Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Officially 4:36:40, 14th in age division out of 21. So really way below of what I had expected?
I wonder what the difference was in relation to my other marathons? I held back the first 5k and posted slower than I had planned. At 10K I was 1:03.00. Really slow? I kept trying to push the pace up little by little and could only get 9:40's? By 9miles I was 1:30.00 feeling pretty good so I tried to ramp it up again only to be stone walled? I guess it just wasn't my day.
At the split I had a 2:11 and I knew my chance of breaking 4hrs was over but I still believed in a negative split?!
Think again buddy! Interesting note, however, I began to pass people during nearly every mile. I actually logged my best miles from 15-17, I felt good but the muscles began cramping.
On to the next goal! I will devise a new training plan to increase speed, and muscle endurance. I will shoot for a 10, or 5k in the next 12 weeks or so.
I have been thinking, dangerous I know, that I will continue to have a long run of at least 16 miles every other week, and this will also entail marathon pace (8:58) for extended periods.
I will continue to do Yassos. I will increase mileage, I will add some strengthening exercises for quads and shins. I will invoke hill runs, I was unaffected by the hills in this marathon, I will break four hours for the marathon! I am on a mission!

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