Friday, March 18, 2011

Refill day

One important truth most of us neglect (ME) in life is the principle of refill. We go and go, expending energy. driven towards the goal of glory, often only finding burn-out!
  Yet many of us know what fills out tank! I do not ever feel guilty about resting (anymore). I can rest while running! I can rest while playing, I can even rest while shopping (UGH!!)
  Tonight Sandy and I seek to refill! We are going to Branson...the tourist trap of the Ozarks...gonna eat some fine Bar-b-que, and do some shopping. It is very refilling for her and since it is for her it is for me!
  Today I extended my streak to 5 days in a row. I'm trying to plan Sunday's run....
    Funny thing, doing only 30 minutes a pop I've logged 14+ miles this week. I know that is nothing for a marathoner but it is giving me hope that I can come back. Peace!


Marlene said...

14 miles is not nothing! All of those short-ish runs do add up, and they all count.

I hope you and your lovely wife enjoy some R&R this weekend!

racing dawn said...

I think I've had a few too many refill days lately... definitely in a little slump... 14 miles sounds great to me!
Enjoy your time away! :)

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