Saturday, November 1, 2008

Man, what an awesome morning! Moist, foggy, and warm. The "Bass Pro" 5K and 10K are going on now. Lots of running celebs in town, Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter, Jeff Galloway, me, Ha ha!!
Well this has been one whale of a week! With this stupid, that's the only way to describe it, injury. Yet this morning I am feeling so much better. The intensity of the pain has diminished to nearly nothing. Only at times does it flare, and it isn't debilitating. The muscle soreness is gone. I really believe I can "go the distance". Reminds me of one of my favorite movies "Field of dreams." Remember the scene in the VW van? Kevin Costner and James Earl going on the amazing trip back to the field of dreams. Here's the song that causes me to remember my life as a teen with lots of dreams
Yesterday I planned on 3 miles ez, but wound up doing 4.1 miles with the last mile at an easy, acceptable pace. It was a 9:34 mile. I am planning on using the "Galloway method" because of this current reality, sciatica! I had to continually hold back yesterday. The taper, or "peaking" as I prefer to think of it truly does work. I have so much strength and energy. I wanted to run!
I plan on starting with a 32 min. 5K and then to begin increasing each 5K split by at least one minute, if I feel my back and hip can handle it, then at 30K I will hold that effort to the finish. I plan on walking one minute every eight minutes after I have warmed-up(the first 5K), I hope I will feel like kicking it in at 30K, and running the last 12K at marathon pace(8:58's). So it truly is going to be what I can do after 20 miles. One thing I know; I will give it my all!
I'm looking forward to a day of complete rest, and also speaking to those who attend the worship service before the race. T-minus 22hrs.

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