensive, I guess. Will I run it, or will I just finish? Dr. George Sheehan, in his book "Running and being" tells the story of running a race "lukewarm". He started easy, and at the turn gave it his all. He finished well, but knew in his heart he had run the race lukewarm, not giving it his all.
I want to run allout! Just like I live life! Today is an easy 4 miler! Maybe I'll golf this week??

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well, another day of doing what I love, Preach! Yesterday was an okay run. I took it easy and logged five miles in 48.30. My right bunion is very sore, it stems from the 10k race I did about three weeks ago.
Looks like it will be a great day today!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What a beautiful morning! I have quite the busy Saturday. The Bluegrass band I'm in will play at a church festival today. It will be cool to say the least. (Currently 40 degrees)
I still have to go over Sundays sermon, and get in a five miler, all the while not neglecting my time with my wonderful wife.
Man, yesterdays run was so encouraging to me! An easy 4 miler is all I wanted and my body felt fairly rested (some quad soreness still) I took off! Ran it in 34 minutes! I had to continually reign myself in. The carbs are being loaded, the body hydrated, the taper seems to be working well. My stomach still gnaws between meals. Why am I so hungry?
I really must be careful in the Marathon. I can see how I could start to fast after yesterdays run. Today I continue to live surrendered and compassionate, pursuing all Christ has for me.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sandy and I had a great time in Branson yesterday. We enjoyed our time spent with our niece. She is a fantastic young lady!
We ate at the "Cracker barrel" I had the combination plate. I have been so hungry lately. I will eat anything in sight! Then went to the Landing for shopping.
Found a great deal on Kayanos! Bought a new pair, they're gold!
I will wear them today for a planned four miler. Just ten days until the marathon. I am still struggling with my race plan. I know I will start slow, but how slow? I know I can finish, but I want to finish finished, if you know what I mean?
Right now I'm thinking a 2:01.00 first half and a 1:59.00 second, with a kick to the tape winning the prize of a 3:59.59!!
Remember-commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.-
Today I will think about this Sunday as I run.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

11 days to the marathon. I ran a solid 10k yesterday. A mile warm-up then I tried to establish a steady marathon pace. I knocked off five miles with each mile getting faster, but was pretty done in when I finished. Best mile at 8:54.

I'm having some thoughts about my ability to break four hours. My body is tired and sore, and I was hoping the taper would give me time to heal but the aches seem more prevalent.

I know that this is negative thinking and concern for surviving the distance. I want to win!! I want to break four hours and I know it will take everything I have in me.

Well, my sweetheart and I are off to Branson today. We will see my wonderful niece, then go do some shopping. Sandy needs to have some down time. I get today off! No running. Only five runs until the race!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well the Bass Pro Marathon is 12 days away. First marathon in three years, and only third one I've run. I have dropped 16 pounds, spent hours on the road, and rediscovered my passion.
I love to run! The road is where life can be enjoyed and explored. Our minds can wander or focus, we can escape or debate, we can fantasize and romanticize, we can discover the way when we run!
I have been somewhat obsessed with the taper. I have the first printing of "The Competitive runners handbook" ( I bought it way back in the 80's) so I followed the advice and structured a two week taper (10K today with 4miles marathon pace) only to find out now a three week taper is suggested! Oops!
I ran a 20 miler, and did Yassos in the third week! Notching 46 miles.
Well off to my office for a spell, then out to run. Today I will win! I will keep a determination to excel in every aspect of life, from eating to thinking and everything in between! I'll be thinking about pacing strategy as I run today, and also about my life as a leader.


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