Monday, November 3, 2008

Finished in 4:38 unofficial. The injury played no role in the race besides getting in my head. Of course I'm somewhat miffed at the extremely slow time, I thought the weather was perfect, but it turned humid and hot. I cramped up like the Jolly Green Giant trying to fit into a phone booth!
What did I learn?
1) You can run with a minor injury if it is not in a strategic running muscle group. Know your body!
2) Run at even pace! I noticed a lady during the race. She passed by me during the first 5K. She was short and small in stature, wearing an extra large untucked long sleeve shirt, it looked like a dress, and she had a short choppy gait. I figured she'd toast. At twenty miles I had caught back within sight. I was pushing here trying to go?? There she was, with the same form and gait. Eventually she pulled away. My cramps caused me to walk every few minutes.
Cool thing though, I passed people like crazy from the 15 mile mark on in. I was passed by only four people after this point and three of them I had passed. Obviously they were trained better.
3) To race well you must train right. My muscles were not trained properly. It will be essential to have long runs with times of extended marathon pacing.
4) I love runners! Especially those middle of the packers like me. I made some good friends during this race. We shared encouragement and suffering. Cool deal, I passed a very strong young blonde lady at around 11 miles. We briefly talked then I scooted on trying to get to marathon pace, which I could never attain! Anyway, I was basically all alone on mile 25, but as I crossed the finish not more that 20 seconds later, here she comes up next to me "I was trying to catch you" she said. "Man, you must have been running," I said, because earlier I had looked back and no one was anywhere near me. That's guts! I love that!
5) Cold baths work!
6) It's good for your marriage!? My sweetheart was an awesome, wonderful support and help.
At the five mile gathering there she was saying, "I love you!" man that made me feel good!
7) The gremlin lives. I was disappointed about my time, yet I completed the distance. A person should be satisfied, right? I am not satisfied! I know I can break four hours!
The worship service went well. The turn-out was really good! I estimated around 50+ runners, and some of them were the elite?! I'm telling you God is up to something! What was really cool is Bass Pro had a very large, quality poster, in front of this room, where finishers went, with my name and the church name I pastor. Not being prideful, but being unashamed of the Gospel!
Well, back to the roads. I plan on a training program for a 10K, then another Marathon in the Spring.
I'll post more info on this run as soon as I get the official results.

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