Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday morning! T minus 47 1/2 hrs! Woke up early after an excellent nights sleep! Sandy says I have sleeping sickness? I have been eating everything, like the blob, sleeping like Rip Van Winkle, and healing steadily!

The soreness around the hip and back has dissipated substantially. There is still, at times, the low throb of sciatica, but it is on the mend!

As of right now, I believe I could start slow, get good and warm, stop and stretch, and complete the 26.2. I am doubting, right now, that I would be able to go full throttle. However, it is not Sunday morning yet.

My plan for today is to run easy for 3 to 4 miles, and I will only use ice therapy today. No more scalding baths. They seem to intensify the sciatica, but I believe it helps in the healing process. I will freeze a towel and drape it over the entire area, I am sensing that I am really close to 100%, but remember I am an optimist!

Yesterday the funeral went well, as far as funerals can go. It was a joy to see the facility filled up with friends and family. This is a huge transition in life for this family. This wonderful lady has left such a legacy that her influence will live on for ages!

As a speakerI no longer care about impressing, that is an element of self and we all deal with it, but what I do is pray and fully surrender my ability to God and allow Him to work through me. It is a difficult process. We have to study, think, invest, investigate, pray, trust, and then do with confidence! Being a runner is like the Christian life. I think that'll preach! As a matter of fact that's just what I'll talk about come Sunday!

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