Thursday, March 31, 2011

Doin' it...

Still running every day but Sunday....knees are getting a little cranky but it's only 30 minutes a day, nothing I shouldn't be able to handle.
  Missed posting yesterday.....had a long, long day, and today was one of those days you can hardly get going....kind of like trying to push start a car, popping the clutch, no start! Push again!!
 So tomorrow it's supposed to warm up near 60! Wow! That will be nice for a change out of the 40's!
   Hope all is well with you! Peace!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There is always a ray of hope!

  Today in the gloom and gray of this cold spring day I ventured out for a run. The facts are most of the time I'm feeling old and slow, sore and creaky, yet today I sensed a spurt of youth, a renewal of vim, a sense of hope even in the midst of the I was pushing up a hill on W south I saw something....a beautiful red dogwood bursting in bloom, standing out in the world of brown and gray that surrounded it....then another one...and another one....and my heart was glad!!! There is hope!!
  My load lightened and my pace quickened....I had found the joy of hope....thanks running!
  Another 3.2 the streak goes..two in a row...:) Peace!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Still Springing!

  We are in a real cool period, two nights in a row of temps around 30 degrees plus snowfall! However; it warmed to the upper 40's and no apparent harm has been done to our trees and plants....I expect full blown Spring within 10 days.
  I did not run yesterday so the 6 day streak was broken! So I started a new streak today! A nice 3.5 miler in 32 minutes. Felt real good! Looking so forward to warmer temps! Peace!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yes!!! Rain!!

 Finally we received rain!! My trees are lapping it up! Because of the temp and heavy rains I opted for treadmill running. Pretty easy! 30 min, streak up to 6 days in a row! Busted 20 miles two weeks in a row....have a great weekend! Peace!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Multiple postings

 I have been writing much more than usual! With this streak mentality, (5 in a row!), I have been blogging a bunch! I have enjoyed reading your blogs, I am excited for many of you, you've been training so well and this Spring you're going to bust it!! Truly our sport is special. I love it for its solitude and camaraderie. I love it for its results and benefits, I love because it sets me apart and defines me in many ways. Running is freeing, escaping, liberating, relieving, and gratifying. It is addictive, and when you experience the "runners high" you hunger for more.
  I sure hope I will find myself out on the roads when I am 60, 70, or even 80.
   Today was a mediocre day on the roads, not great, not bad, but I was able! 5 in a row...up to 18.46 miles this week....I wonder if I can manage one Sunday?? Peace!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Winters last stand?

  So the wicked will of Winter continues to fight against the sprouting of Spring....a real battle unfolding this week. I will continue my streaking regardless! Today sunny, 40 degrees, and a mild north wind, so it was really perfect!!! I ran for 31 minutes and felt good! Funny how the miles can add up if you run everyday!
   I wanted you all to know that my family has found some healing! We have seen good things happening and I appreciate your thoughts and friendship through all this....everyone has troubles and trials, what would life be like without them? You know the worn out axiom "what won't kill you makes you stronger"? Some truth to that!!
   On another note, you may remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote about a friend of mine from Boy scouts who passed away from cancer, well just this week another of my old Boyscout buddies died of a stroke! This is obviously a reminder to live each day to its fullest and treasure the ones you love! I've been driving Sandy crazy telling her how much I love her!!!:) Hey, I'm up to 15.76 miles so far this week! There could be a marathon in my future!:) Peace!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


 I managed a 30 minute run today running the string to three in a row. Already up to 10+miles this week. I have noticed the last two days energy levels are low and it's probably due to my schedule. I am burning much energy lately in many ways!
  Declared war on the wasps by hiring an exterminator....the windows are yucky from the spray but there is not one wasp around!!!
  The winds are so strong out here today you have to be careful not to trip! The wind blows your leg into the other leg! Man we are needing rain! Come on! Hope you all are well!! Peace!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mark vs Wasp

 I'm sure my neighbors are getting a kick out of watching me battle the wasps. These vicious critters are  extremely numerous this year! Even though I have claimed victory they keep coming!!! So Mr. Exterminator is coming tomorrow! This means world war!!
   So I ran my streak to two days....32 minutes today and I had very little energy....I suspect all my adreneline was spent fighting wasps! No matter, I am motivated! Peace!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I kinda tried....

So my six day streak was broken yesterday....I just could not work in a run....up church by 9am....home after meetings, etc.....2pm.....lunch, 15 min nap, nascar....back to church by 4:45....home again by 9pm....fall in bed exhausted!
  I did start the streak again today! Man it is so wonderful outside! 80 degrees!!! I love it! I celebrated by running 4.5 miles! All systems were go..I am excited about how the body is I will attempt the streak again! One problem! The Red wasps are awful! All over the house! I have had to call an exterminator. Peace!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


  People are going crazy around here trying to get Elton John tickets! Funny!! I remember, vaguely, going to Kansas City to see him in 1973, I remember, very vaguely, seeing him there!LOL! It was packed!
 I really don't care to go now in my old age! Funny how time changes things....
  I logged 5.79 miles today! 6 days in a row, too! I still haven't figured out how to work in a run tomorrow but I'm trying! This running everyday has its benefits! I now have logged 20 miles even this week! Had two really strong miles towards the end of todays run and I felt like old times! Running strong and confident, finding the zone....encouraged! Peace!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Refill day

One important truth most of us neglect (ME) in life is the principle of refill. We go and go, expending energy. driven towards the goal of glory, often only finding burn-out!
  Yet many of us know what fills out tank! I do not ever feel guilty about resting (anymore). I can rest while running! I can rest while playing, I can even rest while shopping (UGH!!)
  Tonight Sandy and I seek to refill! We are going to Branson...the tourist trap of the Ozarks...gonna eat some fine Bar-b-que, and do some shopping. It is very refilling for her and since it is for her it is for me!
  Today I extended my streak to 5 days in a row. I'm trying to plan Sunday's run....
    Funny thing, doing only 30 minutes a pop I've logged 14+ miles this week. I know that is nothing for a marathoner but it is giving me hope that I can come back. Peace!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why I love Summer....

Today it hit 76 degrees!!! Oh it felt so good! It is so easy to run in these temps! This is why I love's my comfort zone....
  So 32 minutes of running..all sub 10's, then a two mile walk with Sandy tonight after dinner, plus I planted 25 more trees! Come on Spring!! No hard freezes! Peace! BTW; four in a row!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Holding my breath!

  My Sweetheart told me when she was a kid that the family would hold their breath as they went over a bridge while traveling.....don't try this while driving! I am kind of holding mine because my trees are starting to bud out and we do not want a hard freeze! This could be a really great growing year! I planted 35 more today giving me a total of 80 trees in so far....I still have more to go but the Conservation Department must be behind, they are late in delivery?
   I also got a 32 minute run in giving me three in a row....I like the suggestions about running early on Sunday. I really appreciate you guys! I am going to try it!!! So I've run 7 out of the last 8 days at a minimum of 30 minutes. 70's tomorrow!!! Yes!!! I am really looking forward to warm weather! Peace!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I've got motivation?

This idea of helps me get on the roads. The only prob I have is Sunday. I am always so exhausted from teaching, preaching, shepherding, I find it very difficult to work in a 30 min run...but I plan on trying!!
  So far 6 runs out of last seven days!!! Back up to 2 in a row! Guess what? My trees are budding out!!! This could be shaping up to be an exceptional; growing year! Peace!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Come on Spring!!!

  So excited! The thorn bushes are budding out! A sure sign of Spring!! I have planted 45 trees so far, many more to come! I got my thirty minute run in today~2.7 miles....that's three in a row:)....
  Terrible natural disaster in Japan, we are keeping all in our prayers. Seems like there has been a rash of earthquakes lately, New Zealand, China, now's tornado season here....hope you are well! Peace

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Finally some sunshine!!!! We have been in a dreary funk around here....cold, windy, rainy, and grey. Kinda like my running! So I have started another streak. Two days in a row of at least 30 minutes of running! I was looking back in my journals....yes, before blogging I kept a running journal....pretty cool to look back and see how fast I once was!! Kind of sad, too....well at least I am still running! So I noticed I would often run in streaks. I think it was a subliminal form of motivation. Maybe I'm trying to tell myself something? If I start a streak I may stay motivated? No promises.....last two days:
  30 min 2.81 miles, 30 min 2.97 miles...peace....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Four in a row

Well I am NOT getting any ideas about starting a running streak! Been there done that! 1186 straight days...I remember the day the streak ended....The day after Mothers day Momma died that day and running just didn't cross my mind....
  I am enjoying the milder sure helps the motivation factor! Please Oh please come and stay Spring! That means Summer is around the corner!!! I love summer!! Just another 3.4 miler today....but I'm racking up miles!! Hey....I got my first shipment of trees today and I pruned all my two year saplings! You know what? The sap is rising!!! Spring!!!!! Peace!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3 in a row!!!

  I'm streakin'!!! Three runs in a row! WOW!! It's an amazing feat!! I have been so inconsistent this is nearly a miracle! I really felt good today, too. Man I love running!
   I saw in the obits today a Boyscout buddy of mine passed away....he was always the rich kid, he lived a pretty "easy" life. Never had to really work, his obit said his hobby was gambling....we were tent mates at camp every year. I remember a big fight we got into that caused us to go our separate ways, I feel kinda' bad I never made it right with learn from it, hey?
  Well, since  I am still alive I plan on enjoying every day to the fullest.....good quote I came across today; "The most dangerous place you can be is in your comfort zone!" Peace!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Post 501

I noticed that yesterday I wrote my 500th post....a blog is really a great resource. So many of you are such gifted bloggers...I envy your web pages and writing ability! I am one of the mundane, yet it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round!
  Today is a Spring day!! My neighbor said "plants is buddin' out" I do live in the Ozarks you know!
 I have an additional 150 trees coming from the conservation dept. You ought to see my two year saplings!! I'll post some pics soon. I am starting to rebuild some consistency to my running! Two days in a row!! 3.2 easy miles today in the wonderful beauty of the Ozark hills! Peace!


     So, we've been getting missed by all the pop-up showers and now drought has come. Trees are soaking up all the dew and seedlings a...