Thursday, October 30, 2008

71 and 1/2 hours 'till gun time. Will I run the marathon? I did go out yesterday and did an easy 2 mile warm-up, then I picked it up a little with short spurts at or above marathon pace for the next two miles. I felt like I could go on forever! But I did the four miler as planned (38:35) and came in to stretch, soak, and rest.
The sciatic pain had eased down, but picked up briefly during the evening, then went away? I am feeling where the true origin of the injury is now. The left hip. I think I know what happened. Stupid, stupid, stupid! That's the only way I can describe it! I showed Sandy a new core exercise I had learned last Saturday. A difficult sit-up. Check it out I remember the popping sounds of the joints in my left side as I was doing them thinking to myself "This is not good." Apparently not!
Well, the pain is easing, the soreness is dissipating, I have some time left. I may still run but I may have to adjust my plan.
On another note; I have been asked by the "Bass Pro" people to be the "Pastor, speaker" during the worship service they hold before the races. (6:00 am)They'd like me to speak for about 20 minutes. Well this will be interesting. I'll post on it afterwards.
What will I talk about? I guarantee one thing-JESUS! I've been in this running community, off and on for 22 years. I ran "Maynard Cohick" when it was a tough race; remember the hill out of "Peckers beach?"
So some of the folks will know me, most won't. Many won't care to be bothered by a "religious moment", I know a runners mentality! It's time to focus on the race!
Let's hope that what will be said will be worthwhile to the folks that are listening.
Wow, a long post. I guess I'm pumped by my recovery. One more note. Today I officiate a funeral for a dear friend. May I be a blessing.

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