Sunday, November 2, 2008

About 98 min. to gun time. I have done everything right with exception to the back injury. It seems to continue to heal in its strange way. Hip soreness is less but lower back more pronounced. The low throb is still with me. I may be a total idiot to try this race, but I've something to learn, I guess.
I felt great yesterday until it was necessitated that I move a large TV set, and entertainment center. I did it...but it surely took a toll on the ailing back.
I have a strategy to finish this race and the only way I will quit is if the pain becomes PAIN! I will look after my body, I already have another marathon in sight!
I get to talk to those who attend the worship service this morning,I've noticed road racing is a very good metaphor to the Christian life as it is to the non-Christian life. That's probably what I'll talk about "how we can apply our zeal for running into our zeal to know God."

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